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Pure Evil ELiquid Review

So… Before I get started with the Pure Evil eliquid review, I should make you aware that sub-ohming is a relatively new thing for me. So far, one thing I’m very sure of is that the sub-ohm liquid or ‘drip’ liquid as it is otherwise known, is some of the tastiest liquid I’ve ever tried.

I’ve had the good fortune of trying some of the biggest and best brands when it comes to ‘regular’ e-liquid and although they’re good, none of them even compare when you move onto the bigger devices. I don’t know what it is about these drip liquids but they are so much more flavoursome than the regular, run of the mill stuff. Plus they make the room smell great!

I was lucky enough to get my hands on a few of the Pure Evil eliquid range for sub-ohm devices, available from Vapouriz and I felt it was time to share with you my views on them.

Pure Evil Eliquid Review

The first thing you should know – the child safety bottles are also apparently idiot-safe. I couldn’t get into them for love nor money. Eventually, I got the hang of it. I think it’s safe to say kids aren’t going to be able to get into these bottles… I could barely get into them myself. I also broke one of the lids in the process for the smaller 10ml bottles.

The next thing you should know is that this liquid is quite thick. I used mine for the first time with the Vapouriz VBox (which is also a very impressive device and you should definitely keep an eye out for the review which will be coming soon!) and because of the thick nature of the liquid, you need to squeeze, suck and drip many times before you eventually fill your tank. I think I had to squeeze and drip my pipette around six or seven times before I finally filled mine up… Honestly, I almost got bored. This isn’t liquid you can quickly pour into your tank driving a car at a red light. Not that I’m condoning vaping and driving of course. You’ll fog up the car for a start and that’s gotta be dangerous!

Pure Evil Eliquid Review

The Pure Evil 7 Deadly Sins eliquid range was recently released by Vapouriz and they are made within the UK for the safety-conscious among you. They are designed with a high VG content for vapers who want huge clouds so if you’re looking for something discreet, they’re definitely not for you.

I couldn’t find out the VG / PG content but I will get in touch with Vapouriz and find out. Watch this space…

(I hate it when I can’t find the info! I think this should be easily found on the website.)

As the name suggests, there are seven flavours on offer although it is not obvious right away what the flavour actually is. When mine first turned up, I had to pop on to the Vapouriz website to check which flavour was what!

You’ve got:

  • Lust – Strawberry & Custard (The one I was most excited about and didn’t get!) 
  • Pride – Butterscotch (Clearly this one is on the must-order list! YUM!) 
  • Sloth – 7 Berries 
  • Envy – Spiced Apple 
  • Gluttony – Creamy Vanilla 
  • Wrath – Raspberry & Coconut 
  • Greed – Sweet Rice & Mango 

And they seem to have added a few more since I last tried them too:

  • Silent Pool – Sour Lemon
  • Cold Blooded – Mixed Berries & Mint
  • Jamnaation – Jam Donuts
  • Scream Queen – Custard Cream (All the noms!)

Pure Evil Eliquid Review

So… Without any further delay. Let’s take a look at what I thought about the flavours I’ve tried so far in the Pure Evil eliquid review:

Pure Evil – Sloth 

Pure Evil Eliquid Review “A slowly matured blend of 7 berries for an all day mellow vape.” 

I like berries so I figured I would quite like this one but it’s a bit… berry-tart for my liking I think? It tastes a bit like throat sweets – Halls or Tunes or something. I can’t stand those throat sweets so this liquid didn’t bode that well.

I do agree Pure Evil Sloth is an all day mellow vape – it’s easy to vape with, provides lots of clouds, isn’t too harsh on the throat and has an amazing burst of berry flavour. I just don’t think the berry flavour was right for me. Too much medicine-tasting and not enough fruit. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not awful and I’d vape with it again, but only when I’ve run out of the others. You know?

(We all have that backup eliquid collection for when we’ve run out of our favourite stuff… Right?)

Pure Evil – Wrath 

Pure Evil Eliquid Review “A raspberry blend enraged with coconut for a furiously delicious vape.”

Who makes this stuff up? A furiously delicious vape? There’s nothing furious about it but it sure does taste great! This one was my favourite out of the lot so far and is one I will order again and again and again… You get the idea.

You get a hit of raspberry to start with, and then that delicate coconut creeps through. It’s a really enjoyable flavour and one I’d happily use all-day, everyday.

There’s plenty of clouds with all these e-liquids and after using it for a few minutes in one room, the room smelt delightfully like raspberry and coconut. Definitely not something I’m complaining about!

If you’re going to try any of them first, go with Pure Evil Wrath. I haven’t met a single person who didn’t like it!

Pure Evil Black Crack 

Pure Evil Eliquid Review Go on, we dare you…”

This was a limited edition number for Halloween but if you’re quick, you can still buy it on the Vapouriz website. With menthol, aniseed and blackcurrant, it’s quite a hearty mix and definitely not one for the lighthearted but seeing as it’s called ‘Black Crack’, I wouldn’t have expected anything different.

I really didn’t like it but Dan did. I didn’t think the menthol worked with the blackcurrant and to me, it just tasted too much like medicine. To be fair, I didn’t like the sound of the three main ingredients before I vaped with it…

It gives off a lot of vapour, more so than the other three flavours I tried (I personally think) but taste-wise, I couldn’t stand it. Blurgh. Dan did though… I guess he’s just accumulated another bottle! 😉

Pure Evil – Envy 

Pure Evil Eliquid Review An intensely desirable juice of spiced apples and secrets.”

Apple & cinnamon tart, this Pure Evil eliquid is every bit as delicious as I’d hoped it would be. It’s very Christmassy – I had apple pie and custard for my festive desert and I think this tasted exactly like that. In fact, I think this mixed with a custard liquid would be simply divine.

Back to the flavour itself and it genuinely tastes like a freshly baked apple pie. You have that deep, tartness of the apple and then this lush aftertaste of a pinch of nutmeg and cinnamon. I really enjoyed it and if you’re a fan of hot apple puddings, I think you’ll like Pure Evil Envy too!

Pure Evil – JamNation

I was super excited about this flavour and when it was sent out to me, I could not wait for it to turn up. I don’t like doughnuts but I do LOVE the taste of the jam you get inside those old-school, childhood jammy donuts, the jam running down your chin and fingers and you not caring much…

Pure Evil Eliquid Review

£13.99 / 60ml – Click for more details

Nostalgia aside, this eliquid smells beautiful when you first unscrew the bottle. Childproof again, it took me a little while. I squeezed the eliquid into my tank (Vapouriz SubTank) and got ready to puff….

Sadly, I found this one more donut than jam. It smells perfect, delicious, mouth-water but the vape was a little disappointing. Not enough jam if you ask me. It was delicious and I’d buy it again but I’m used to the Pure Evil delivering serious flavour and this one just lacked it a little. It seemed the only time I got the full jammy flavour sensation was when I’d just filled the tank up and replaced the coil with a fresh one.

I also found this liquid SUPER thick! Using the pipette was basically pointless  and took far too long for my liking because of the thickness. I ended up simply pouring directly from the bottle into the tank of my Vapouriz VBox 40W + Vapouriz Sub Tank Lite.

Pure Evil Eliquid Review

£13.99 / 60ml – Click for more details

Sorry guys. I was super sad about this one! I just felt there should have been more jamminess! 🙁

Pure Evil – Scream Queen

When I first got Envy, I told Dan I wanted to buy a custard flavoured eliquid to make apple crumble and custard. The Envy (spiced apples) reminded me so much of the crumbles my nan made me as a kid. In true flavour-filled style, Pure Evil delivered in the form of Scream Queen – a custard cream flavoured liquid that (unlike JamNation) was every bit as flavoursome as it smelled and sounded.

On its own, it tastes just like a custard cream. Delicious. Biscuits, custards goodness.

Mixed with Envy, it was every bit as scrummy as I figured it would be. If you like apple crumble, these two mixed are going to blow your mind.


Now for some facts to conclude this Pure Evil eliquid review.

You can buy 20ml bottles for £9.99 but these will soon be unavailable because of the new legislations surrounding the sale of quantities over 10ml. If you want them, start stocking up on them because come May time, you won’t be able to get them.

The better deal is to buy 10ml bottles though. You can buy three 10ml bottles for £9.99 which means you’ll be getting 30ml rather than just 20ml, and you can mix and match the flavours too.

Vapouriz said this on the website:

Due to restrictions imposed by the upcoming regulation of electronic cigarettes (Tobacco Products Directive / TPD) which becomes law from 20th May 2016, all E Liquids will be limited to a maximum 10ml volume of liquid per container. Sadly after this time we will be reducing production of the 20ml and ultimately replacing them with 10ml bottles.

The good news is – 3 x 10ml plastic bottles is £9.99 (for 30ml) rather than £9.99 for a 20ml Glass bottle, so you effectively get 33% more e liquid for the same price! And they are easier to pour than drip!

I really enjoyed vaping and am happy to conclude the Pure Evil eliquid review as a very positive one. With the exception of that Black Crack limited edition stuff, I really enjoyed the flavours. If you’re using a sub tank and want big, flavoursome clouds, Pure Evil is the way to go and right now, they have more than a few offers for you to make use of. You can get 20ml of their limited edition flavours for as little as half off – £4.99! Plus there’s buy one get one free offers on some of the Pure Evil and Pocket Fuel sub ohm liquid ranges too.

Remember to come back and let me what you thought of the flavours if you give them a try! 🙂

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  1. Hi thanks for the review!
    To answer your question all our pure evil range is max vg so it varies between flavour but all at least 90% VG. Hence the big clouds!

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