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Lord Cogingtons Coggy’s Mix Eliquid Review


Now, I must start my Lord Cogingtons Coggy Mix eliquid review by apologising to the wonderful Lord C. I’ve had some of these eliquids in my collection for a long time, and it’s taken me an age to work through the reviews. I actually rediscovered them whilst on the hunt for something else (that I still didn’t find). 

Lord Cogingtons Coggy’s Mix Eliquid Review 2


I do talk about Lord C a lot more in my previous reviews — Sugar Donut and Blueberry Waffle. I also have a few more flavours to review for you — 

  • Vanilla Custard
  • Very Berry 
  • Very Berry Ice

More flavours have been released since I got my haul too, so there are even more lovely sounding treats on offer. These include — 

  • Lemon Meringue Pie
  • Rainbow Candy
  • Toasted Marshmallow

P.S. If you’re down for a seaside donut flavour that actually tastes like crispy, seaside donuts, I can’t recommend Sugar Donut enough. Now that I’ve tried a few of the others, I still think Sugar Donut might be my *favourite* of the gang. 

Lord Cogingtons Coggy’s Mix Eliquid Review 9

You can get your hands on these in various formats, many of which I still don’t understand. I’m a short fill kinda girl. That’s about all I’ve learned as far as DIY eliquid goes. Throw the little bottle (or two) into the big bottle and then shake it all about. 

You can take a peek at the other “Pre-Steeped Cog Shots”, “Pre-Mixed Cog Shots”, “Cog Shots”, etc. on Lord C’s website, which you’ll find here >>> Lord C Vapes.


I recently published a review in which I did things a bit … well, backwards. Rather than look at the label, work out what the flavour was, and then taste-test the eliquid, for 100 Large’s Fresh Pink of Bel Air, I decided to taste the eliquid FIRST, write down what I thought it tasted like SECOND, and then compare it to the flavour description THIRD. 

Smart, right? 

Lord Cogingtons Coggy’s Mix Eliquid Review 3

I had so much fun doing it before, I’m doing it again. And this time, I’m not even going to bitch at all about eliquid names that don’t represent the eliquid flavours. Okay, maybe I just did a little, but I feel like “Coggy’s Mix” might be a blend of Lord C’s favourites, so I’m going to let him off.


Opening the bottle and taking a bit sniff, I smell … berries. And lots of them. Red berries, perhaps? Maybe cherry? Possibly summer fruits? It’s definitely fruity, I’ll give it that. It smells like an eliquid I’d probably enjoy the taste of, and if it’s as flavoursome as it is strong-smelling, I reckon we’re going to be on to a winner here. 

Fingers crossed! 

Lord Cogingtons Coggy’s Mix Eliquid Review 4


Okay, so, this one is a cooling agent eliquid. I can tell that already from the first few puffs, and although it’s quite an icy hit, I don’t actually think it’s a flavour-ruiner. You know how with some eliquids the flavour is taken over a bit by the ice-hit? This flavour doesn’t do that. Six or seven puffs in, and it’s still really pleasant. There’s not so much cooling agent in there that it knocks my socks off or twists the flavour. 

Lord Cogingtons Coggy’s Mix Eliquid Review 5

Moving aside from the cooling agent, there’s definitely some serious fruitiness there. I’m really not sure what flavours they are, though. It’s packed full of berries, and I think I can taste a hint of orange or grapefruit or something similarly zesty. There’s a zing to it. Not a crazy-powerful zing, but a really subtle and unique one. Sweet but zingy. 

I really like it. I’m not sure what it is exactly, but I still really like it. 

I suppose I’d best check what it’s meant to taste like! 

Flavour description: 

“A refreshing berry and citrus blend, with a touch of passion fruit and ice for a nice cooling finish.”

Well, I don’t think I was too far off with my taste-test, eh? I definitely got the berries, and I kinda got the citrus blend with my orange/grapefruit guess. I’m wondering if the passion fruit is what I can taste that gives it that sweet zing? It could be.

*Vapes on Coggy’s Mix for a few minutes*

Yep, it definitely could be passion fruit.

I reckon this eliquid is pretty true-to-taste, and damn tasty, too. That surprised me a lot, with it being a cooling agent eliquid and all. 

Lord Cogingtons Coggy’s Mix Eliquid Review 6


I liked what Lord Cogington’s Coggy’s Mix pumped out, and I’m currently *right now* enjoying it in my Vapefly Pixie RDA on top of the Vapor Storm Puma box mod, at about 40 watts. It’s not so much vapour that it fogs up the room too quickly and pisses off Mister best-ecig, but it’s still a decent amount. I’ve got no complaints. (Makes a change.) 

Cooling/icy juices always seem to have a sharper throat hit than the dessert/cake/biscuit juices I usually vape, so I did find this one a tad kickier than what I’m used to. That’s not a bad thing, though. The kick didn’t tip it over the edge or anything like that. The eliquid is still a really smooth and easy one to vape. 

Lord Cogingtons Coggy’s Mix Eliquid Review 7

My bottle of Coggy’s Mix was mixed and left to steep for a couple of months before I properly reviewed it. I can’t tell you what the throat hit, vapour or flavour was like immediately after throwing it together. 


I always groan a bit when I see cooling agent or ice in the flavour description/ingredients, and I must admit that I did the same thing with this one at first. Personally, I just don’t think it’s necessary for some flavour combos. I do understand that it makes some flavours taste more refreshing, blah, blah, blah, but it’s really not my cup-of-tea. Well … it wasn’t my cup of tea before this fruity mix came into my life. There have been a few that I “quite liked” despite the menthol addition, but this one I ACTUALLY liked. 

Lord Cogingtons Coggy’s Mix Eliquid Review 8

Would I buy Lord Cogingtons Coggy’s Mix again? Sure thing! This one is delightfully refreshing, and I can imagine that icy hit being a real treat on a hot summer’s day. With more than enough flavour to stop that ice taking over, I can absolutely see myself buying it again. 

Would I recommend Lord Cogington’s Coggy’s Mix to you? Listen, if you don’t like cooling agent eliquids or you’d rather experience a slightly softer, more muted flavour, this one is not going to grab you. But if you like your juice packed with flavour – good flavour – I’d definitely recommend checking it out the next time you think about placing an order. Fruity, zingy, and sweet, Coggy’s Mix is not one I thought I’d like, but it’s a very easy one to like. That passionfruit does add a little twang to it, though. Bear that in mind if you don’t like the fruit. 


You’ll find more Lord C Vapes eliquid reviews here.

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