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Neo Cig E-Shisha Review

Neo Cig E-Shisha Review

**EDIT: 21st Nov 2015 - Neo Cigs doesn't appear to be in business any longer. Their customer services have been non-responsive and their website has now been shut down. Although I very much enjoyed vaping with Neo Cigs, their lack of communication prior to this happening has been incredibly unprofessional. There is no mention of the closure on any of their social media accounts and customers have been resorting to asking ecig review sites (such as myself) what's going on! I have therefore been forced to reduce the rating of this review to just one star** When it was…

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perfect for social occasions!

Summary : The Neo Cig E-Shisha is a bit of a beast, it must be said. It’s also pretty pricey. But, and this is a very big but, it might just be worth the money… Take a peek at the Neo Cig E-Shisha review to find out more! (Plus don't forget to use my 20% Neo Cig discount code!)

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**EDIT: 21st Nov 2015 – Neo Cigs doesn’t appear to be in business any longer. Their customer services have been non-responsive and their website has now been shut down. Although I very much enjoyed vaping with Neo Cigs, their lack of communication prior to this happening has been incredibly unprofessional. There is no mention of the closure on any of their social media accounts and customers have been resorting to asking ecig review sites (such as myself) what’s going on! I have therefore been forced to reduce the rating of this review to just one star**

When it was first brought to my attention that Neo Cig were doing something a bit bigger than the Charge electronic cigarette I reviewed before, I was intrigued. I was expecting a Shisha-style pen, much like that offered by V2 Cigs. I wasn’t expecting a full-sized Shisha device!

At first, I thought it was a pointless gadget – something I’d use once when I got it out of the box, and perhaps showed it off every now and again at parties, but the size it means it’s not something you could carry around with you daily. You’d be forgiven for thinking that the Neo Cig E-Shisha looks more like a weapon (or a sex toy).

Now, this doesn’t happen to me that often, but it would appear I was quite wrong with my first impressions of this whopping gadget.

Let’s take a closer look… 

Neo Cig E-Shisha – £99.99

OK, so the price isn’t exactly right. With my 20% Neo Cig discount code, you’ll only be paying £79.99, ad you’ll get FREE SHIPPING too.


I know it sounds like a lot of money, but before you disregard this completely, I urge you to read until the end. All the things you’re thinking now – it’s too big, it’s too expensive, you won’t ever use it, etc. Well, I thought them too. And you’ve already seen that I gave this Neo Cig E-Shisha review a pretty impressive 4.5 stars out of 5…. So it must be doing something right.

Neo Cig E-Shisha Review

So what does this £100 starter kit give you? 

It gives you the Neo Cig E-Shisha device that’s actually not as awkward to hold as it looks, and is covered in a lovely soft leather to make it comfortable. They really have thought of everything, it would seem. The kit also gives you a wall plug, USB charger, and eight cartridge refills:

  • 2 x Blueberry
  • 2 x Watermelon 
  • 2 x Apple
  • 2 x Strawberry

Neo Cig E-Shisha Review

And it all comes packed very nicely in a pretty cool looking box. The packaging is something I’m ALWAYS impressed with when it comes to Neo Cig. Well done guys! Thumbs up!

Oh, and did I mention I got a free tin of Jelly Beans too?! I’m not sure if this a promotional thing because it’s only just been released, but it sure was a delightful little touch…

Not that they lasted long.


I have delved a little deeper in order to make sure this Neo Cig E-Shisha review is packed full of good info, but I can’t seem to find anywhere that says what capacity battery this is. It’s big, I will tell you that. Straight out of the box, it only lasted for about an hour, but once I had charged it up for about 2 / 3 hours, it lasted for the entire weekend. I don’t use it as much as a regular e-cigarette obviously, but I did take it to a party where it was being passed around and tried by multiple users for about six hours on the go.

I’d say, if you were going to use this E-Shisha in the evenings after work, and maybe a bit more during the weekends when you’re at home, you’ll get a few days use out of it before you’ll need to charge it up. So far, mine has been in use on and off for about 3 / 4 days, so battery-wise, let’s say I’m impressed!

One of the coolest things about the battery is the way it lights up various colours. When you’re inhaling on it, it glows blue. When you plug it in to be charged, it glows red. When it’s fully charged and ready for use again, it glows green.

Neo Cig E-Shisha Review

Nice and simple. 

Nice and easy. 

Just what I like to see. 

Cartridge Refills

Now, the cartridge refills are only available in the four flavours mentioned above – apple, strawberry, blueberry, and watermelon. This may not seem like a lot, but again, just wait until you’ve read the whole review…

Neo Cig E-Shisha Review

Firstly, these flavours are intensely delicious. Not only is your mouth filled with the most glorious explosion of flavour, but when you exhale your massive plume of vapour, the whole room smells of whatever it is you’re smoking. That may sound rather bizarre, but a strawberry-scent lingering in the air of a room filled with a few lads all having a drink, is actually rather refreshing!

The cartridge refills haven’t run out yet, and as I’ve mentioned, I’ve been using the E-Shisha for about 4 days on and off. I’ve alternated between the flavours to give them all a go, but for the most part, I’ve been stuck on strawberry mostly. That one’s my favourite! 🙂

I have really great news too! YOU CAN REFILL YOUR NEO CIG E-SHISHA CARTRIDGES! (It’s not allowed, but you can do it!)

Neo Cig E-Shisha ReviewThat’s right, I’ve managed to pop the white lid off mine, and refill it with my own e-liquid. This will void your warranty with Neo Cig of course, and you must bear that in mind when doing so, but think of the possibilities of flavour sensations. With the May Fusion event happening at JacVapour right now, you could fill your E-Shisha with whatever flavours you like.

You must remember that you are refilling these cartridges at your own risk. I’ve never encountered a problem refilling any of mine, but the brands themselves do tend to condemn this.

One more thing – the e-liquid you use to refill this will need to have a high content of VG in order to replicate the large amount of vapour. For more information take a peek at: A Guide to E-Liquid: What’s The Difference Between PG and VG E-Liquid?

Plus, you’ll save money when you refill your own cartridges. Like, a lot of money. That goes for any e-cigarettes too, not just the one mentioned here in the Neo Cig E-Shisha review. A cartridge pack will set you back around £5-10 for a pack of three to five refills. A bottle of e-liquid will cost you as little as £1.95 if you shop around (see the ELiquid Reviews for more details), and you could fill your cartridges enough times to last you a whole week! Trust me – I’ve lived it, and I’ve learned it. And now I’m sharing the info with you nice people! 🙂

The cartridge refills are nicely hidden away under the very large mouthpiece of the Neo Cig E-Shisha, and I must be honest, inhaling on this isn’t the same as inhaling on a regular electronic cigarette.

Neo Cig E-Shisha Review

You need to actually breathe in the vapour produced by this, not just inhale. It’s rather difficult to explain, but you’ll understand more if you get the chance to try it. It’s different – not unpleasant, but just different. You breathe in, not just suck.

Plus, considering these are nicotine-free for right now, it’s strangely satisfying. I’m not sure if it’s the plumes of vapour that give you the satisfying edge, or just the placebo effect of just inhaling and exhaling, but you don’t miss the nicotine content. You don’t crave your regular e-cigarette. The E-Shisha is enough.

Throat Hit & Vapour

As I’ve mentioned, these are nicotine-free cartridge refills, although I would imagine they might just add a few nicotine versions in the mix at some point. This is still brand new product after all. The throat hit that you get is still decent however, and I don’t see why you couldn’t add a few drops of some nicotine e-liquid into the refill to add a bit more of an ‘edge’ if you needed it.

The vapour, on the other hand, is so plentiful, it could fill a room. I’m not normally a fan of lots of vapour either, but this one was incredibly enjoyable to use, especially at social occasions. Plus, the scent given off is beautiful.

Check out the little video I made of Dan using it (which he gave me permission to use for this Neo Cig E-Shisha review, by the way!) on Instagram, and you’ll get an idea for how much vapour this incredible E-Shisha gives off.


At this time, Neo Cig doesn’t offer e-liquid, but I reckon it’s something they may consider in the future. I’ll keep checking the website to see if they announce any new products, and if you spot anything, feel free to let me know on the Facebook page!

Delivery & Customer Service

You get free shipping with Neo Cig when you spend over £25, so you’ll get it on the E-Shisha too. Oh and just in case you needed any more persuading, keep all of your email order confirmations because there’s a year’s warranty on all Neo Cig products but you will need to have the original order number in order to call up and claim your replacement.

In Conclusion…

After all is said and done, I decided to rate this Neo Cig E-Shisha review with 4.5 stars out of 5. I have fallen completely and utterly in love with this new toy, and the flavours and vapour are beyond anything I’ve tried before with any other e-cigarette. The only reason I couldn’t rate it with 5 stars was because of the size. I’d love a smaller version of this to use when I’m out and about, and I’m excited to see if they release a tank-style e-cig at any point soon…. Or a range of e-liquid!

If you’re looking for something a bit new and exciting, this really isn’t a bad choice at all, and if you like lots of vapour, I’d highly recommend it. I love using it! Not just me either – Dan loves it, his friend, Matt, loves it, and at the party, it went down a real treat! This thing is perfect for ‘gatherings’! When people see me using my e-cigarette at social occasions, they always ask about it, and they can’t try it because they don’t smoke. This, being nicotine-free, is perfect for those that smoke, or those that just want to try it on a night out with friends. Plus, it’s a real talking point! It stands out fro the crowd, and people want to get to know more. You never know, this E-Shisha might even make you cooler! 😉

Definitely worth the 4.5 stars out of 5! 

Remember, you can save 20% on the E-Shisha by using the Neo Cig discount code: BESTECIG20.

For more information, check it out for yourself:

Neo Cig EShisha Review

Why not take a peek at the Neo Cig E-Shisha Review on YouTube:


  1. The E-Shisha is awesome. I missed it as soon as it left. E-cig isn’t quite cutting it now!

  2. This looks really good, never seen on like this before

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