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Neon Box Mod Review

Neon Box Mod Review

Hello, ladies and gentlemen, how are you all doing today? I would like to talk to you about a box mod that I got my hands on recently — one that came as part of a package deal from UKECIGSTORE. You may recall that I reviewed the Smok Helmet tank, which was one half of the deal. It’s now time for me to let you know what I thought about the second half of it, with my Neon Box Mod review. (And just in case you didn’t already see it, you’ll find the review for the tank here >…

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A Bit Pants.

Summary : There were a few things I didn't like about this box mod, making the Neon Box Mod review a pretty disappointing one. Grubby, ticking, and seemingly zooming through battery power, it wasn't long before I put it down and didn't pick it back up again.

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Hello, ladies and gentlemen, how are you all doing today? I would like to talk to you about a box mod that I got my hands on recently — one that came as part of a package deal from UKECIGSTORE. You may recall that I reviewed the Smok Helmet tank, which was one half of the deal. It’s now time for me to let you know what I thought about the second half of it, with my Neon Box Mod review.

(And just in case you didn’t already see it, you’ll find the review for the tank here > Smok Helmet Tank Review.)

(There are affiliate links in this review, meaning, at no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission if you click & make any purchases. Please see Disclaimer for more details.)

About Vape Neon

Is ‘Neon’ the brand name? I’m not sure. I’d never heard of Neon/Vape Neon, although there does seem to be a few juice brands with that/a similar name. I couldn’t really find any information about a vape manufacturer called ‘Neon’ online and, in the end, I just gave up hunting. If you have any information, you know what to do. Throw your comments in the box below this review. Or get in touch via social media.

Addition: Scrap everything I said above. It clearly states on the actual packaging/box, which I couldn’t find for a while.

Another Addition: Okay, scrap the first addition. I checked out the website and it’s “parked courtesy of GoDaddy”. This just gets weirder and weirder. I’m assuming Vape Neon WERE a brand/manufacturer of vape devices at one point, but have now gone bust/disappeared? Pretty shocking as I only bought the device just a couple of months ago … Admittedly, it was in the sale.

There’s a phone number on the packaging. I wonder what happens when I ring it? I HATE talking to people on the phone, maybe I’ll Google it instead.

*pretends to be Nancy Drew for a while*

The phone number on the Vape Neon box/packaging is the support phone number listed on the UKECIGSTORE website! Right, I think I get it now. Vape Neon was clearly part of UKECIGSTORE at one point, but the Vape Neon website has gone down and they no longer exist?

I don’t know? Something like that.

Neon Box Mod Review

On the UKECIGSTORE website, it states:

“Designed in London, the Neon Box Mod brings class and sophistication to the world of box mods …”

Neon Box Mod Review 6

The box mod on its own is £19.99, but I took advantage of the UKECIGSTORE Spring Clean deals and managed to bag myself the box mod and the Smok Helmet tank for just £19.99, both in white. I only got the deal to get the tank if I’m honest, but it can’t hurt to add another box mod (and review) to the collection.

How about some specs?

  • Takes 1 x 18650 battery (this DOES NOT come in the box)
  • 510 tank connection
  • 5-70 watts
  • Nickel Wire + Titanium Temperature Control mode
  • “Rubberised Skin Coating”
  • 0.1-ohm upwards
  • 82mm x 24mm x 39mm


I quite liked the boxy shape and style of the Neon Box Mod, but I didn’t like the colour, and I’d hardly say it screamed “class and sophistication”. That’s just my opinion. White on white may look good in theory, but within a couple of hours I could see grubby fingermarks all over the box, and it’s pretty rank-looking now. Maybe I’m just a grubby person? Either way, me + white = never a good combo. You can buy a black one, but this wasn’t available when I purchased/wasn’t part of the deal.

Look how dirty it is now … I’m ashamed.

Neon Box Mod Review 7

I *DID* like the feel of the “rubberised skin coating”, although I think that’s just a fancy way of saying soft-touch. It’s the kind of material that attracts dirt and grub, I know that much. I know I keep talking about it, but not only did I find that the material plus colour get dirty quickly, but it was also a bit of a bitch to get and then keep clean. If you’re using darker eliquid, for example, and you get a dribble on the box, it’s going to take a bit of scrubbing to get it off because it almost stains. It’s not a quick-wipe job. The white colour has also gone a bit of a skanky yellowy-beige colour, and no amount of Dettol or Flash with bleach has managed to get rid of it.

Neon Box Mod Review 9

The battery cover is nobbled, and I found it actually bizarrely soothing to stroke the nobbly bits. (Keep your jokes to yourselves, k, thanks!) It was a weird little anxiety-soother, running my thumb up and down the grooves. The embossed ‘N’, however, was damn annoying. I kept thinking it was the fire-up button for a while.

As a final note about the appearance/feel of the Neon Box Mod, I’ve started to notice some rubbing-off of the rubber finish. It’s kinda started to flake a bit, and I imagine it’ll look like a piece of poop after a few more weeks/months of usage. (I haven’t even used the box that much!)


While we’re on the subject of the button, I like it. It’s got a nice click to it (not too loud), and it’s easy to find above the screen with your thumb or pointy finger. Well-defined and easy to feel, the outside of the hexagonal button lights up white when you’re using it. I’m actually a little disappointed because, with a name like Neon, you’d expect some sort of cool, flashy-coloured-light action. There was none. Just a white device with a white light.

Boo to that.

Neon Box Mod Review 4

(The light does go red when it needs charging, though.)

Batteries/Battery Cover

The device itself, even without the tank attached, has some weight to it. It’s not a light and flimsy device that feels like it might fall apart at any minute, although I did find that the battery cover popped off every now and again. It doesn’t fall off super easy, but easier than I liked. I also found the battery difficult to get in and out (everything was quite stiff and you had to push with some serious force), so, thankfully, nothing fell out when the cover came off, although this might become a problem later on when things loosen up with general wear and tear.

I did notice a few reviews saying that the magnets had fallen off, meaning the cover would no longer sit in place, but this hasn’t happened with mine … yet. (In its defence, neither of the magnets feel loose.)

Neon Box Mod Review 12

The device requires 1 x 18650 battery, which does not come in the box. If you don’t have one at home, you’ll need to buy one. I used a Vaping Outlaws battery in mine and, in case you’d like to take a peek, here’s a link: Vaping Outlaws Vape Cell 18650 25A 2500mAh Battery (£7.99 each / £13.99 for twin-pack)

Neon Box Mod Review 11

So, I seem to charge the Neon Box Mod up a lot. I don’t really know why that is. I’ve used the same battery in another device and it lasts a few hours longer, even with the same tank/same watts, etc. I can’t really say how much quicker this drains the battery, but it’s definitely something I’ve picked up on — I’m constantly on the hunt for a charger.


I found the screen pretty dim and wished there had been a way to brighten it up a bit. It’s quite bright when you first click the button, but it dims down a lot within about 4 or 5 seconds.

Can you believe that this screen is actually ON?!

Neon Box Mod Review 14

The brightness has become a bit of a ‘thing’ for me now, and the screen on the Neon Box Mod really irks me. What’s the point in having one when you can’t see what it says within 4 seconds, or when you leave the house and there’s a little bit of sunshine?

Just a little moan.

This is what the screen looks like for the first couple of seconds that it’s still bright:

Neon Box Mod Review 13

It’s a pretty standard screen — you can see the watts, ohms of the coil in the attached tank, volts, amps, remaining battery level, etc. The white light around the button that is white, goes red when the battery starts to die. The red light seems a bit of a redundant feature when you consider that battery capacity is quite clearly marked on it.

There are different options to switch through, allowing you to do various things. You can change the mode of the device, as well as flipping the screen around so that it matches whichever way/hand you hold it in. I can honestly say that I’ve never used the feature. Ever.


Five fast clicks turns the Neon Box Mod on. It says “NE.ON”. When you turn it off, it says “NE.OFF”. I can’t tell you how much this made me giggle for a while. I didn’t realise it even said that until a good couple of weeks after I started using it.

Observant as ever …

Neon Box Mod Review 3

I used a few different tanks with the Neon Box Mod, including the Smok Helmet tank, Innokin Scion tank and Jac Vapour Series-S22 tank for sub-ohm vaping, and Jac Vapour Series-S17 tank/Series-E (Kanger Geni Aero tank) for mouth-to-lung vaping. I think I preferred it as an MTL device, but I don’t really know why. Most of the sub-ohm tanks I own overhung on the box mod by a little bit, even the Smok Helmet tank that came as the kit-deal.

Neon Box Mod Review 15

This box mod maxes out at 70W, which is fine for someone like me, who won’t dare to try anything much higher than that for fear or blowing herself up, but might not work for those who want to go higher. I feel like I should do some research into how many people actually vape at 70 watts or above … Do you? I don’t think I ever have unless it’s for bloggy research. Am I missing out on something?

Neon Box Mod Review 16

I actually blamed the Smok Helmet tank for the ‘shorted’ message I kept getting on the Neon Box Mod because that tank had the same not-working effect on other box mods. Sadly, the Neon Box Mod also showed the same ‘shorted’ message when I used other tanks, too.

Wow … Excellent shopping choices, Kim.

I had a couple of issues with the Aspire Cleito EXO tank, but that tank looks awful on the Neon Box Mod anyway. The Jac Vapour Series-S22 didn’t seem to throw up the ‘shorted’ message, but the Jac Vapour Series-S17 did a couple of times when I used it as my MTL vape. The Innokin Scion tank never ‘shorted’ either, but again, was just too big to use with the box. There was an overhang and I didn’t like that. It doesn’t look like much in the picture, but it’s enough to catch your finger on it every now and again and prove rather annoying.

Neon Box Mod Review 20

It just wasn’t an easy experience, to be honest.

I didn’t use the temperature control options/mode on the Neon Box Mod, so I won’t comment on it. I used watts mode only — up to about 50-60 watts. It DOES work pretty well, when it doesn’t “short” with the tank, providing a decent vape experience. All the other stuff and fluff aside, I actually didn’t mind using it. It’s not overly big and has an elongated shape to it, making it fit in your hand quite well. I actually thought it made for a pretty good mouth-to-lung box (with the right tank/coil attached).

Tick, Tock

So, um, yeah … This box mod ticks. I can’t tell you how crazy I went trying to locate the source of said ticking because, let’s face it, you’re not exactly expecting your vape device to be the thing that’s ticking around you, but I actually went crazy. Full crazy. Crazy girl-crazy.


Neon Box Mod Review 8

It took me three full days to figure out that the ticking noise was coming from the Neon Box Mod. But only when it’s actually in use, hence why I could only hear it intermittently. (You’d have thought I’d make the vape-tick connection sooner, right?)

When you press the button, the light turns on and the device fires up. The screen turns on for 30 seconds — 4/5 seconds with a bright screen and the remainder of the time with a dimmed screen. For the entire 30 seconds that the screen is lit up, the device ticks. Or, rather, clicks. It’s a teeny-tiny little clicking noise that is barely audible, but I like to sit and write in silence sometimes because I’m a weirdo, so I can hear it.

Most. Annoying. Noise. Ever.

My tolerance for stuff is definitely going way down as I age. I’m basically Victor Meldrew at this point.

Neon Box Mod Review 10

The Neon Box Mod only ticks/clicks when the device’s screen is turned on, and you can only hear it when you’re close to the device, or you sit and work in silence like me. It’s enough to irk the crap out of me though. Life was no better once I’d located the source of the annoyance because then I was adamant the thing was going to blow up on me. It hasn’t blown up. I’m pretty sure the ticking/clicking is just a working noise, but now I’ve heard it, I can’t un-hear it and I’m actually a bit scared to use it. Unjustifiably perhaps, but still, no.


The Neon Box Mod’s USB hole is directly below the + and – buttons, meaning that you don’t need to lie the device down when you charge it up.

Neon Box Mod Review 5

I really liked the USB lead, which is totally not important at all. It’s not like a regular lead, though. It’s got like an … I don’t know? Rope-like lead? It’s thick and feels/looks durable as hell. I have a cat that likes to chew cables when left unattended, so I really appreciated the style.

Neon Box Mod Review 18

Neon Box Mod Review – Conclusion

Do you want my honest opinion? I’m going to give it to you anyway: I think this box mod is a bit … meh. Just meh. It doesn’t have any stand-out features. I don’t like the white colour and it does get really dirty quickly. Also, I was disappointed that there was no bright neon flashing colours, and also by the fact that I couldn’t access the website that was listed on the box. Yes, it’s probably old stock, but they could have put a sticker or something over it? (Other brands have done similar with bits of information on labels/boxes that is no longer correct/relevant.)

Neon Box Mod Review 1

If I were the average consumer — and in this case, I was, because I purchased the item myself — the fact that the website ( is no longer accessible would have really, really worried me. What if it breaks? Is the warranty still valid? What about buying replacement parts? (Although, that’s not really important with a box mod. Can you buy spare/replacement battery covers, etc.?) I’m probably not going to use the box mod that much anyway, so none of that matters to me.

The ticking really finished things off for me. I don’t want a vape device that ticks, thank you very much.

Would I recommend the Neon Box Mod from UKECIGSTORE to you?

I actually read somewhere that the Neon Box Mod started off at £60-£70. PAH! Really? It’s not even a full kit … I don’t really feel like anywhere close to £60/£70 would be justified. Maybe £40 or so, if the finish hadn’t attracted dirt and flaked off, the device didn’t tick, it didn’t feel the need to “short” with certain tanks, and even then, only when it was first released.

Neon Box Mod Review 17

It’s currently sold for £19.99 on the UKECIGSTORE website, but I think you’ll find better box mods for the price. The Kanger KBOX 70 Box Mod, for example, is available on the same website for £23.99, and someone I know has owned and used the box for years. I’m *still* using the Kangertech Topbox Nano that I bought 3 or so years ago.

For around the same price, you might also want to take a peek at the Jac Vapour VIM. This is more of an AIO (all-in-one) device, but offers a refillable tank (included in the kit) and is an absolutely killer bit of vape equipment. That review is here and I LOVE mine. I just vaped with it and blew Totem Eliquid Strawberry Rhubarb Meringue flavoured clouds at you.

If you can afford to put a little more money into your new vape box mod, I can highly recommend the Aspire Archon. (You’ll find that review here.)

⭐My overall rating? A pretty blah 2.5/5 stars!⭐

It’s not bad for under £20, but there are much better boxes around. 


    • Cheap as chips
    • It does actually work … sometimes


  • “Shorted” message comes up a lot
  • It ticks when you use it
  • The screen isn’t bright enough
  • Box gets very dirty and is tough to clean
  • Rubber finish starting to flake away
  • Non-working website = no consumer confidence
  • No crazy-cool neon lights, despite the name

Buy it now
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HONESTY POLICY: I purchased the Smok Helmet tank + Neon Box Mod for £19.99 as part of a deal from the UKECIGSTORE ‘Spring Clean’. I was not paid for my review. I will not be paid for my HONEST review. All opinions are mine and in no way influenced by the brand or manufacturer. 

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