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Pocket Fuel Eliquid Review

Pocket Fuel ELiquid Review

If you’ve seen the Vapouriz Sub Tank review or Vapouriz V Box 40w Box Mod review I recently posted, you’ll notice I have started to delve into the world of sub-ohming – vaping with sub ohm devices. Renowned for packing a serious amount of power and for producing a serious amount of vapour or ‘cloud’, they use a slightly different eliquid to the regular e-cigarettes you’ll be used to vaping with. Using the wrong eliquid in your sub ohm device will prove catastrophic. The ratios of PG to VG are very different and using the wrong one will leave you with a busted ecig.

This is my first ever eliquid review for the sub-ohm liquids so in all fairness, I don’t really know what to expect. However, since I have tried a couple of different brands (including Element), I’ve come to realise that this Pocket Fuel stuff is actually one of the most flavoursome and enjoyable to vape with.

You can see what I thought of the flavours I’ve tried so far in the Pocket Fuel eliquid review:

Pocket Fuel Blueberry Pancakes

Pocket Fuel Eliquid Review This was by far my favourite out of the flavours I’ve tried so far. It actually tastes very much like a blueberry muffin (which just so happens to be my favourite type of muffin) and I found it very enjoyable to vape with. Just like all the Pocket Fuel liquids, the cloud produced is very plentiful especially when its used with a device like the Vapouriz Sub Tank or the Vapouriz V Box 40w Box Mod.

Dan said: “Pocket Fuel Blueberry Pancakes is not the kind of flavour I would normally go for but it’s nice and refreshing. A bit sweet after a while but very nice!” 

(He normally vapes with menthol flavours only.)

Pocket Fuel Key Lime Pie

Pocket Fuel Eliquid Review Another firm favourite of mine, the Key Lime Pie is a delicious vanilla-y-creamy-lime delight that is both refreshing and sweet at the same time. After a while it get can get a bit sharp but for a change on hot summer days, I found it incredibly refreshing.

More creamy than tart, it’s definitely a great one to try if you’re looking for something sweet but not too sweet.

Dan said: “Hmmm. Not my favourite but it was OK. I preferred it over the Blueberry Pancakes but not as much as Pink Fizz!” 

Pocket Fuel Pink Fizz

Pocket Fuel Eliquid Review I was obsessed with the Pink Fizz ‘regular’ eliquid from Pocket Fuel when I tried it with the Vapouriz Fuse and with the vast amount of vapour produced with the sub-ohm liquid in the Sub Tank, not only do you enjoy the pink lemonade / champagne taste of this flavoursome ejuice, the entire room smells of it too! In fact, after a little while of using all these flavours, the room I was vaping in had a lovely tinge of the scent for a while afterwards. It technically doubles up as an air freshener! Definitely better than smoking real cigarettes… 😉

Dan said: “This one was my favourite of the three.”

Pocket Fuel Grand Cru Chocolat

Pocket Fuel Eliquid Review When you first open the bottle, there’s an almost alcoholic smell about this Pocket Fuel eliquid, a little chocolatey and a little brandy-like almost. The good news is that it doesn’t vape anywhere near as strong as you’ll think it will. The smell is much stronger than the actual vape – an actual chocolatey, boozy, dessert-like deliciousness with plenty of clouds that make the room smell lush.

After a while, this one does get a little sickly and it’s quite a thick eliquid too meaning it’ll work through your coils quicker than the thinner liquids but for a sweet treat every now and again, this Grand Cru Chocolate is lush. Definitely one I’d buy again.

*Vaporiser in the picture is the JacVapour Series-B Tilt with the Vapouriz Sub Tank.

Pocket Fuel Gateaux Noir

Pocket Fuel Eliquid Review If you’ve ever had one of those delicious chocolatey, dark cherry gateau cakes at Christmas with your family, you’ll know what to expect about this one. Another liquid I very much enjoyed, it’s got an old-fashioned cocoa pudding taste about it which actually lingers in the vape aftertaste and clouds very nicely. I’ll definitely order this one again, and at the moment it’s on special offer in case you needed any more excuse. You find the special offer HERE – save £5 giving you a 20ml bottle for half price – £4.99 instead of £9.99.

I fully intend to try the other flavours offered by Pocket Fuel and if you want to find out more, you can check them out on the Vapouriz website where they are currently on offer for £9.99 for a 20 ml bottle which isn’t a bad price for a sub-ohm liquid. This juice can get super expensive.

Don’t forget you can also save 10% across the entire Vapouriz range with this link and my exclusive discount code: UKWG10

As you can see from this Pocket Fuel eliquid review, it’s definitely a favourite brand of mine now. If you have any sub ohm liquids that you love, why not let me know! I’m always on the lookout for something new and exciting to try!

For more information on the Vapouriz range, why not check out the following:


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