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KOI Sakuramochi Eliquid Review

Hello, vapers. What’s going on? What are you vaping with today? Tell me all about it. In turn, I’d like to share with you my KOI Sakuramochi eliquid review. This is the third of the four flavours from the KOI by Element Eliquids range, all sent to me by ECigaretteDirect, and one that I had previously considered leaving until last to try. I’ll get to the reason why in a moment, though. 

KOI Sakuramochi Eliquid Review 3

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About KOI 

Available from ECigaretteDirect, KOI eliquids are made by Element Eliquids, a US brand that’s proved quite a popular one in the UK. One of my very first sub-ohm eliquids was by Element — Frst. It damn near blew my head off. If you want a menthol that’ll kick your butt, that’s definitely one I can recommend. 

Already comfortable with the Element brand, I was super excited to try the range of traditional Japanese dessert-themed eliquids. So far, they’ve not let me down at all. 

In case you missed them, I already reviewed Yatsuhashi (Japanese rice pudding) and Castella (old-fashioned yellow cake), and there’s still one more to come — Yuzu (lemon meringue). 

KOI Sakuramochi Eliquid Review 4

The eliquids are 80/20 VG/PG, although it doesn’t say that anywhere on the box or bottle. (Annoying.) You can buy the 50ml 0mg short fill bottles for £12.50 (nicotine shots NOT included) on ECigaretteDirect, but Sakuramochi has been out of stock the last few times I looked. Castella also seems pretty popular. (It’s out of stock again — I just checked.) 

You’ll need to add a nicotine shot to make it up to 3mg. I added a 10ml bottle of Plusnic Nicotine Booster 70/30 VG/PG, 1.8%, also sent by ECigaretteDirect. You can buy them for £1.99 a pop. (That particular nicotine shot has become my go-to nic shot for short fills.)

**I’m sure I’ve asked before but I’ll ask again > does it matter if you add 70/30 nic shots to 80/20 eliquid? That’s what was sent to me, so that’s what I used … ??‍♀️

KOI Sakuramochi Eliquid Review

Flavour description: 

“A luscious union of sweet black cherry and vanilla ice cream, wrapped in traditional Mochio, representing Koi’s rendition of the world-famous Japanese treat. Rich in flavour, this elegant vape is delightfully creamy in taste and cool in vapour.”

KOI Sakuramochi Eliquid Review 5

A Dramatic Tale …

When I was a kid, I’d have to battle for the best yoghurt in the pack. There would always be, like, a peach one, a strawberry one, a raspberry one, and a black cherry one. My mama would go right in and grab the strawberry one, and my sister would end up with the raspberry one. My dad would then have the peach one, which left me with the black cherry one. We didn’t have some weird ritual or anything, but somehow, weirdly, that’s kinda always the way it went. 

For years, I protested against this. Black cherry was the WORST one in the pack, and I always wanted one of — or ANY of — the other three. Anything was better than black cherry. I once had a rather dramatic cherry-drop-stuck-in-my-throat-and-I-almost-died situation, too. 

(I didn’t almost die, but it felt like it! Damn candy almost asphyxiated me to death.) 

Because of that little weird family ritual and the almost-death situation, I avoided black cherry-everything for most of my adult life. I didn’t eat black cherry gateaux or cake. No black cherry yoghurt. Just good ol’ regular, red cherry, please, or nothing cherry-like at all. I’d even go without dessert to avoid anything remotely black-cherry-like. Yes, that’s right, I turned down dessert. I was *that* traumatised by my childhood black cherry experiences. 

And then this eliquid popped into my life. Sakuramochi eliquid by KOI. Black cherry. Well, black cherry and ice cream and stuff, but, ya know … *whispers* black cherry. 

KOI Sakuramochi Eliquid Review 6

I stared at the bottle for a while. 

I opened it up, sniffed it, put it back down again, and glared at the bottle some more. 

And then I figured I’d just do it. I’d just throw the nic shot in, give it a good shake, and then vape the crap out of it. 

How bad could my black cherry trauma be, anyway? 

Well … don’t I just love to overreact? It’s not even that bad. To be honest, it’s actually pretty good. There was no trauma. No nightmares. No big, scary stuck-in-throat situation. And — even better than all of that — it tasted good. 

Maybe I don’t hate black cherry flavour as much as I thought I did? 

KOI Sakuramochi Eliquid Review 7


There’s not enough iciness in the flavour to call Sakuramochi a “cooling agent” eliquid, but there’s definitely a blink of it there. I’m sure of it. (I wrote that before I saw the flavour description.) There’s a realistic ice-like exhale to it, and despite not liking cooling agent eliquids much, I found this one to be very pleasant. It’s actually a bit like you’re eating ice cream. I did like that about it. 

If you like cooling agent eliquids, you’ll find more of them here > Eliquids WITH Cooling Agent.

If you’d prefer yours without > Eliquid WITHOUT Cooling Agent.

You’re welcome. 

In regards to the black cherry flavour … well, I kinda wished there had been more of it. (After the childhood trauma … I know, right?!) The flavour *is* there — you can definitely taste the black cherry aspect of it, and it’s a good, realistic flavour in my opinion. But it’s not overly black-cherry-like. It’s more of a light, whipped ice cream flavour with a hint of black cherry sauce thrown in. 

On the inhale — a light, black cherry flavour, sweet, but not sickly. 

On the exhale — a light, whipped ice cream taste, a touch of black cherry, and a clever sprinkling of ice. 

KOI Sakuramochi Eliquid Review 8

Steeped – 4 Weeks

I initially vaped Sakuramochi by KOI immediately after throwing the nic shot in and mixing it up, and then I left it for a few weeks to steep on the shelf before returning back to it. There wasn’t a big difference between the two times, to be honest. The flavour is a bit more intense after steeping, but I don’t think the flavour profiles themselves get any stronger. I was *almost* disappointed by this, as I’d hoped the black cherry flavour would peek through more.

Throat Hit & Vapour 

The ice addition to this liquid makes it a bit gruffer on the back of the throat than I’ve found other KOI eliquids to be. It wasn’t a punch-to-the-face hit, but a hit nevertheless. I started off at the lower end of the recommended wattage and slowly built my way up.

Actually, that’s not what I did. That’s what I suggest YOU do. I went right in at 60 watts and nearly blew my head off. It’s one of those eliquids that I turn down the watts a tad for, you know?

KOI Sakuramochi Eliquid Review 9

Vapour-wise, it’s a cloud-chucker for sure. I like to use big cloud-chucking juice + device combinations as a method of self-defence. Who’s gonna attack the girl blowing out all the smoke signals? ?

KOI Sakuramochi Eliquid Review – Conclusion 

This one is nice, but it’s not my favourite of the gang. I *did* like that the black cherry flavour wasn’t too overpowering as it’s quite a strong flavour. It could easily have been “too much”. I found myself wishing there was a little more of the cherryness, though … something I didn’t ever think I’d say.

(Hello, childhood cherry trauma.) 

KOI Sakuramochi Eliquid Review 2

Would I buy KOI Sakuramochi eliquid again?

The eliquid is nice, yes, but it’s not my favourite. I actually haven’t tried *that* many cherry-based flavours, but the ones I have tried really stuck out in my mind. This one … probably won’t.

It’s very nice — sweet, light, enjoyable and easy to vape. But there’s a bit of a dullness about it. I don’t want to go as far as to say that it was bland, but I definitely don’t think it has quite as much ‘bang’ as the two other KOI eliquids have had. Two tanks of this and I got a little … bored. (Sorry.) 

Would I recommend KOI Sakuramochi eliquid to you?

I think a lot of people are going to really like this flavour and the fact that it’s always out of stock kind of backs up that statement. It’s light and easy to vape, but it’s not as packed with flavour as some people (including myself) might like. It’s also an ‘inoffensive’ and light eliquid that I would recommend to beginners — people who haven’t yet worked out their specific flavour profile preferences. Just start with lower watts and work your way up so you’re not ice-surprised like I was. 

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