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Pioneer IPV6X 215W TC Box Mod Review

Pioneer IPV6X 215W TC Box Mod Review

I’m going to be honest, this review has taken me the longest time to do. I was going to do a video review but I honestly couldn’t find anything nice to say about it, so I passed it along to Dan and forgot all about it. I figured I should probably review it for you, so I’ve grabbed it back (slightly bashed up), and I'm going to tell you what I think about it. It's time for the Pioneer IPV6X 215w TC Box Mod review ... I’ll be honest about things up front, this is not a good review.…

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Summary : I really wasn't a fan of this big and bulky vape, and you can find out why in this Pioneer IPV6X 215W TC Box Mod review ...

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I’m going to be honest, this review has taken me the longest time to do. I was going to do a video review but I honestly couldn’t find anything nice to say about it, so I passed it along to Dan and forgot all about it. I figured I should probably review it for you, so I’ve grabbed it back (slightly bashed up), and I’m going to tell you what I think about it. It’s time for the Pioneer IPV6X 215w TC Box Mod review …

I’ll be honest about things up front, this is not a good review. It’s nowhere near good. In fact, it’s going to be pretty bad.

Pioneer IPV6X 215W TC Box Mod Review

I can’t seem to find this box mod anywhere for sale now. It seems that there was a “voluntary recall” of it. According to the reports and websites I found, when the batteries were inserted incorrectly, there was no reverse battery protection and the device would automatically fire up at 200w. I must say that I haven’t come across this issue, but I haven’t inserted the batteries incorrectly either. But that would explain why I can no longer find this it for sale.

Pioneer IPV6X 215W TC Box Mod Review

First Impressions

I haven’t really tried that many box mods, so I haven’t got much to compare it to when it comes to good and bad. That’s what I thought anyway. That was until the Pioneer IPV6X 215W TC Box Mod turned up. Then I realised that there was a very big difference between good and bad. Good and bad are probably the wrong terms to use, because I know there are some vapers out there that would fall in love with this device, but, even though Dan used it for quite a long time as a fairly regular vape device, even he admitted that it really wasn’t as good as some of the others we’d been trying lately. Both Dan and I had purchased different Kangertech starter kits, and I’d been playing around with things like the Aspire Archon too … I was starting to get a good feel for what I liked and I didn’t like in a box mod style vaporiser. It wasn’t very long before I realised this device ticked all of the boxes in the wrong list – the things I didn’t like.

The first thing I hated about it – I’m pretty sure it’s the heaviest device I’ve ever seen. Like, actually the heaviest vaporiser I’ve ever felt. It’s surprisingly heavy. Old fashioned heavy. In fact, when it comes to appearances, that’s definitely what I would call it – old fashioned. It looks like something that should have been created many years. Like a mark one version of something. Not something to be used and vaped with in 2017.

It’s a rounded-rectangle shape, and the front is home to the OLED screen, as well as the + and – minus that would change the wattage up and down. Speaking of variable wattage, it can do from 10w to 200w. You could use it with a 1.5 ohm coil in your tank for MTL vaping, and then you could switch up the tank, or the coil, for a 0.5 ohm coil for a good sub-ohm vape. In its defence, it’s pretty versatile.

Pioneer IPV6X 215W TC Box Mod Review

But let’s just go back to those + and – buttons on the front of the device – I hit them regularly. They’re quite easy to depress, and when the vaporiser is in my pocket or bag, the wattage regularly turns up and down. I don’t always think to check and end up with that foul tasting burnt taste in my mouth.

There’s also a temperature control option which I don’t understand yet. I’m not about that yet. I haven’t done enough research into it to play around enough. But for those of you who are interested, this one can handle 100 to 300 centigrade, or 212 to 572 fahrenheit. You can use stainless steel, titanium and Ni200 nickel coils. It can take 0.15 ohm to 1.5 ohm coils, and is a regular 510 connector. Mine works with the Vapour2 Trinity tank, the tank from my Kangertech Nano Topbox, and my soon-to-be-here Aspire Cleito Exo. Keep your eyes peeled for the review!


You’ll need 2 x 18650 batteries for this big boy, and you insert the batteries from the bottom. It’s got a spring-loaded bit that slots into place, but it has a habit of coming open and releasing the batteries. They’ve come out in my pocket, in my bag, and even in my hands a couple of times. I don’t think it’s designed well. That’s actually a really irritating design flaw. And a dangerous one too – imagine the batteries rolling around in the bottom of your handbag because they fell out of your Pioneer IPV6X 215W TC Box Mod. What a stupid design!

(I even went as far as to tape the slot shut at one point, but then the box mod just looked like crap!)

You don’t get batteries with it, but you may already have some of those at home. If not, I can personally recommend Vaping Outlaws Vape Cell batteries. I bought them to go with my Kangertech Nano Topbox and I’ve used them in basically every device I’ve owned since. I’ve also used the XXX Extreme Vaping Power batteries, sent to me by ECigaretteDirect to go with my Aspire Archon too. Once again, I haven’t really played around with enough of these 18650 batteries to know which ones are “good” or “bad”, but I do know that I’ve had no problems with the ones I’ve used. In case you want some advice on these batteries from someone who knows a little more than me, I can personally recommend ….

Pioneer IPV6X 215W TC Box Mod Review

The button placement – you click the main button five times fast to turn it on – is great. It’s where your thumb would sit along the natural flat side of the box, making it easy to both find and press when you want to use it. I hate it when you need to spend forever searching for a button before you can eventually vape. In fact, it’s enough to put me off using a device entirely. Once again, in its defence, the button placement is simple and works well. You can find the button and use it with ease.

I’ll be honest, this device DOES work. It does everything that it says on the tin. It vapes well. It works every time I want to use it, and its powerful too. It seems to last me forever. When I’m MTL vaping with it, the batteries will last me a good couple of days. Even when I’m sub ohm vaping with it, it lasts for the best part of a day. It’s a really good device if you want something powerful and versatile. There I said it.

You can update the software and all sorts with this device, but I haven’t used it long enough for that, and I probably won’t. It’s just so heavy, and also so big too. It’s big, bulky, simple and really old fashioned. With the exception of being a pretty powerful vape and being a pretty decent colour, I can’t actually find anything else positive to say about it. It’s hard to find something positive to say about something that weighs about the same as a house brick, with batteries that spring out and surprise you whenever they feel like it.

Oh, and while I’m on a moaning roll, let’s talk about the bashed-up-ness. I have owned my Kangertech Nano Topbox for almost a year, I’m sure, and it still looks virtually as good as it did on the first day that I received it. And let me tell you – that thing has been thrown around something chronic. This thing though, this horrid Pioneer box mod … The paint easily picks, peels and bashes off, and it takes nothing at all for the metal to look scuffed up. I have also read reports of some people experiencing the plastic on the front of the screen breaking loose. That hasn’t happened to me, but from what I can work out, it’s happened to at least two or three other vapers. How disappointing. What a pile of crap.

Pioneer IPV6X 215W TC Box Mod Review

Pioneer IPV6X 215W TC Box Mod – In Conclusion

I can only rate the Pioneer IPV6X 215W TC Box Mod with 2 stars out of 5. That’s because it worked – it was relatively reliable and does everything it says on the tin. Oh, and it has a half decent design when it comes to one of the button’s placement also. The size, shape and weight of it though … I couldn’t overlook that. Nor could I overlooked the fact that it got bashed up in no time at all, and that the bottom battery cover kept popping open, dropping my batteries all over the place.

I just hated it. It’s not a device I would recommend, nor is it one I will use for long. I’d probably use it as a backup, if that. It’s too heavy for me to want to take it out of the house. Plus it looks awful. Have I said that enough times yet?

Have you used the Pioneer IPV6X 215W TC Box Mod? Did you buy it? Did you like it? Am I being overdramatic with my concerns about how much it weighs? Or what it looks / feels like? I’d love to know your thoughts. Feel free to leave them in the comments below, or get in touch via my social media pages. It’s definitely not a device I’m going to be using on a regular basis, but if Dan used it for a while, I’m sure there are people who could handle a device as big, bulky and as heavy as this one. Let me know!

(I also want to know if you experienced the same problems that I did with it, and / or if you sent yours back after the “voluntary recall”.)

Honest Policy: The Pioneer IPV6X 215W TC Box Mod was sent to me by Cigabuy. I did not purchase this device. My review was not paid for, and my opinion is just that – my opinion. My review is honest, and not swayed by the brand / manufacturer.

I must apologise to them for taking so long to write it. It’s no longer available on their website, but I do recommend taking a peek. They are based in China, so I had concerns about the authenticity of the device to start with. They assured me that they were a 100% genuine company, selling only 100% genuine branded parts. I received all the appropriate bits of authenticity paper in my box, so I have no reason to believe they are a website I can’t trust. The only thing I will say is that, being based in China, it can take quite a long time for anything you order to be delivered.

If you want to check out Cigabuy, you can find them here. Big thanks to them for sending me this device – they weren’t to know it was going to be recalled!

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