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Lord Cogingtons Blueberry Waffle Eliquid Review

I was recently asked by the wonderful Lord Cogingtons to review his brand new line of eliquids and, of course, I said yes. Six flavours, all available in the coolest and cutest miniature (10ml) short-fills, a few of them sounded like they’d be right up my street. I’ve been making my way through them, slowly but surely, and here’s the second one — Lord Cogingtons Blueberry Waffle eliquid review.

Just in case you missed it, here’s the first review from the range: Lord Cogingtons Sugar Donut Eliquid Review.

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About Lord Cogingtons

The juice is made by a vaper, and I’m pretty sure Lord C was a reviewer before he was an eliquid creator. (Feel free to put me right if I’m wrong.)

There are six flavours on offer so far: 

  • Blueberry Waffle
  • Coggy’s Mix
  • Sugar Donut
  • Vanilla Custard
  • Very Berry 
  • Very Berry Ice

I received the full range in 10ml short fill bottles, with an additional nic shot bottle on the side. This combined gave me 6 x 10ml bottles of 3mg eliquid. It doesn’t state on the bottle what VG/PG ratio these eliquids are and I couldn’t find the information on the ‘Sample Packs’ page of the website. My nic shot was 100% VG, however. 

The Blueberry Waffle Short Fill bottle is 70/30 VG/PG on the LordCVapes website.

Edit: After the review went live, LordCVapes got in touch with me to let me know that the VG/PG ratio has since been added to the website and also plans to add the details onto the bottle labels.

Lord Cogingtons Blueberry Waffle Eliquid Review 11

Lord Cogingtons Blueberry Waffle Eliquid Review

This sampler pack is bloody genius, allowing you to try a small amount of each flavour before parting with your hard-earned cash for a larger short fill bottle. I HATE wasting money on big bottles that I don’t like. I’m sure there are plenty of other vapers who feel the same way. 

You can taste all of the range in the sample pack for £12, nic shot included. 

Alternatively, sample bottles of each flavour are £1.85 but don’t come with the nicotine shot included. You get 8.5ml in the 10ml bottle, the other 1.5ml reserved for 1.5ml of your nicotine shot.  

Lord Cogingtons Blueberry Waffle Eliquid Review 2

There are various options for larger liquid amounts — Cog Shots give you 250ml of your favourite for £18.50, with base mix, nicotine shots, and a mixing funnel included. You can buy the bits and pieces separately but I don’t understand any of that yet. I’ve barely mastered the art of adding a nic shot to a short fill bottle. 

If you’re looking for a simple nic shot/short fill version, £12.00 will get you a 60ml bottle — 50ml of 0mg eliquid + space for a 10ml nicotine shot. 

Lord Cogingtons Blueberry Waffle Eliquid Review 7

You DO NOT get the nicotine shot in the kit; you’ll need to buy this separately. You will need 1 x 10 ml 18mg nicotine shot to make 60ml of 3mg eliquid. You will find two brands on LordCVapes website. 

Edit: LordCVapes has since changed this so that you DO now get 1 x 10ml nicotine shot with your 50ml short fill bottles included in the price. 


I can’t tell you how happy I was when I opened the bottle, mixed the nicotine in, and gave Blueberry Waffle a good sniff. It reminds me of the blueberry muffins I used to get for breakfast in Canada, from Tim Hortons. Each morning it was the same thing — a large double-double steep tea and a blueberry muffin. Smelling Blueberry Waffle by Lord Cogingtons was a little like going back in time for me. 

Oh, the nostalgia! 

Lord Cogingtons Blueberry Waffle Eliquid Review 4


Taking the taste and nostalgia into consideration, I actually expected Blueberry Waffle by Lord Cogingtons to be my favourite of the gang. It was the first one I mixed up, the first one I gave a proper good shake, and the first one I dripped into my tank. 

It wasn’t my favourite of the gang. 


I really loved the smell of Blueberry Waffle. I also enjoyed the taste of it too … initially. The more I vaped with it, however, the more the blueberry came through and there was a point at which it tasted a bit perfumey. Not overly perfumey like some cheap Chinese juice, but just a bit … over-flavoured? Is that even a thing? 

I moan ALL THE TIME about cakey-fruity juices that taste more like a generic cake than the fruit they’re trying to mimic, but Lord Cogingtons Blueberry Waffle went the other way for me — I actually wished there was a bit more waffle to tone down the blueberry. Lots and lots of powerful blueberry. 

I can hear you now: “Too much cake, too little cake … Who does she think she is? Goldilocks of the vape world?”

Lord Cogingtons Blueberry Waffle Eliquid Review 6

Blueberry Waffle is a nice, realistic flavour — I *do* enjoy vaping it — but I’m not sure I’d buy this particular eliquid again. It might have had TOO MUCH flavour for me. Too much blueberry. Not enough waffle. I won’t give away any favourites or spoilers yet (because I’m not even sure I’ve made my mind up), but there were other flavours in the Lord Cogingtons range that better matched my personal taste preferences. (This is my eliquid review after all.)

Throat Hit & Vapour 

I did find Lord Cogingtons Blueberry Waffle a tad scratchy on the throat at first, but not so scratchy that it put me off vaping it. The gruffness dies down after a while too, settling into a nice, smooth juice. I’m not really sure if the initial harsh hit was down to newly mixed juice or a brand new coil, but it didn’t hang around for long. 

Lord Cogingtons Blueberry Waffle Eliquid Review 9

It took me a little while to find the right watts to vape it at, although I do have that problem a lot with the Jac Vapour Series-S22 tank + 1.0 DTL (sub-ohm) coil + Series-B DNA 75W box mod. For the record, my sweet spot with that coil and this eliquid is 25.2 watts. Exactly and precisely 25.2 watts. 

Vapour-wise, I actually think the liquid produced quite a lot of it — much more than I thought it would. I’m not the biggest fan of the Jac Vapour Series-S22 tank (even after I tried a second brand new tank/kit, with a second brand new batch of coils), and I don’t think it provides a lot of vapour usually, but this juice seemed to kick it into life. Masses of vapour for just 20-something watts. So much vapour that Mister best-ecig got annoyed because he couldn’t see the TV. 


Lord Cogingtons Blueberry Waffle Eliquid Review 8

Lord Cogingtons Blueberry Waffle Eliquid Review — Conclusion 

I did want this eliquid review to be slightly more positive than it was, but I found the juice a bit too blueberry for me. Can that be a thing? I really like blueberries but maybe there’s such a thing as too much blueberry? I wanted more waffle and less of that bold, blueberry tang.  

Lord Cogingtons Blueberry Waffle Eliquid Review 5

Would I buy Lord Cogingtons Blueberry Waffle eliquid again? Not this one, no. It’s nice, but only kinda half what I like — half-nice. It’s not a juice that tastes bad or comes across as poor quality, the flavour just isn’t quite to my taste. 

Would I recommend Lord Cogingtons Blueberry Waffle eliquid to you? Taste is subjective so I would imagine a lot of people would really like the fruity blueberry twist in this waffle-based juice. That initial hit was a bit gruff, but it was really nice to vape after those initial few puffs — smooth, lots of vapour, and lots of flavour. I can’t deny that this juice packs some impressive flavour. 

Lord Cogingtons Blueberry Waffle Eliquid Review 1

Buy Lord Cogingtons Blueberry Waffle from LordCVapes

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