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OK E-Cig Starter Kit Review

OK E-Cig Starter Kit Review

It has been a VERY long time since I’ve used a cigalike. Well, unless you count the My Vaping History video. I delved right into the bottom of vape box of tricks, pulling out some of the ‘antiques’ I’ve accumulated over the years, and there were more than a few of these ‘cigalikes’ in there. In case you haven't seen it, you can find that video here > My Vaping History on Youtube. Recently, however, a company called OK E-Cig (or OK E-Cigarettes) got in touch with me, asking if I would like to try some of their cigalikes.…

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Summary : It's been a long time since I used a cigalike, but I was actually quite impressed with this one. Check out the OK E-Cig Starter Kit review for more details ...

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It has been a VERY long time since I’ve used a cigalike. Well, unless you count the My Vaping History video. I delved right into the bottom of vape box of tricks, pulling out some of the ‘antiques’ I’ve accumulated over the years, and there were more than a few of these ‘cigalikes’ in there. In case you haven’t seen it, you can find that video here > My Vaping History on Youtube.

Recently, however, a company called OK E-Cig (or OK E-Cigarettes) got in touch with me, asking if I would like to try some of their cigalikes. If you’ve been following me for a while, you’ll know I live with (and date) a smoker who is trying to quit. He’s tried a few of my vape devices, but hasn’t really had the greatest success with them. He did like the Vype ePen (even though I didn’t), and he also seems to quite the Aspire PockeX as he tries to delve into the sub ohm world. He does like the look of cigalikes though, and I sometimes forget that a lot of people rely on these seemingly older style vapes to quit the fags. Mister best-ecig said that he would probably find it easier to stop smoking and start vaping if he were to start on those.

OK E-Cigarette Starter Kit Review

Who Are OK E-Cig? 

OK E-Cig is not the same company as OKCigs. I think people confuse the two quite a lot, which is a shame. I wasn’t the biggest fan of OKCigs products, especially their eliquids. I also found their cigalikes to be a bit … blah. You know – generic. Crap, really. In my personal experience, there were only a few cigalikes that I would actually have spent my money on.

OK E-Cig Starter Kit Review

This brand is online-based, but you can buy their products in a number of shops and supermarkets, including Asda and Morrisons. They’re actually in the top 10 ecigarette brands for the UK, but I’m going to be honest and admit I hadn’t heard of them before they got in touch with me. From what I can make out, they are based in Devon, and all of their stuff is TPD-compliant. With a number of vape tanks, and also e-liquids, they strike me as a bit of a beginners port of call. There’s nothing overly fussy or complicated on the website, with only cigalikes and EGO vape pens on offer, as well as refill cartridges, e-liquids, and other e-cig accessories.

My package consisted of the basic cigalike kit – the focus of this OK E-Cig Starter Kit review – as well as a few different flavoured cartridge refills.

OK E-Cig Starter Kit Review 

The kit is £6, so it’s really not going to break the bank. In fact, in terms of price, the entire OK E-Cig website isn’t bad. Starter kits range from the cheapest cigalike (£6), to the OK EGO Vape Pen Starter Kit Plus (£17). There are only three starters kits on the site – the cigalike starter kit, and two EGO starter kits, one with a 650 mAh battery, and one with a 1,000 mAh battery.

OK E-Cig Starter Kit Review

And, sticking with the price, the e-liquid isn’t overly expensive either, with a 10 ml bottle costing just £3.50. You can buy a pack of 12 x 10 ml bottles for £30, 4 bottles for £12, and 8 bottles for £22, with 16 different flavours to pick from.

Back to the starter kit, and these are the box contents:

  • 1 x Battery (K1 battery – 180 mAh) 
  • 1 x USB charger
  • 1 x Plastic carry case 
  • 1 x Tobacco cartridge refill (1.2% / 12 mg – ‘Medium’) 
  • 1 x Tobacco cartridge refill (1.8% / 18 mg – ‘High’) 

For £6, you get quite a bit. I remember when these bad-boys first came out and I was spending £30/40 plus on a kit that wasn’t too dissimilar to this. I actually quit smoking and vaping entirely for a while, using these cigalikes. I used them to wean myself away from nicotine, starting with 2.4%, before dropping to 1.8%, 1.2%, 0.6%, and then eventually, 0%. At that point, I just had the vaping habit itself to give up, and the entire process took me about eight months, or thereabouts. I managed to keep off everything – the cigarettes and e-cigarettes – for close to two years. That’s when I started smoking again, after a big breakup (and move from the other side of the world back to the UK). You know – stressful situation stuff. I only smoked for a while, perhaps about a year, before I started vaping again, and I’ve been vaping ever since.

I can personally vouch for these cigalikes. They’re not the most advanced product on the market, but they certainly do the job, when you find a brand you like, of course.


As with most cigalikes, the battery has the tiniest capacity when compared to some of the bigger devices. You’re whacking 2 x 3000 mAh batteries in something like the Wismec Predator 228 (my latest mod), whereas this, being smaller, only has one 180 mAh battery.

OK E-Cig Starter Kit Review

I generally found that 100 mAh is roughly equivalent to about an hour’s worth of somewhat regular vaping, when you’re using an e-cigarette like this. Therefore, I would suggest this would give you a couple of hours of pretty regular vaping before it needed re-juicing. It all depends on how you use it though. I work from home so I definitely vape a lot more than most people I know, who only get the chance to fit in cheeky vapes when their bosses aren’t looking at work. If you were going to use this OK E-Cig starter kit in place of cigarettes, I would say that a couple of batteries would see you through the day. You won’t ever survive on one battery alone. What will you use when you’re charging your one battery up? That’s why you need at least two.

OK E-Cig Starter Kit Review

I used it fairly regularly when it turned up, and I think it gave me just over 2 and a half hours of use. For a battery that is, when you think about, tiny, it actually packs quite a punch.

It takes about two hours to charge the battery from empty to full again, and the charger is small and compact, everything nicely fitting together in the plastic carry case. The case is smaller than your average cigarette packet, and you can fit your e-cig, your charger, and a spare battery OR a couple of spare cartridge refills. If you have your e-cig in your hand, you could fit spare cartridge refills and a spare battery in there, keeping everything together and compact.

OK E-Cig Starter Kit Review

You get an 180 mAh battery with the OK E-Cig Starter Kit, but you can buy yourself an extra one for just £3. If 180 mAh isn’t enough for you, you can buy yourself an upgraded K2 Ultra battery, giving you an extra 100 mAh (280 mAh), at just over 1 cm longer. The K2 is £5, and it uses the same charger.

As a final note, the smaller K1 battery glows with a red LED tip, and the longer, bigger capacity K2 battery glows with a blue tip. As well as my starter kit, I also received two spare K2 batteries. They DID give me approximately an hour more than the smaller batteries, with that regular chain-puffing.

So far, the batteries have been pretty impressive. I’ve only been using mine for a few weeks, on and off, and I’ve had no complaints so far. According to the website, these batteries should last you between 8 to 12 months before they need replacing. I’ll let you know how Mister best-ecig and I get on with our ones!

Oh, the charger isn’t labelled. Annoying. What if I were to accidentally plug in a different battery, with a different voltage or whatever, and I blew myself up? Do you know how many chargers I have here? Do you? I’ve got so many of them, I’ve started giving them out to people as free gifts just for coming to my house.


Cartridges / Cartridge Refills 

The starter kit gives you one high and one medium cartridge refill – 12 mg or 1.3%, and 18mg or 1.8%. You can also get nicotine-free, menthol (as well as tobacco), Extra-High and (20 mg or 2.0%). They range in price, with multi-packs saving you money (obviously), but you can buy a pack of 5 cartridge refills for £6. How long would a cartridge refill last you? I’d say about a day, give or take, dependant on how much you vape with it. I used my OK E-Cigarette Starter Kit for a few days, giving it a fair shot, before passing it on to Mister best-ecig to try, and I went through between 1.5 to 2 cartridge refills per day. You do need to remember, however, that I work from home and I chain-vape for huge chunks of my day. What else is there to do when you’re sat in front of the laptop all day, tapping away?

OK E-Cig Starter Kit Review

The cartridge refills come individually sealed, with plastic / rubber stoppers at the top and bottom, to prevent all the flavour from leaking. They’re pretty standard looking, to be fair, a white battery and a ‘filter’ coloured tip, designed to look like a regular cigarette. These are great for those who want to use vaping to quit smoking but don’t want to walk around with a massive electronic gadget in their back pockets. As much as I love vaping, and all the vape toys that come with it, even I can admit that things are bordering on ridiculous with some of the designs now. I scratch my head and wonder, why? Why would you want your vape to do so much stuff?!

How do they taste? 

Well, not bad actually. I think the flavours in these cigalikes have come a long way. They’re not quite as plastic as they once were. I popped the circular, white, plastic top off the cartridge refill to have a look inside, and it’s the same as most other cigalikes – the filler material wrapped around the centre tube. Just for the record, it probably voids your warranty and all, but you can totally refill these cartridge refills with your own liquid. That’s what I used to do when cartridge refills were all you could get. Buying them time and time again proved to be so expensive, so once I’d started to run out of full ones, I used to buy a bottle of liquid, pop the tops off, and then spend a few minutes dripping 10-15 ejuice drips into the filler material. It saved me a small fortune! OK E-Cig also sells eliquid, for the record, and I would definitely recommend that you take a peek. Once you’ve finished with the cartridge refill there’s nothing to stop you from refilling them yourself.

Don’t tell them I told you that though … obviously.

The tobacco flavour is actually quite a nice one, sweet and not bitter, and very smooth too. I particularly liked High – 1.8% / 18 mg. It had just the right combination of flavour and throat hit, I felt, and considering I’ve not used a cigalike in years, I actually found myself quite liking this one. It’s not something that would work for me full-time now, but I can agree it’s a great product.

OK E-Cig Starter Kit Review

Medium strength – 1.2% / 12 mg –  was a little too wishy-washy for my liking, just because I prefer more of that throat hit, but that just means I would be better suited to a higher strength, at least to start with. The flavour was still pretty good. All in all, I’m still impressed.

OK E-Cig Starter Kit Review

I liked the fact that the menthol cartridge refills were white, so you couldn’t get them mixed up. Not that I think you’d have a problem with that, you can smell the menthol smack in the face as soon as you open the box up. It’s quite eucalyptus-y, I think, but it’s not unpleasant. Quite sweet, with a warm inhale / icy exhale, I actually think it tastes like a menthol-tobacco, rather than just a menthol on its own. Bizarrely, I really liked this. I wouldn’t usually go for menthol flavours, but the gruffness of the tobacco, mixed in with the sweet and icy menthol, reminded me very much of the capsule / button cigarettes I used to smoke.

I had five of the menthol 18 mg cartridges and I’ve used them all.

Mister best-ecig also liked the tobacco flavours on these and said they were better tasting than some of the tobacco liquids I’ve been forcing him to try lately. He didn’t like the menthol ones so much, but he wouldn’t usually smoke a menthol cigarette so there’s no surprise there.

OK E-Cig Starter Kit Review – Conclusion 

For the price, I actually think this is a decent little kit that offers a decent little vape. Obviously, if you’re using something massive like the Aspire Archon right now, this is not going to suit you. It’s going to be a definite step-down from what you’re used to. If you’re new to vaping, on the other hand, or you just want something to get you to cut down on the fags, I actually think this would make a really good substitute.

OK E-Cig Starter Kit Review

For a cigalike, even I liked it. And I haven’t really liked a cigalike in a long time.

Obviously, being only tiny, this isn’t going to give you masses of vapour. It doesn’t. It gives you little wafts of vapour, much like a cigarette would. Well, perhaps a little less.

Would I buy the OK E-Cig Starter Kit again? Well, probably not, although Mister best-ecig has used it intermittently and continues to do so. Mostly when he can’t be bothered to run to the shop and get cigarettes … 😉 It’s too small for me now, and it doesn’t offer enough oomph. But that’s because I’m running around with a Wismec Predator 228 in my hands, and no, I won’t shut up about it.

Would I recommend the OK E-Cig Starter Kit to you? Yes, I would. If you’re new to the world of vaping, or you want an easy and convenient kit to throw in the glove box of the car for emergencies, this is a really cute, compact and decent little kit. It does what it says on the tin, and it does so rather well. No hissing, no gurgling, no dud batteries and no faulty cartridges. It just works … even after I’ve dropped it on the floor a bunch of times.

For a cigalike, I’m massively impressed. Definitely worth a buy if you spot it in Asda!

I’m going to rate the OK E-Cig Starter Kit review with 5 stars out of 5 for what it is – a cigalike. It’s one of the best cigalikes I’ve tried in a long time.

You can find OK E-Cig in the following places:

OK E-Cig Starter Kit Review

*Prices & information correct at time of writing.

HONESTY POLICY: My OK E-Cig haul – the Starter Kit, K2 batteries, and the cartridge refills – were sent to me for review by OK E-Cig. I did not pay for these products. I was not paid for my review, and I will not be paid for my review. All opinions are mine, and in no way influenced by the brand / manufacturer.


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