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My Aspire Cleito EXO Drama

My Aspire Cleito EXO Drama

When I first saw the Aspire Cleito EXO tank, I uhmmed and ahead about it for a while, not sure whether or not it was worth getting it. I was won over by the rainbow colour, I’ll be honest, and after seeing everyone else happily vaping with their EXOs on Twitter pre-release, I decided that I should probably pre-order it. I watched @thedevilvaper getting excited about it, and then I watched his review. I really wanted it.

It was so pretty, and I was definitely in the market for a new tank. People kept telling me to buy the previous Cleito model, but if I was going to try one, surely it would make more sense to wait for the new one? And the new one was just a better version of the older one, so it just makes even more sense to wait, right? So I did. I pre-ordered with – £24.99 but I got 10% off, with a free bottle of Pugtown (or whatever the damn stuff is called) eliquid. I also ordered an Innokin tank that was in the sale. Not for review purposes, but just for a new, cheapish MTL vape that I could use around the house. It was about a fiver I think, why not?

Also: We’re still trying to find a vape that Mr. best-ecig can get on with.

Anyway, I ordered my goodies on the 19th April. Standard delivery was 5-7 days, which I felt was a tad excessive. What could possibly take so long? It was my own fault I guess, I didn’t upgrade the shipping. Not that it would have mattered – this was a pre-order, so I knew I would need to wait some time for it.

I watched as the EXO release came and went, checking my emails for the dispatch update I was told I would receive. None came. I took into account the bank holiday, and that my delivery would probably take a bit longer. But yesterday – Tuesday 2nd May – when I realised my new tank STILL hadn’t arrived, and I STILL hadn’t received an email update, I decided to take action.

I emailed to find out what was going on. The answer I received shocked me.

“We are expecting our delivery today and orders will be processed ASAP.”

What? Isn’t this an official supplier of the tank? How do they NOT have the product before the rest of the vendors – other shops and websites? How come every other shop has this tank in stock – I could have walked into a store and picked one up, yet the official supplier STILL hasn’t received the shipment of their own package after the release date? (I’m not actually sure when the release date was, admittedly.)

They told me they were expecting the tanks that day, and as long as they were received before 330pm, they would be dispatched the same day. Awesome. That meant I’d get it in the next couple of days. I could deal with that – I didn’t mind waiting a bit longer. After all, I’d waited this long for it.

The next day (today) came and I checked my email. There was still no update despite me asking for it, so I emailed again. This was their response:

“Delivery was out for delivery yesterday but did not arrive. We should get them today. I will upgrade your postage for you to 24 hour tracked free of charge.”

Well, that’s nice, but you still don’t actually have the Aspire Cleito EXOs at all, do you? No, you don’t.


So … they still don’t have them. It’s still not on its way to me. Not impressed …

I replied, telling them I wanted updates. If it wasn’t sent out today, I would want a refund. They can’t keep expecting me to hold on forever, surely? But if it was going to be sent out today, fine. They refunded me. Just like that. Even after I said I didn’t want the refund yet – that I would wait until the end of today – they just refunded me. Like they couldn’t be bothered answering my questions any longer. Nice. I really appreciated that.

Also: If they knew their deliveries were delayed, why didn’t they email people? Vapouriz let me know when so many people ordered from their sale that all deliveries were delayed. And even then, it wasn’t even that late at all. Why couldn’t have done that? They obviously knew they had a problem. There were customers who’d pre-ordered a tank and weren’t receiving them. And, bearing in mind I had OTHER items on my order which technically would have been received in 5-7 days, shouldn’t they have told me about the delay? Shouted it out somewhere? Twitter? Facebook? No one knew – even other customers waiting on their EXO. I’ve seen three other people on Twitter today alone complaining about the delay.

I decided to have my little rant on Twitter. I also decided to call a vaping shop that is, quite literally, just a few steps down the road from me – Vape & Juice. I saw that they had the Cleito EXO on the website, but I wanted to make sure they had the rainbow one before I dressed my lazy ass to run over there. After three unanswered phone calls, I gave up and went back to Twitter.

(No, I didn’t bother to get dressed and run over there. If I had and they didn’t have the rainbow one, I probably would have had a full-on toddler temper tantrum right there in the shop. Plus, it was more expensive than where I eventually, and hopefully successfully, purchased it from.)


@RichOrtonVapes made me aware that another website – have the Cleito EXO in stock, and it was £18.99 rather than the £24.99 I had originally paid with Oh, and even with next-day DPD delivery, the total still only came to just under £24.

The only problem now is that I can only get either the black, bronze or blue version of the EXO, rather than the rainbow one that I’d first ordered. I couldn’t even get my second choice – silver. I know colour isn’t important, but dammit, I wanted rainbow! That’s why I paid the extra £1 for it originally.

My Aspire Cleito EXO Drama

So now I wait. My new [black, not rainbow] tank should be with me tomorrow. As long as nothing else goes wrong, of course … If it does, I’m going to take it as a sign. I should not buy the Aspire Cleito EXO tank!

In short, not that I’ve kept the rest of this post that way, I wouldn’t buy from again, Vape & Juice doesn’t answer the phone, and I’m hoping that is my metaphorical knight in shining armour …

Here’s hopin’!

If you have the Aspire Cleito EXO and you love it, don’t tell me. Don’t even mention it to me. I’m still sad that I don’t have one of my own. Have a cheeky lil vape for me though! 🙁

(For the record, have already emailed me, just an hour after my order was placed, with the DPD delivery instructions for tomorrow! REVIEW INCOMING … finally!) 

My Aspire Cleito EXO Drama

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  1. Hey Kim… Had to laugh at this… I had exactly the same problem with the official site!

    Pre-ordered (paid for the 24 Hour delivery, which I was then emailed to let me know all the tank orders were going out this way) for review then… I waited…and waited.

    Then waited some more and watched as all these other stores got it in stock. I decided I’d wait it out and I got the rainbow as well (it’s very rainbowy!) in the end but very strange that the official site was later than the rest!

    Be interesting to see you what you think of it! Keep up the good work!



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