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Pocket Fuel Cherry Pie Eliquid Review

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I’ve never really been the biggest fan of cherry flavoured anything, mostly because I once had a rather awful incident involving a cherry drop sweet getting stuck in the back of my throat and almost killing me. Okay, that’s probably a little dramatic but you get the idea. I choked on the sweet and I’ve been a little weird about cherry flavoured stuff since.

Pocket Fuel Cherry Pie Eliquid Review

I do like cherry though – I enjoy a good cherry bakewell, for example, and other cherry flavoured cakes are always super delicious. I figured I would give it a shot. It was in the big Vapouriz sale to get rid of the non TPD compliant stock and all … It was £0.79. What did I have to lose?

“Pocket Fuel brings oven-fresh flavour to you with its Cherry Pie e-liquid. Hints of succulent cherry jam, fresh pastry and a sweet iced fondant come together to create a delicious vape, while Max VG means this is perfect for cloud chasers and sub-ohm vapers.”

I’m glad I did. Order it, I mean. There, I said it. I’m really glad I did. Once I’d gotten over the sheer panic of that cherry flavour in my throat, of course. This liquid actually tastes EXACTLY like those cherry drop sweets that once tried to kill me. Bizarrely, I quite like it.

Pocket Fuel Cherry Pie Eliquid Review

Taste aside, it doesn’t actually provide quite as much vapour as I thought it might. It’s 80% VG and 20% PG, but it doesn’t seem to provide me with as much as vapour as some of my newer liquids have … The Strawberries & Cream from Demon Vaper, for example, is a 70/30 split, but provides quite a lot more of the cloudy stuff than the Cherry Pie did.

Vapour-wise, I was actually a little disappointed. Not that I like huuuuuuge amounts of clouds, but it was just a little less than expected, that was all. And yes, I was vaping at the same wattage – I usually vape sub ohm liquid at about 40 watts, but I do occasionally stretch from 35 to 43 watts. I know … Brave, right? 😛

Pocket Fuel Cherry Pie Eliquid Review

I ordered 3mg / 0.3% and I found it was strong enough for me. The 6mg / 0.6% would have been too strong, and I’ve actually found myself craving one of Mr best-ecig’s cigarettes a few times over the last couple of days. I realised I was vaping with 0mg liquid (that was sent to me for review). I didn’t think it would make that much of a difference, but apparently it does.

*Note to self: Don’t accidentally order 0% / 0mg or you will not be satisfied.

Would I buy it again? Yes. Although I don’t know if Vapouriz will still sell it after the TPD measures come in. I’ve only spotted it in the sale section of their website, but it would be a shame if they were to discontinue it. This was a flavour I actually really enjoyed vaping with. And, according to Mr. best-ecig and his son, it smells “the best” too. I’m basically a walking air freshener. I don’t mind that.

I really enjoyed this liquid, and I’m glad that this Pocket Fuel Cherry Pie eliquid review was positive. It was starting to feel like I only had negative things to say about the liquids and vapes I’ve been trying lately. It was refreshing to come across something as juicy as this. And it really is juicy too – it definitely tastes like those cherry drop sweets. I’m vaping with it right now, and I can actually taste them in my mouth.

I haven’t been rating my liquids up until this point, but I feel like I should start doing that. If I were going to rate it out of 5, I would give it 4.5 stars. It just didn’t pack quite as much of a vape-punch as I thought it would, be the taste was “on point”, and I’m really glad I bought it.

Pocket Fuel Cherry Pie Eliquid Review

Cheers for the sale, Vapouriz! I sure am appreciating it right now!

**Deal Alert** No1Ejuice are offering Pocket Fuel & Double Drip Co eliquids – 3 x 10ml for £10 HERE

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Pocket Fuel Cherry Pie Eliquid Review

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  1. I am subscribed to your posting and get to see all your new products. This eliquid looks interesting, I am sure people will love this flavour. Hope this eliquid flavour start to rock.

    I am thinking people looking to buy e liquids will soon be reaching this post soon. Cheers

  2. I had never tried this flavour before either but I ordered it the other day on vapouriz website
    in the sale and I’m pleased you liked it and
    am looking forward to trying it myself in the new tank I got in the sale also.

    • Hi Richard!

      Have you tried this yet? I really hope you like it! Come back and let me know what else you try & like 🙂

      Thanks for supporting,


      • I loved the cherry pie and wish I’d for some more.
        I’ve also been trying melba pocket fuel which is ok(¬_¬)ノ


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