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Mist Eliquid Review

I received a lovely little package from Mist recently (thanks, you wonderful lot!), and in it I received eight bottles of e-liquid to try and review. I took a peek at the website to check them out and see what they’re all about, and I was actually quite impressed. They’re not bad prices, they have plenty of flavours and strengths on offer, and they’ve got these amazing needle-tipped bottles which I LOVE because they’re so much easier to fill a tank with. Very few places still offer these bottles, and I’m pretty sure the only other place I’ve found them was at No1Ejuice.

Mist Eliquid Review

Moving along …

I had a hard time finding information on the website saying where the e-liquids were made, but I did find this which I decided to share in this Mist eliquid review:

“Mist only sources the finest quality eliquids from the most reputable suppliers. Our E Liquid is batch tested through ISO9001 and GMP certified quality control system, to ensure the quality and safety reaches the highest standards. E-Liquid comes in a variety of nicotine strengths and flavours to suit every smoker. See our E Liquid strength guide to help you choose the right one.”

And also, this:

“Our (standard) Mist range contains 80/20 PG/VG ratio, apart from our higher VG range (extra vapour) which contains 30/70 PG/VG. Our special Creative Juices range is a balanced mix-blend of 50/50 mix of PG/VG”

I got in touch with them to ask where the e-liquid itself was made, and this was the answer they gave:

“It’s not made in the UK but it is tested in the UK.”

The bottles have a Product Made Date and an Expiry Date but NO batch number. Not all e-liquids out there have this, but these days people like to know where their e-liquid comes from and what’s included in it, and I just found this information a little tricky to get hold of. I’d much prefer to have all that information upfront.

Mist Eliquid Review

Now to get to the heart of the Mist eliquid review. I tried ten flavours, and here’s what I thought about them:

Mist Eliquid Review

Mist Eliquid Review

Tobacco – 18mg

This was the one I went for first – the generic tobacco flavour. I feel this is always a great place to start when you’re first making the switch from smoking to vaping. Some people change and never use tobacco ever again, preferring to vape with weird and wonderful flavours. I have a tendency to use tobacco as my ‘every day liquid’, only using other weird and wonderful flavours every now and again.

I really enjoyed this tobacco flavour – a generic, easy to vape, not too strong but not too weak tobacco. It tastes like you want it to – there’s enough of a tobacco taste to make it enjoyable, but not too much that it’s gruff or unpleasant to vape with. No coughing or spluttering, that sort of thing.

I really liked the flavour of this one, and I’ve already run out. Don’t you hate it when that happens?

Menthol – 18mg

Dan always gets my menthol liquids because I really don’t like them, and the Menthol one that was sent for the purpose of this Mist eliquid review is no exception. He swiped it right away, and he finished the bottle in no time at all which, I’m assuming, can only be a good thing, right?

Mist Eliquid Review

He liked mixing the menthol with the strawberry, and I imagine it would taste great with a number of other flavours too – mint and chocolate, for example? Either way, the bottle didn’t last five minutes and he asked where I got it from – he’d order it again. And then he said this:

“The menthol is a smooth refreshing minty taste, not too cold or icy on the inhale. It’s easy, generic, nice to vape. A good beginner’s one.”

Gold & Silver (Tobacco) – 11mg

There was something about this tobacco flavour that I didn’t like, and I couldn’t quite put my finger on it. It had a weird aftertaste about it, and although vaping the liquid itself wasn’t a problem, that aftertaste really put me off. It was fine all the time you were vaping with it, but when you stopped, there popped up that weird taste again. I’m sorry but it just put me off a little.

Mist Eliquid Review

It’s not a bad tobacco taste itself, and I would imagine some people who like a full tobacco flavour would quite like it, but for me, it just didn’t work. I preferred the other tobacco one I tasted over this one. I don’t think I’d finish the bottle, let alone order another one. Sorry Mist, not my bag.

Vanilla – 11mg

The good news is this one tastes like vanilla. The bad news is I think it might be a little too vanilla. It was really sickly sweet and although offered a great burst of flavour, was just a little too much for my liking. Vanilla is a really difficult one to get spot on, and I don’t think I’ve come across one that I genuinely, really, one hundred percent like. It’s not going to be this one sadly. Great flavour, just too much sweet stuff. It could have done with being toned down a little bit I think.

Blueberry – 18mg

I love blueberries, particularly blueberry muffins, but I find blueberry eliquid a really touch-and-go flavour. I don’t think I’ve ever found one I actually like, and even ones labelled ‘blueberry muffin’ just hasn’t tasted very muffin-like.

Mist Eliquid Review

This one I really DID like. I’d go as far as to say I loved it. If I had any criticism, it would probably be to add more muffin to the blueberry (if that makes sense), but aside from that, I really enjoyed vaping with this one, and it’s one I’d definitely buy again. It’s got a wonderful burst of a really fruity flavour, and it does taste like blueberry too with just the hint of a muffin’y aftertaste to get away with the name.

Strawberry – 11mg

Dan really loves this one. He smelled it once, swiped it, and I’ve never seen it again since. Him and our friend, Matt, had a discussion recently about how difficult it is to find a strawberry eliquid that actually tastes like strawberry for more than the first couple of puffs on a full tank, and then he came across this one. The flavour was delightful, lasted the entire duration of the tank, and smells AMAZING!

If you want a strawberry liquid that actually tastes like strawberry liquid, I’d highly recommend this one.

Here’s a little side note too – Dan LOVES to mix this strawberry liquid with menthol ones – Menthol from Mist and others, and I must admit I really enjoyed vaping with it too. It’s lovely and fresh for those days when you’re not sure whether you’re feeling minty or fruity.

Blackcurrant – 18mg

I’m not really the biggest fan of blackcurrant so I didn’t expect to like this one much, but it doesn’t have an overpowering taste which I quite liked. More of a subtler blackcurrant than others I’d tried, although I still don’t like blackcurrant that much.

Mist Eliquid Review

(Dan’s stolen it and I’m awaiting his thoughts. I’ll come back and let you know what he thought … )

It was a little strong for me in the throat-hit stakes, if I’m honest. I should have gone down a nicotine level for this one, but I did mix it with the 0mg Neutral eliquid from Vype and that sorted the issue out. I’m telling you – that Vype stuff is a must-have!

Peach – 11mg

I’m not really the biggest fan of peach anything to be honest, but I gave this one a shot anyway, just in case something might have changed over the last few years. It reminds me of that warm, weak peach flavoured juice my mother used to feed me as a kid – like super weak Robinsons, or something like that. I just don’t like it, although that’s not to say it’s got a bad flavour. It actually has a great burst of peach flavour, but I don’t like peach.

I have passed this bottle over to someone who would actually appreciate it, and they said it’s a delightful peach flavour. If you like peaches, you’ll like it.

Mist Eliquid Review – Conclusion 

I wasn’t impressed by the fact that I needed to go hunting for information on where these e-liquids were made and tested, but the fact that they ARE tested within the UK to UK standards put my mind at ease a little. They taste great and they don’t break the bank, making them a great e-liquid for everyday use, especially when you consider that you can buy in bulk / buy box sets to save a few quid.

You can buy a box of all 36 Mist eliquid flavours in 10ml bottles for £55, making them just over £1.50 for each individual one. You can choose your VG/PG ratio, and the strength of the liquid too – an option that goes across the board for every liquid you’re ordering. It’s good to have options, and that puts another tick in a box as far as I’m concerned.

Mist Eliquid Review

You can buy smaller box sets if you didn’t fancy spending just over £50 on a box of eliquid, and the smaller 8 x 10ml box sets are cheaper at £14.99. You can buy a ‘tobacco’ box, a ‘dessert’ box, ‘summer’, ‘best sellers’, ‘fruity’, etc. There’s a box set for everyone essentially.

10ml bottles will set you back £3.50, or you can buy 30ml bottles for £8.39, and even 100ml for £17.99. They’re offering some impressive deals, that’s for sure.

Mist Eliquid Review

Moving aside, there are other ‘Creative Juices’ to pick from if you didn’t like the sound of these ones, and Mist also offers flavour concentrates – this is *NOT* to be vaped neat and has been designed to add flavour to other e-liquids. You can also buy flavourless e-liquid (in varying strengths) to which you can add your concentrates. You can basically design your very own eliquid. Before doing this, however, I’d recommend you do some research. This isn’t something I’ve experimented with although, I must be honest, now I’ve seen these offered by Mist, I’m very tempted to give them a try!

All in all, Mist isn’t bad. It’s cheap, flavoursome, and does what you want it to do, while at the same time giving you options to play around and design your own weird and wonderful creations. I’d definitely recommend you take a peek at the range yourselves, if only to cure your curiosity! 😉

I’d buy Mist eliquid again, and I’m excited to try new flavours and play around with those DIY flavour concentrates. What about you? Have you been tempted by any the flavours? I’d love to know which ones you decide to buy!

Mist Eliquid Review

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