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No1Ejuice ELiquid Review

  • BEST FOR TOBACCO: Tobacco / USA Mix
  • BEST FOR MENTHOL: Spearmint / Menthol
  • MY FAVOURITE: Strawberry Mint
  • £ / 10ml: £1.40 (with multi-buys)
  • DISCOUNT CODE: Save 10% with this link and discount code: 9AF29B5F7140561 (You can only use the No1Ejuice discount code once so make sure you get your money’s worth!)

*Fast shipping, AMAZING value for money, great flavours, various strengths, brand names, great feedback*

Liquid available on multi-buy from No1Ejuice - click for more details.

Liquid available on multi-buy from No1Ejuice – click for more details.

I’d bought a few e-cigarettes from these guys (like the No1Ejuice EVOD Twin Kit) but hadn’t tried their e-liquids as yet. After seeing a great new deal on their website (plus using my 10% No1Ejuice discount code), I thought I’d give the e-liquids a shot and you can find out what I thought in the No1Ejuice ELiquid Review.

When I first got my package, the first thing I thought was that the bottles are exactly the same as the old Vapouriz bottles, before they made the change from a Chinese supplier to a UK one. The No1Ejuice bottles also state that they are made in “PRC” which is China. If, like me, you preferred the old Vapouriz e-liquid to the new stuff, you might want to check these out… They may be the same e-juice.

The reason I went for these e-liquids is because they are currently on sale – you can get a 5 x 10ml flavour sampler for just £7. Dan and I decided to get one each so essentially we were getting 100ml of e-liquid for just £14. Plus I used my 10% discount code which basically gave us free shipping. This is a VERY good deal, perhaps one of the best I’ve come across.

You have a few options to choose from:

  • Fancy Mix Flavour – Menthol, Cherry, Fruit Mix, Banana, Vanilla
  • Original Fruits Flavour – Pineapple, Blueberry, Strawberry, Orange, Apple
  • Tobacco Game Flavour – Virginia, Tobacco, USA Mix, RY4, Gold & Silver
  • Fresh Touch Flavour – Menthol, Mojito, Spearmint, Lemon, Strawberry Mint
  • Juicy Fruits Flavour – Watermelon, Mango, Grape, Peach, Litchi

First of all – they do the Strawberry Mint that I mentioned in the Vapouriz ELiquid Review – the one that they had discontinued when they changed to the UK supplier. Just so you know, it’s exactly the same as the old one I was missing. I’m telling you – the No1Ejuice e-liquid supplier is the same as the old Vapouriz one!

The No1Ejuice eliquid I’ve tried so far:

No1Ejuice ELiquid Review

Obviously, as I try new ones I shall update this with the new information. You’ll find out on Facebook first so why not like the page while you’re here? 😉

These are the different e-liquids I’ve tried so far and what I thought about them.

Tobacco 2.4%

This is one of my favourite tobacco flavours to smoke, and it was my favourite when Vapouriz used to sell it as well. I’m basically one hundred percent sure that these are the same liquids I used to smoke so from now on, I think this is where I will be buying them from. Although they are a Chinese brand, they are some of the best flavours I’ve ever tried, provide the cleanest and nicest smokes, and don’t make me cough like I had some sort of chest infection. I can’t rave about these enough.

If you’re looking for a tobacco e-juice that tastes realistic, this is the one to go for.

Virginia 2.4%

If you enjoy smoking roll-up cigarettes, you’ll like the Virginia e-liquid. I guess it’s meant to mimic Golden Virginia and it’s not far off.

It’s gruffer than the Tobacco flavour, and it provides a much more heartier smoke. It’s rich in flavour and although it’s a bit too much for me to smoke all the time (Tobacco is my every day liquid), I really enjoy it from time to time.

RY4 2.4%

Like the Virginia flavour, this one has a heartier, deeper flavour to it than the generic Tobacco one. It also has a really nice tang to the aftertaste – it’s hard to describe but I quite like it. It’s got a slightly different tobacco edge to it and I would highly recommend giving it a try. Again, too much for me to smoke every day (although if I dropped down to 1.8% strength I would probably be OK), this is a liquid I really like smoking every now and then.

Gold & Silver 2.4%

I’m going to be honest, I really dislike e-liquids with a weird colour to them and the Gold & Silver juice was just too much of a toxic yellow colour for me to enjoy smoking. As soon as I removed the plastic from around the bottle, I could see it and when I smoked it, I disliked it even more.

I got very little throat hit from this e-liquid and although it provided quite a bit of vapour, there was something mixing from it. I’m not a fan – I like to taste more than just air when I vape.

I’d probably avoid this one. It has a weird taste, a weird colour and it doesn’t smoke right. Not for me anyway.

USA Mix 2.4%

This one is very much like the generic Tobacco flavour from No1Ejuice but with a slightly deeper hit to it. It’s a nice smoke with just the right amount of throat hit and vapour, and I probably use this one the most aside from Tobacco.

If you’re looking for a tobacco flavour sampler, this is perfect for new vaper’s and those looking for a new e-juice supplier. There was only one in the pack that I didn’t like (but for the price, it hardly matters) and I just gave it to a friend that actually quite liked it. That’s the thing – everyone has different tastes so trying five tobacco flavours at once is a great idea.

Menthol 2.4%

This is a very generic menthol flavour and a great one to start off with if you’re not sure whether or not you’ll like it. In my experience, even those that never smoked menthol regular cigarettes enjoy menthol e-liquids and this is a great one to start with – not too sharp or icy, not too deep, it doesn’t make you cough or your throat feel like it has been numbed.

I’d recommend this one to everyone!

Mojito 2.4%

Tried it, didn’t like it, gave it to Dan’s mother and awaiting her verdict. It’s too much going on in one bottle for my liking – there are too many things to taste at once. It’s a bit icy, a bit fruity, a bit alcoholic aftertaste-y… It was too much for me. I shall let you know what she thinks!

Lemon 2.4%

I don’t like lemon full stop so I knew I wouldn’t like this one. It’s not a bad taste; a pretty good replica of lemon and Dan seemed to quite like it. He mixed it with Menthol to give it a real hit and his vapour smelt a little bit like lemonade. He said it tasted a bit like lemonade too.

Spearmint 2.4%

This No1Ejuice liquid tastes exactly like spearmint Polos! The hit itself isn’t too icy, it’s more of a softer hit than some I’ve tried, and it’s a really pleasant smoke with a nice amount of throat hit and vapour. Plus the vapour smells really good too, again just like spearmint Polos!

Strawberry Mint 2.4%

I’m almost one hundred percent sure that this is the same stuff I used to smoke before Vapouriz changed supplier and I will admit that this is one of my favourites. It tastes so much like strawberry cheesecake and the vapour smells beautiful as well. If you’re looking to try something different, I’d highly recommend this e-juice – it’s got enough sweetness to satisfy your craving, but with the mint, it takes away that sickly-sweet that you get with liquids like the Vapouriz Pink Fizz (strawberry and champagne).

E-Liquid Bottle

Sadly, these don’t have the needle-tipped bottles that Best4Ecigs offer but they are the same bottle-type so you can take the needle-tips off the Best4Ecigs bottles and put them right on the No1Ejuice bottles with no problems. I’ve started doing this, and I’d probably suggest that you keep any of the thinner bottle tips. If they don’t fit the other bottles of the new e-juice you’re using, you can always just pour them in the better bottles.


I’ve had no problems at all with this e-liquid and when Vapouriz used to sell it, I never had any compatibility issues. It’s only been since they changed to the new supplier that I’ve had the problem.

I’ve used this liquid in a number of different e-cigs such as the Jac Vapour Series-E, the Kangertech EVOD, the Vapouriz Fuse and more and up to now, there have been no problems whatsoever.

Why Should You Buy No1Ejuice E-Liquid?

No1Ejuice ELiquid Review

Aside from being cheap, I’ve always found these to be great quality and like I’ve said a few times now, I’m sure these are the old Vapouriz ones. The throat hit and vapour that you get from these are consistent and enough to satisfy your cravings and I’ve never really had a bad word to say about them.

I got next day delivery with these, even after the Christmas and New Year craziness and there are so many flavours to pick from, as well as five different strengths.

I’d highly recommend checking them out. If you like the No1Ejuice ELiquid Review, why not take a peek at some of these too:

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