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Morning Glory Eliquid Review – Vape Direct

Morning Glory Eliquid Review

Have you ever heard of Morning Glory e-liquids? Well, I hadn’t up until the point I received my ‘surprise package’ from Vape Direct. I received three bottles for the purpose of this Morning Glory eliquid review – Crispy Pops, Cinnamon Munchies, and Choco Pebble. They sounded delicious and when I gave them the sniff test, they smelled delicious too. I must admit, I love a good cereal-flavoured e-liquid, and I was super excited to get cracking with these.

If you want to see my first impressions prior to this Morning Glory eliquid review, or you fancy checking out the rest of the Vape Direct goodies I received, check out the video on my Youtube channel:

Now, let’s get to the heart of the matter … This is what I thought when I road-tested these scrummy-sounding liquids:

Morning Glory Eliquid Review

Let’s get to the important stuff first – all the need-to-know information about Morning Glory e-liquids from Vape Direct. Are you ready? I shall throw you some facts …

  • They’re made by Vape Direct in the UK
  • They’re both alcohol and diacetyl free
  • The bottles are childproof (and me-proof apparently)
  • They’re for sub-ohm devices
  • The ratio of PG to VG is 30 / 70
  • They’re £14.95 for a 30ml bottle (which I think is a pretty good price)
  • Free delivery on ALL orders! 
  • 24 hour delivery from £3.99

Each bottle comes with not only a batch number, but also a best before date. You can see a list of ingredients right on the bottle, and there are EC-labels as well as the regular cautions and warnings you would expect to find.

Morning Glory Eliquid Review

The thing I loved the most abut the Morning Glory range of e-liquids was the bottles. They’re awesome, super photogenic, and very well labelled. With the Vape Direct Platinum range of e-liquids, it took me forever to work out whether they were to be used in a sub-ohm device or a ‘regular’ vaporiser, and I found the labels impossible to read.

I had none of this trouble with the Morning Glory bottles. You can see the PG to VG ratio on the front, as well as the strength, flavour, and it looks great too. I love these bottles. These are my favourite e-liquid bottles.

Morning Glory Eliquid Review

Moving on … They smell LUSH! All of them smell like something I’d quite like to eat although, obviously, I wouldn’t advise it. The liquids themselves are thick but not too gloopy, and once you’ve gotten around the childproof lids, the glass drippers are about the right size I think. Easy enough to drip without too much mess.

Now let’s take a look at the flavours I’ve tried for this Morning Glory eliquid review:

Morning Glory Eliquid Review

Morning Glory – Choco Pebbles

More pebble, less choco, that’s what I found with this Morning Glory Choco Pebbles e-liquid. It has a lush taste, definitely one I’d buy again, but I just wish it had a little more of a chocolate kick to it. We women are never satisfied after all.

A really decent vape with loads of clouds, it’s a 70/30 split VG/PG, and just like most sub ohm liquids I buy (and tend to find are the right strength for me – the average vaper and ex average smoker), I got it in 3mg.

Morning Glory ELiquid Review

I used both Morning Glory e-liquids with the Vape Direct Voyage Sub Ohm Mini Tank Kit and I find the combination of the two is pretty much spot on – plenty of clouds to fill a room in no time at all, if that’s what you’re looking for, and a taste and smell that makes you hungry. It tastes and smells like a bowl of cocoa pops or similar.

Delicious, yes. But a little more chocolate please guys!

(After trying Morning Glory Crispy Pops, I could taste the chocolate more, but I still think Choco Pebbles could do with a splash more of the chocolatey good stuff.)

Morning Glory – Cinnamon Munchies

I do love a good cinnamon cereal e-liquid but I’ll be honest, this Morning Glory Cinnamon Munchies just wasn’t as tasty as I thought it was going to be. All the right ingredients in all the right places, just without the kick I’d hoped it would have. A great vape and a delicious taste but I just wish it had been a bit more flavoursome – I think it needed a touch more cinnamon. Don’t get me wrong, it’s delicious and I love it and would order it again, but I just wanted a touch more. Just a little bit.

The flavour does come through a lot on the inhale, but on the exhale there just didn’t seem to be a lot. It left the room smelling like a bakery though and for that, I’d definitely buy it again!

Morning Glory Eliquid Review

If you like an e-liquid that’s not too ram-packed with flavour, and you’re a fan of cinnamon cereal, this one’s for you. I found myself ignoring this e-liquid a little – I much preferred Crispy Pops and Choco Pebbles.

*I gave this to a friend who said he LOVED it so perhaps wanting more flavour is a woman thing? Or a me thing?

Morning Glory – Crispy Pops

Have you ever really wanted a bowl of Rice Krispies? No? Just me? Well, I really wanted a bowl of Rice Krispies and instead I vaped with Crispy Pops and honestly, the flavour of this one is spot on. A good flavour, a packed flavour, and one I’m definitely going to buy again, and probably make all my friends try too.

I think, out of the three I tried, this one is my favourite which is weird because I thought Choco Pebble would have been the one for me.

It’s quite a sweet e-liquid, but not too sweet. It actually tastes exactly like a bowl of Rice Krispies – that’s exactly how I would describe it to someone. It’s not overbearing. But you have that milky / cloudiness towards the end with a cereal after taste. It’s delicious. I can’t get enough of it.

Morning Glory Eliquid Review

All three of the liquids I’ve tried for this Morning Glory eliquid review have been 70/30 VG/PG, they’ve all been great-tasting, they’ve all provided great vapour, but Crispy Pops just tastes amaze-balls … as the cool kids would say.

The liquids themselves are quite thick but no thicker than the other sub-ohm liquids I’ve come across, and they smell as good as they vape but I wouldn’t suggest you lick it. It tastes gross. I know this because I got some of it in my mouth. Yuck.

I can’t wait to try more of these Morning Glory e-liquids, and as soon as I do, I’ll add them all to the review. But for now, if you’re going to try any of them, give the Crispy Pops a shot. I LOVED it!

Thanks for reading! If you give these Morning Glory e-liquids a try, don’t forget to come back and let me know what YOU thought of them. I’d love to add your comments and opinions to my review. 

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