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Lord Cogingtons Sugar Donut Eliquid Review

Hello, vapers, how are you? What have you all been doing with yourselves? Do you want to know what I’ve been doing? Binge-watching ‘The Staircase’ on Netflix. I seem to have developed an unnatural obsession with crime and murder documentaries, and now, because I’ve seen so many of them, I’m a criminal expert, obviously. Binge-watching super addictive TV shows isn’t the only thing I’ve been doing with my time, though; I’ve also been reviewing. Working on this Lord Cogingtons Sugar Donut eliquid review to be exact. 

Lord Cogingtons Sugar Donut Eliquid Review 2

About Lord Cogingtons

A small business started by a vaper and vaper reviewer, Lord Cogingtons (or LordCVapes) started making his own juices a couple of years ago. Stumbling across a few flavours that were a big hit with friends and family, he went on to create his own line of ejuices, and he sent the full range to me to try and critique for you fine folks. 

There are six flavours so far: 

  • Sugar Donut
  • Blueberry Waffle
  • Coggy’s Mix
  • Vanilla Custard
  • Very Berry
  • Very Berry Ice

Lord Cogingtons Sugar Donut Eliquid Review 8

You can buy them in sample packs — all 6 flavours in 10ml bottles + a 10ml nic shot bottle to make them up to 3mg — for £12, or individual 10ml (8.5ml ejuice) bottles for £1.85 to add 1.5ml nicotine liquid. 

You can also buy them in short fills and DIY kits. 

Lord Cogingtons Sugar Donut Eliquid Review

Sugar Donut wasn’t the first Lord Cogingtons eliquid that I made up and tasted, but it is the one that I’ve zoomed through the quickest. Since I’m virtually at the end of my 10ml sampler bottle, I figured it was probably time that I told you all about it. Because it’s bloody lovely and I think a few people are going to really enjoy this one.

Lord Cogingtons Sugar Donut Eliquid Review 7


From the bottle, I thought Sugar Donut by Lord Cogingtons had an air of Battenberg cake about it. It’s quite sweet, and I actually thought I could smell vanilla in there. To be honest, I’m not even sure I would have known this was meant to be a doughnut-based flavour just by the smell alone. Don’t get me wrong; it smells absolutely lush and I couldn’t wait to tear in, but it didn’t smell like I thought it would.


Something shines through with this juice, and I think it’s been cleverly done too … The doughnut part genuinely tastes like the crispy, brown outer coating of fresh doughnuts from the seaside. Not the soft inner bit, but the crispy outer bit, which is my favourite part of the whole damn doughnut. I live in Southend (which is virtually “by the seaside”) so I buy a lot of freshly-cooked doughnuts… Trust me on this; I know a good one when I taste it. 

Lord Cogingtons Sugar Donut Eliquid Review 6

I really like that the focus is on the doughnut taste itself — most other juices seem to have loads of strawberry or raspberry jam thrown in and some of us just don’t want that. I’d much rather have a seaside doughnut than a jammy doughnut, especially if it’s still nice and warm. 

I’m seriously craving doughnuts now. 

It is quite a sweet juice, but the name literally has “sugar” in the title so I think that’s to be expected. I didn’t find it overly sweet or sickly, though. It’s pretty much spot on for me. If there were any more sugar, it would be too sweet. Take away some of that sugar and I think the brown and crispy doughnut part would be a bit boring. 

Exquisite flavour … A round of applause to you, Lord C!  

Lord Cogingtons Sugar Donut Eliquid Review 4


I have the teeniest, tiniest gripe about the packaging. I’m a huuuuuuuuge fan of the sampler packs that Lord Cogingtons has put together, something I talk about a lot more in the next review, but I have found myself picking up the wrong bottle on a couple of occasions. There’s nice and legible white writing on the bottle, but somehow, I still manage to pick up the wrong one. I don’t think that Lord C should change the sampler pack labels; I should just read them better. Or make double sure I’m opening the right bottle before I pour the wrong juice in my tank, of course. Accidentally topping up Sugar Donut with Very Berry Ice wasn’t pretty. I had the right hump. 

Lord Cogingtons Sugar Donut Eliquid Review 3

I haven’t tried the larger, short fill bottles, so I don’t know if they have the same black packaging. If they do, just make sure that you know which juice you’re dripping if you have different flavours. I’ve received a lot of complete juice ranges or multiple flavours from the same range and I don’t recall ever having the wrong-juice-in-hand issue before. Maybe I’m not paying attention enough? I almost hope that there is something on the larger bottles that helps to visually distinguish one flavour from another, if only by a little bit. (It’s hardly *that* important, to be honest.)

Edit: LordCVapes is altering the labels slightly to make the different flavours easier to see. Keep your eyes peeled!

Throat Hit & Vapour Production

I left the bottle to steep for about a week before vaping Sugar Donut by Lord Cogingtons and I definitely think it makes a difference. Does waiting made a difference in terms of flavour intensity? I don’t know because I didn’t try it right off the bat, but I didn’t have the same gruff heartiness that I had when I mixed and then immediately used Blueberry Waffle — another from the Lord C range and the next review to come. Personally, I find that most short fill-style juices are a bit too deep and hearty if I vape them immediately. Leave them for a couple of days to sit first, on the other hand, and the story is quite different — much smoother to vape and softer on the back of the throat. 

Does anyone else go through the same gruff thing with freshly-mixed eliquids?

Lord Cogingtons Sugar Donut Eliquid Review 5

Devices Used

I did vape Sugar Donut in the Jac Vapour Series-S17 vape pen + 0.5-ohm (sub-ohm) coil for a while. I also remembered I had some Smok 0.6-ohm coils for the Helmet tank too, so I vaped it in that + Neon Box Mod. The review for those are coming soon, but look how damn dirty the box mod gets [photos above]. It hasn’t even left the house yet — look at it! It gets super grubby. I must remember to write that down for the review.

Lord Cogingtons Sugar Donut Eliquid Review – Conclusion

I couldn’t get enough of this eliquid and the 10ml bottle didn’t last me very long at all. It was a delight to vape, both in terms of flavour and vapour production, and it’s a lovely, smooth juice too. No coughing or scratchy-throat. I’ve had a few juices lately that have given me a touch of the ol’ scratchy-throat. 

Lord Cogingtons Sugar Donut Eliquid Review 1

Would I buy Lord Cogingtons Sugar Donut eliquid again? Yep. This one’s going on the to-buy-list for sure. Although a doughnut flavour with no fruity addition, it holds its own, with a flavour I really enjoyed. 

Would I recommend Lord Cogingtons Sugar Donut eliquid to you? Do you like warm, seaside doughnuts that are soft and delicious on the inside, brown and crispy on the outside? If you do, I think you’re going to fall hopelessly in love with this absolute treat. 

Buy Lord Cogingtons Sugar Donut from LordCVapes

P.S. Have you seen ‘The Staircase’ yet? What did you think? I want to talk alllllll about it. I also want your recommendations — what else can I find on Netflix or Sky Box Sets that’s worth a watch? Please don’t say ‘Safe’ because I can’t get over the bad English accent. 

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