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Pugtown Bailey Eliquid Review

Pugtown Bailey Eliquid Review

I’m going to be brutally honest about this, I didn’t know what these liquids were called for the longest time. When they arrived (nicely sent to me, I must add, by, they arrived with a flyer that had so many variations of the name on it, I didn’t even know where to start. I know that sounds like a really insignificant and trivial thing to say, but it annoyed me.

How am I meant to review an eliquid, or any other vape product, for that matter, when I don’t even know what it’s called?

Anyway, a bit of research later and I’ve finally worked out that these are by #PugTown, and when you’re vaping with them, you’re living the #PugLife. The liquid itself is referred to as #PugSap. What a commotion! Just pick one hashtag already.

Pugtown Bailey Eliquid Review

Anyway, there are three flavours on offer at the moment – Bailey, Bella and Max. As you’ve probably already guessed, this is the Pugtown Bailey eliquid review. The others are coming – remember to keep your eyes peeled!

Pugtown Bailey Eliquid Review

There was a call on Twitter for reviewers of these eliquids, and seeing as I’m a reviewer it seemed a shame to let the opportunity pass me by. So, I got in touch with them and it wasn’t long before I had a brand new little package in my hands – three of these little colourful beauties. I was mostly excited because I love pugs. Not just pugs, I’m a huge animal lover. Not like a vegetarian or vegan or anything like that (BECAUSE STEAK IS LIFE), but enough of an animal lover to want to give EVERY stray animal in the world a home. It’s an absolute marvel I’ve only got one cat. Given half a chance, I’d be the crazy cat lady from hell right now.

I’ve digressed. I opened them up and was actually a little disappointed. These 10ml TPD bottles tend to disappoint me a lot these days, so I cant really blame the people behind Pugtown for this, but I just think they feel and look cheap. I even think the labelling is cheap. Scratchy, almost as if a printer hasn’t printed the labels out correctly. With all the hype surrounding them, I just expected a little more, that’s all. It’s all trivial, aesthetic stuff really. Also: I didn’t get a box with any of my three bottles. There’s a box on the website. Did you get a box?

These can be bought from, which I’ve not had the greatest success with. I don’t know if you’ve read My Aspire Cleito EXO Drama, but they were the people who DIDN’T have the Aspire Cleito EXO tank in stock until well after the actual release date … and then didn’t tell any of their customers about it. With so many vape shops and websites out there, that attention to detail is really important. Other websites who have had delays for whatever reason have let their customers know about the problems. did not. I’m just saying … Not cool.

Pugtown Bailey Eliquid Review

Anyway, this is a totally unrelated order / product, so I’ll carry on.

Pugtown Bailey eliquid – £5.99 / 10ml @
OR £12.99 / 30ml (3 x bottles, one of each of the three flavours)
OR £9.98 for a 2-pack of the same flavour (20ml)

You will save 10% off all orders on if you enter your email address in the popup box on the site. This applies to all orders, not just your first order. I like this. Thumbs up.

Let’s start with the price – these are much more expensive than other liquids. The average, I’ve found, is about £4.99 for 10ml bottles. This had better be a premium eliquid, that’s all I’m saying. (Remember that 10% off though …)

These are 80VG / 20PG, and I’m pretty sure they’re only available in 3mg.


Take the top off and smell it … I know you can’t, but I wish you could. It smells really good. A bit rhubarby, a bit vanilla-y, a bit apple-y. That’s really what it smells like. It’s a wonderful mix of the two, but I don’t think you can make out one particular flavour over the rest of them. Not by smell alone anyway.


The website states:

“Rhubarb & vanilla custard with a touch of sweet apple”

I’ve recently discovered that I really like rhubarb flavoured eliquids. It was Western Vape that brought the first one to my attention, in a mouth-to-lung liquid that I really, really enjoyed vaping with. You can find the review for that one here > Western Vape Rhubarb & Custard Eliquid Review (Haul & Unbox / First Impressions video).

Coming back to this one, and I think it’s a little different. The Pugtown Bailey version has that sweet apple thrown in, and I don’t think the Western Vape one does have that. It adds something to Bailey, but I don’t think it’s enough. Out of the two, I still preferred the Western Vape one. I have yet to try it in a sub ohm version, but the MTL one was delightful, and it brought back all these wonderful, nostalgic memories.

I found Bailey to be a little watered-down, if I’m honest. I did like the flavour, quite a bit in fact, I just wish there had been more of it. More of a bang, if you like, especially when you bear in mind that this liquid is about a quid more expensive per 10ml than most other bottles. I thought that extra quid would have given me a little more flavour, that’s all.

Pugtown Bailey Eliquid Review

Going back to the flavour, and yes, it definitely tastes like rhubarb and vanilla custard, and that apple adds a sweetness to the mix that helps dull down the tanginess of the rhubarb. That’s my personal opinion anyway. It definitely doesn’t taste as strong or as fruity as it smells. I don’t actually think it tastes as nice as it smells either, although I don’t think it tastes bad either. Just a bit in the middle for me … I would vape it again, I have almost finished the bottle, in fact, but I don’t think I would buy it again. If I had to pick between the two, I would more than likely opt for the Western Vape sub ohm variety of Rhubarb & Custard, even though I’ve never tried it before. I know what this flavour is like now, and I’m afraid Pugtown’s Bailey is not a stand-out winner for me. The more I vape with it, the more I think the vanilla custard side of things actually mutes the rest of the flavours too much. I’m not actually sure what it is about Bailey, but it’s not quite as BOOM as I thought it was going to be.

** Side note: at times, when exhaling, I thought this actually tasted a little bit like pot pourri. I’ve eaten the stuff so I actually know what it tastes like … (Don’t ask!)

** Extra side note: at other times, when exhaling, I thought it tasted a bit like those Lipton Ice Tea drinks you can get. If there was a rhubarb one, this is exactly what I think it would taste like.

Vapour Production

Pugtown’s Bailey does produce plenty of clouds, if that’s the kind of eliquid you’re after. I used mine in my Kanger Topbox Nano tank with the Aspire Archon box, and I vaped with it in the 45 to 55 watts region. I actually had to turn it down to 45 watts to write this review. When I go closer to 50 watts and above, it produces so much of the cloud-stuff I actually can’t see the screen to type out my thoughts … for some time. If we’re ranking this liquid in terms of vapour production, it would definitely get 5 out of 5 stars. I love it for that. If I’m sub ohm vaping, I want to know I’m sub ohm vaping. I want there to be clouds.

It’s super smooth on the throat, that’s another thing I noticed. You don’t get much of a throat hit, but then again, you’re not going to when you’re only vaping with 20% PG. It’s definitely a really smooth vape though, and I found that across a range of devices. I used it in the Aspire Cleito EXO tank (on top of the Aspire Archon), and also in my most recent device review, the Aspire PockeX. Apparently I’ve been on an Aspire binge lately. It’s an accident, I promise.

If I had to rate this eliquid out of 5, I would probably give it 3 stars. It’s a delightful flavour, but it’s not quite what I was hoping for. I found the multiple names / in-your-face packaging just that – in-your-face. Not just that, I also found it really confusing.

Loads of clouds, if that’s what you’re after, but not enough flavour to back it up as far as I’m concerned.

Would I buy Pugtown’s Bailey again? Nope. I will finish this bottle off though.

Would I recommend it to you? Yes – it does have a really nice flavour, I just wish it had more of it. If you’re looking for a subtle but well-rounded and great flavoured vape liquid, this one is definitely one to recommend. It’s kind of like a “safe” liquid. One that you would use as a beginner, before you play around with more exotic and tempting treats. Not too strong, not too feeble, just somewhere in the middle.

Definitely not good enough to make up for that £5.99 per 10ml bottle they’re asking for.

I have also found Pugtown Bailey eliquid in the follow places / prices:

Washington-Vapes > £2.50 / 10ml

Smokshop > £3.99 / 10ml

Vape-Space > £4.00 / 10ml

*I have not used, nor can I vouch for the above 3 shopping links.

Pugtown Bailey Eliquid Review

*Prices & information correct at time of writing.

HONESTY POLICY: Max, Bella & Bailey Pugtown eliquids were sent to me by I did not pay for these products. I was not paid for my review, and I will not be paid for my review. All opinions are mine, and in no way influenced by the brand / manufacturer.

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