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OK Electronic Cigarettes Review

OK Electronic Cigarettes Review

Starter Kit Price: £14.99 Battery Cost: £7.98 E-Liquid Cost: £4.98 / 10ml Cartridge Refill Cost: £9.98 for 3 x refills Money Back Guarantee: 14 Days (Battery & Charger) Charger Options: USB, Car, Wall Battery Life: Unknown (Didn't use for long enough) Free Delivery: Unknown (Seems on all orders?) Discount Code: Use this link and OK Electronic Cigarettes discount code: ok10ok to get 10% off!  I’ll be honest, I’m not the biggest fan of these cig-a-like style e-cigarettes. I find them too fickle, too unreliable, and generally, not quite good enough for what I’m looking for as an ‘experienced’ e-cig user. Now don’t get me wrong, there are some really great…

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Summary : I found a couple of pretty impressive OKCigs discount codes recently so thought I’d give them a try for myself. I find that it’s always good to have these mini rechargeable kits or disposables around for when you run out of e-liquid / waiting for a new battery or cartomiser to arrive / have some sort of e-cigarette related emergency. So try them I did, and now you can see what I thought in the OK Cigs rechargeable review! 

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  • Starter Kit Price: £14.99
  • Battery Cost: £7.98
  • E-Liquid Cost: £4.98 / 10ml
  • Cartridge Refill Cost: £9.98 for 3 x refills
  • Money Back Guarantee: 14 Days (Battery & Charger)
  • Charger Options: USB, Car, Wall
  • Battery Life: Unknown (Didn’t use for long enough)
  • Free Delivery: Unknown (Seems on all orders?)
  • Discount Code: Use this link and OK Electronic Cigarettes discount code: ok10ok to get 10% off! 

I’ll be honest, I’m not the biggest fan of these cig-a-like style e-cigarettes. I find them too fickle, too unreliable, and generally, not quite good enough for what I’m looking for as an ‘experienced’ e-cig user. Now don’t get me wrong, there are some really great brands out there for these classic two-piece style electronic cigarettes with the long white battery, and the cartridges that look like the filter of a real cigarette, but sadly, as you’ll soon see from the OK Electronic Cigarettes Review, this brand isn’t one of them…

Unlike the Smoko starter kit which I actually really liked, the OKCigs Rechargeable didn’t live up to standards as far as I’m concerned. As soon as the little packet arrived on my doorstop, I was prepared to be disappointed. After all, when you get everything in such a funky little tin like the ones offered by Smoko, this cardboard little packaging just isn’t really what I’d expect. Especially seeing as you can currently get that particular Smoko kit for just under a tenner (with my exclusive discount code, check the ECigarette Discount Codes page for more information!), paying £14.99 for this just wasn’t right.

OKCigs Rechargeable 80 Gold – £14.99

OK Electronic Cigarettes Review

With the kit you get basically everything you need to try it for a couple of days but if you’re thinking long term, this isn’t enough. As the name suggests, the small starter pack is said to give you enough to keep you going for the same period of time as 80 cigarettes…. I’m not sure whether or not I believed this was the case but I can say this – I didn’t try the e-cig for long enough to find out how long it would last.

After looking around at some of the other review sites on the internet, and from asking the few friends I did know that had tried this e-cig brand, it doesn’t sound like the kit will last for 80 cigarettes at all. You might get 20 out of it if you’re lucky, which basically says this £14.99 kit will last you for just the one day.

It would be cheaper to smoke regular cigarettes!

The starter kit gives you one battery which is TINY! Again, compared to other brands, it just doesn’t live up to the expectations set by the bigger and better brands which I found very disappointing when you consider the price. You also get two cartridge refills, and one USB charger which all comes together in the tiny cardboard box with the shrink-wrapping that took me FOREVER to get off!

Cartridge Refills

With my kit I bagged myself two of the Gold Tobacco cartridges which are around 3% nicotine. Apparently, this is a good starting point to find the right strength for you but if most people generally start out at about 2.4% maximum, 1.8% being the most common for a regular 20-a-day smoker.

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OK Electronic Cigarettes Review

The cartridge refill twisted easily onto the battery but for some reason, there was a rattling sound coming from within it. I couldn’t work out if something had become dislodged within the battery or the cartridge but there was definitely a rattle and it really irritated me.

Moving onto the flavour and I must say, I wasn’t impressed again. I’m sorry OK Electronic Cigarettes, but have you ever tasted these?

I wouldn’t say that the cartridges I had tasted like Gold Tobacco. In fact, for 3.0% I was surprised that I barely got any flavour out of it all. I thought about refilling the cartridge with some of my own e-liquid just to see if that would make a difference (sometimes the cartridge stuff just doesn’t taste right and when you refill with your favourite liquid, all is right with the world again) but I couldn’t really be bothered. I lost interest in this electronic cigarette within moments of starting using it.

There aren’t many flavours / strengths available on the OKCigs website, and from what I can gather, these are what you can make your choices from when it comes to the starter kit:

  • Menthol Light (1.5%)
  • Menthol Bold (4.5%)
  • [Tobacco] Light (1.5%) 
  • [Tobacco] Gold (3%)
  • [Tobacco] Bold (4.5%)

In short, that’s two flavours – menthol or regular tobacco, and only a handful of strengths to make your pick from. Plus the website is really hard to navigate. Just take a peek at the rechargeable kits and you’ll have an idea what I mean.

It doesn’t appear this OK Electronic Cigarettes Review is going very well, does it?

When it comes to the time you need to buy refill cartridges for your OKCigs rechargeable, good luck! The website was so confusing, it’s not easy to understand what you’re actually looking for right from the beginning, and I spent quite a while trawling through the page before I realised how they were laid out in front of me.

You can buy the cartridge refills in packs of three, or five packs of three and they cost £9.98 and £44.90 respectively. When you consider that you’ll be going through two to three cartridge refills in a day (most cig-a-likes say that you’ll get more but most require at least two cartridges to see an average smoker through the day), again, it would probably work out cheaper just to smoke.

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OK Electronic Cigarettes Review

You could, of course, refill your own cartridges which is something I heavily recommend if you’re going for these older two-piece designs. You’ll save a small fortune, for a start, and you’ll have much more when it comes down to control in picking the various strengths and flavours of the liquid you smoke.


Now this is the one thing that OK Cigs does seem to have going for it. So far this OK Electronic Cigarettes Review doesn’t appear to be going very well but there are a few redeeming features on the website.

OK Electronic Cigarettes Review

For a start, OK Electronic Cigarettes boasts some of the strongest e-liquids I’ve ever seen in the industry. If you’re looking for a seriously strong smoke, this is the right place to get your liquids from. Plus, I have exclusive OK Electronic Cigarettes discount codes for you to use so you can even make things even cheaper.

I’ll put more information in the OKCigs ELiquid Review, so feel free to take a peek, but for now, all I will say is that I was actually impressed with the e-liquids I tried and for those that are satisfied with the other liquids that you’ve tried, I suggest you take a peek at the heavy duty OKCigs ones.

Throat Hit & Vapour

Now, with the cartridges, I kept finding a very odd plastic taste whenever I used the e-cig. I hate the cheaply made designs because they always have this horrible plastic aftertaste and this one was no exception to the rule. I also felt the whole thing was too flimsy made so when I inhaled, there were too many rattling bits and airless for me to get a decent ‘drag’ out of it. It does seem to produce plenty of vapour, which is nice, but not ideal for discreet vaping whilst out and about.

The e-liquid was a different story entirely, however. Once again, this was the one thing that lifted my spirits. There was plenty of both throat hit and vapour from the tobacco flavoured e-liquids I tried, and although the 4.5% was DEFINITELY too strong for me, and the 3.0% one was just about bearable, I feel this is a brand that very heavy smokers would enjoy using, for the e-liquid at least.


Now although the e-cigarette is the same sort of length as other e-cigarettes, the battery is deceptively small! The cartridge has an extra white bit attached to it (which you can see in the photos above) which means it makes the whole thing look longer than it actually is.

OK Electronic Cigarettes Review

Sadly, this means one thing as far as I am concerned – poor battery life. As I’ve mentioned previously, I didn’t use the e-cig long enough to see how long the battery lasts but from what I’ve been told and read, it doesn’t look like they last very long at all. Also, the constant re-charging will mean the battery will give up the ghost completely much quicker than bigger, stronger, more heavy-duty batteries, and you’ll find yourself replacing them more often.

OK Electronic Cigarettes Review

All in all, I wouldn’t say this was good news, would you?

If you did want to buy spare or extra batteries for your OKCigs rechargeable, you can do so at £7.98 each. Plus you can choose from either blue lights or red lights at the tip. May I suggest that you always go with the blue lighted ones? The red ones will make it look like you’re actually smoking a genuine cigarette and that can cause some pretty nasty social situations.

Customer Services & Extras

The one thing I will say about OK Electronic Cigarettes is that their customer services have always been very good to me. I’ve called them a total of twice with various questions and problems with the e-cigarette itself, and they’ve always be very friendly, helpful and eager to help me. Sadly, you can’t base a review on the helpful guys on the end of the phone…

You will earn loyalty points on everything that you buy and you’ll get 2996 when you spend £14.99 on one of the rechargeable starter kits. Plus you can pay by Paypal which is always handy. I’m a big fan!

Are OK Electronic Cigarettes The Best?

Erm… No, not really.

The plastic taste, the rattling bits, the poor throat hit and inconsistent smoke was just too disappointing for me to continue using the e-cig for longer than about an hour. I just found that it was too much hassle and I kept trying to screw the cartridge on and off the battery in case there was threading out of place or something like that. It wasn’t, it’s just not a great made e-cigarette.

OKCigs Rechargeable Review

Now although the OK Electronic Cigarettes Review doesn’t seem to be all that positive, many people have said both to me and on various websites I’ve been on, that this is the WORST e-cig to go for on the website, and actually, this e-cig isn’t a great representation of the brand itself. The e-liquid, for example, was delightful to smoke and I feel many people would enjoy using it. The e-cig that OKCigs DOES seem to get a lot of praise for is the EVOD kit, and when you consider that you’re getting what could be described as two whole e-cigarettes with the tank-style cartomisers and the 650mAh battery (which should last for up to six or seven hours or regular use) for just under £30, it might be worth considering that one instead.

Why waste £14.99 when you could spend just £30 and get something bigger, better and apparently a whole load more reliable?

I guess what I’m trying to say is that I found the OK Electronic Cigarettes Review just too depressing to rate it any higher than one star out of five. If it’s a cig-a-like you’re looking for, go for the Smoko starter kit instead, and if you’re going to stick with OKCigs, opt for the EVOD kit instead of the mini rechargeable.

Plus, don’t forget that you can save 10% off site-wide with the OK Electronic Cigarettes discount code: ok10ok and this link. They won an award for their e-cigs back in 2014… Maybe this one just isn’t the best one?

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