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Nicogreen ELiquid Review

  • BEST FOR MENTHOL: Menthol   
  • MY FAVOURITE: Mint Choco Chip 
  • £ / 10ml: £4.99 / 10ml

Nicogreen Eliquid Review

I’ve spotted a couple of new stores opening up not far from where I live. I’ve seen those Socialites stands in the shopping centres and other places but there seems to be a new name hitting the towns… Nicogreen.

I like these little stores as they come in handy when I forget to order eliquid. As much as I don’t mind the stuff you can pick up in petrol stations and other places, I like a good quality liquid and some of the ones you can pick up last minute for quite cheap aren’t always made in the UK… You know?

Not just that, you have the opportunity to actually go into a physical store and ask someone who works there, who knows what they are doing, what you should be buying and trying. Many of the e-cigarette shops I’ve gone into will even let me try before I buy their eliquid ranges which comes in handy. I like tobacco flavoured e-liquid but some of them are truly awful. I’ve also come to learn that many of the stores also offer taste-testing evenings where like-minded vapers get together to discuss their preferences and try each other’s kit. I’d highly recommend turning up to these nights if you get the chance. You’ll always learn something and you might just find something new you quite like.

Anyway, getting back to the point. Seeing as I’d tried more than a few bottles of this eliquid, I felt it was about time to write up the Nicogreen eliquid review.

(I have a habit of not ordering e-liquid online when I should and running to town to buy some in an emergency… All the time!) 

Mix USA (No. 72) 18mg / 1.8%

I’ll be honest, this was one of the more recent tobacco flavours I tried from Nicogreen and I really didn’t like it which doesn’t get this Nicogreen eliquid review off to a great start…

With some tobacco blends, I find they often have a weird cocoa aftertaste. If I wanted cocoa, I’d order cocoa… You know? But this one tasted weirdly like cocoa. It’s like a surprise I wasn’t expecting and didn’t ask for. Boo!

Within a few hours of using this liquid, I actually pulled my e-cig apart thinking my coil had died. It’s a really odd tobacco blend and probably not one I’d buy again just because it doesn’t taste quite right. It was difficult to distinguish what kind of flavour it was meant to be… Tobacco? Cocoa? A slight hint of caramel? I don’t know. Either way, I wasn’t a fan.

Benson & Hedges (No. 24) 18mg / 1.8%

Despite not liking the Mix USA tobacco blend from Nicogreen, I DID like the Benson & Hedges variety and found it to be a very enjoyable vape that offered a nice, smooth vaping experience. It’s a warm and heart tobacco but not too overpowering. It doesn’t have the biggest amount of throat hit so if you’re a fan of a heavy vape, you’ll probably want to go up a nicotine strength. I *almost* wish I had gone for the 24mg / 2.4%.

Slightly gruffer than a B&H Silver REAL cigarette (what I used to smoke), this is a easily a tobacco flavour I could vape with every day.

UK Gold 18mg / 1.8%

Out of all the tobacco blends I tried for this Nicogreen eliquid review, the UK Gold one is probably my favourite. It’s a really good and comfortable eliquid with a well-rounded tobacco taste. There’s no weird aftertaste and it’s not too overpowering.

Nicogreen ELiquid Review

I’d recommend this one if you’re new to the brand. I can’t imagine many people wouldn’t enjoy this easy blend.

Arctic Menthol – 18mg / 1.8%

This is a really nice menthol flavour but more ice menthol with a crisp and sharp finish than a softer, peppermint style menthol which is often sweeter and thicker.

Nicogreen Eliquid Review

Out of all the menthols we’ve tried so far from Nicogreen, this is the ‘harshest’ on the throat so I’d probably recommend going DOWN a strength. Dan would normally vape with 24mg / 2.4% but the 18mg / 1.8% was almost too strong for him with this menthol liquid.

Menthol (No. 105) – 18mg / 1.8%

Not as harsh as the Arctic Menthol, this is more a generic, soft mint-style menthol than one that will blow your socks off.

It can get a bit sickly and too much when you use it repetitively but every now and then, or when mixed in with other flavours, it’s actually really nice. I’d highly recommend this one if you want a nice, easy minty vape.

Spearmint – 18mg / 1.8%

Dan really wanted this one for a while but it was constantly unavailable in the store he went into in the strength he wanted. When they did eventually stock it, he was super excited, got it home and ripped it open to begin vaping…

Nicogreen Eliquid Review

Sadly, he was disappointed. The initial taste was that of a spearmint Polo as the name would suggest, but the flavour itself seemed to be a little short-lived. There was always a weird, sour aftertaste that just wasn’t enjoyable.

When I tried the flavour myself, I had to agree with Dan’s account. There was just something a little odd about it. You know when you can’t quite place your finger on it, but you just don’t like it anyway.

Mint Choco Chip (No. 107) – 18mg / 1.8%

This one tastes like a mint-choc-chip Vienetta – do you remember those?

Nicogreen Eliquid Review

Dan fell in love with this flavour as soon as it arrived and I’ll be honest, after smelling his vapour, I couldn’t wait to give it a try myself. Our friend, Matt, also wanted to hear more about it when he smelled it in the car.

If you’re looking for a vapour that smells lush, this one is for you!

Thankfully, it doesn’t just smell great, it tastes and vapes great too and has become a firm favourite in our household. For something a little different away from generic menthol and tobacco, this one comes highly recommended.

Forest Berries (No. 130) – 18mg / 1.8%

Not usually a one for fruity flavours, I decided to give this one a shot. Forest Berries sounds lush plus Dan likes the odd fruity treat. Thankfully, I wasn’t disappointed. This ended up being a firm favourite of mine and Dan’s and when you smell it, it actually smells very much like that Oasis Summer Fruits drink! Oh and when you vape it, it tastes like that too!

Nicogreen Eliquid Review

We have bought many bottles of this stuff now. It’s a really lovely, smooth and fruity vape with a great flavour burst when you vape with it. The vapour that comes out makes the room smell delightfully delicious too. Can’t complain! 🙂

Peppermint (No. 108) – 18mg / 1.8%

You’ll be happy to know that the Peppermint experience wasn’t quite as disappoint as the Spearmint one. This one actually tastes like Peppermint for a start and although it’s not the coolest or iciest of menthol flavours, it’s a decent one nevertheless.

Nicogreen Eliquid Review

More sweet than frosty, it doesn’t get too sickly unlike other menthol eliquids I’ve tried and I would very much recommend this one to anyone looking for a decent, well-rounded menthol vape experience.


All of the e-liquids on the Nicogreen website are made under EU conditions which means all the ingredients are heavily regulated and tested. The nicotine contained in the liquid is pharmaceutical grade and there’s more flavours than you could ever imagine. Every single flavour you could think of – it’s on offer, or you can mix two or more flavours together to recreate it.

You can buy the eliquid in so many different quantities. There are 10ml ‘sampler’ bottles on offer for about £4.99 or you can get 3 x 10ml for £12.99 and 5 x 10ml bottles for £17.99.

There are bigger bottles available – a 30ml bottle will set you back between £9.99 and £10.49 depending on the strength and flavour. This is great value for money if (like me) you tend to stick to one flavour alone and don’t mix and match too much. I like to stock up on my nicotine flavours this way, and Dan likes to stock up on his menthol. They are our two fall-back flavours and we tend to vape them on a daily basis.

For more information on Nicogreen, check out the website or pop into a physical store. You’ll find they are nice and friendly and unlike some stores I’ve been into, they actually know what they’re talking about too. If you’re ever in Medway, pop into one of their Gillingham or Chatham stores and say hi. Oh, and don’t forget to tell them I sent you! 😉

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