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New! JacVapour Series-B Announced!

Ooooh! I come bearing news today! JacVapour have announced a little something new. Coming soon to the website, August 2015 to be precise, the e-cigarette game will reach new heights.

Are you ready for the JacVapour Series-B?

JacVapour Series-B

Photo shared on Facebook by JacVapour

You can find more information on this, as well as pre-order this beast from late July – like the Facebook page and you’ll be the first to know! But they seem to be keeping things pretty under wraps until then, and even on the website, the information is relatively limited. Exciting stuff right? 😉

Engineered and designed in-house by one of what I consider to be the best e-cigarette brands in the UK, the JacVapour Series-B brings you something robust, reliable, and compact. It is said to be the most compact removable 18650 device, and is made from only the best high-quality ingredients – solid stainless steel to bring a beautiful contrast and a solid feel, alongside aluminium alloy with a rubberised grip to give it a luxury feeling in your hands, as well as a good grip. This is something you’re probably not going to want to drop on the floor… It’s actually pretty stunning.

I like the idea of this because it’s almost like you’re delving into the world of ‘modding’ – those beastly, massive vape devices that all the ‘cool kids’ seem to have these days… But without all the confusion. And the huge size issue. Just by looking at the photos JacVapour has shared of this, you can see that there is nothing confusing about it. I like how simple they have made everything – simple yet no doubt very effective. That’s what I’ve found with all of the JacVapour products, from the 510 Twist to the Series-E – they are all very well made. There’s no muss, no fuss, and that’s all because there doesn’t need to be. Their high quality speaks for itself.

JacVapour Series-B

Photo shared by JacVapour on Facebook

It’s not very big, considering how powerful it is. The JacVapour Series-B is just 77mm high by 22mm wide and 33mm in length. A quick-release magnetic battery cover is home to a powerful 40 watt battery that is capable of variable voltages between 0.2 and 3.0 ohms. It has USB charging, and the option to use it as a pass-through, meaning there is NO time you cannot use this. The spring loaded 510 connector means that you can use it with the tanks you already have at home – the 510 and Series-E aero tanks, so if you already have some of the JacVapour selection, the battery is all you’ll need to get things started. Oh and e-liquid, but you already know what I think about that. There hasn’t been a single JacVapour e-liquid I HAVEN’T really enjoyed. They all taste great and better than that, they’re made of high-quality ingredients too, so you know you’re not inhaling any crap.

Jac Vapour Series-B

In fact, why not have a look at the JacVapour ELiquid Review and check out what I thought of the flavours I’ve tried so far… 🙂

If the JacVapour Series-B interests you, you’re going to need to get in there quick. Mass production doesn’t start until September, and when they first release it in July, only 200 units are going to be available. Give the Facebook page a cheeky like, and as soon as there is more information available, I will bring it to your attention.

I can’t wait to get my hands on the JacVapour Series-B! How about you?

While we’re on the subject of JacVapour, why not have a look at my reviews of some of their other products? If you’ve tried them yourself, leave your own review! I’d love to know what you thought!

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