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Pure Evil Pride Eliquid Review

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Pure Evil Pride Eliquid Review

The new TPD regulations are set to come into play in a matter of weeks now, and all the vape websites and shops are selling off their old stock – the non TPD compliant stuff – super cheap. As a result, I had a good root around the sale section of the Vapouriz website and bagged myself some pretty decent bargains. I got five 10 ml bottles and three 20 ml bottles for about £11, and that was including delivery too. Just one of the bottles I added to my basket was Pure Evil’s Pride.

“This cooling butterscotch blend will result in pure gratification.”

That’s what it said, and I was pretty much sold. I’m a really big fan of butterscotch, particularly butterscotch flavoured Angel Delight, so I was super excited for my little package of vape goodies to arrive.

I waited a while, for the record. I don’t think Vapouriz had anticipated quite the speed at which customers would flock to their website and buy all their non TPD compliant stuff. I soon received an email stating my order would likely be a little delayed because of higher than usual order numbers. I placed my order on 22nd April and it was delivered this morning – 28th April. To be fair, that’s not actually that bad. I’ll forgive it.

The photos attached to this review are obviously going to be non TPD compliant – they won’t have the warning labels on the boxes that say everything contains nicotine, even when it doesn’t. Everything that you buy from Vapouriz from May 19th onwards will be TPD compliant. I’m in the midst of writing you a little post on what the new regulations will mean for you as a vaper, so keep your eyes peeled for that. I promise I won’t be too long with it.

Pure Evil Pride Eliquid Review

Anyway, I’ve tried quite a few of the Pure Evil range. Some of them I’ve really liked, and some of them I wasn’t bothered by. None of them are awful though, I should say that. Some of them aren’t to my taste, but flavour-wise, I think they’re pretty good. I’ve always found them pretty true-to-taste.

I didn’t actually think it smelled like much when I first opened the bottle and took a great big deep sniff. I was expecting a rich butterscotch scent, but that’s not what I got. I couldn’t really smell much, more of a hint of a sweet, almost cake-like scent, but I cracked on, dripped the liquid into my tank, and waited ten minutes for my new coil to prime.

(For the record, if you don’t wait this 5/10 minutes, it’ll taste rank and probably put you off. Just give it a few minutes – you’ll thank yourself for it.)

Pure Evil Pride Eliquid Review

I took a big deep inhale, and then a few more, waiting for that butterscotch hit to come … I got something – something sweet, something pleasant, and something that tasted a bit cake-like, but butterscotch? I’m not really sure it tasted quite like that. I don’t think it tastes like the butterscotch Angel Delight I love so much. Maybe butterscotch Angel Delight doesn’t really taste like butterscotch? Either way, it didn’t taste quite the way I thought it might. It’s really nice, don’t get me wrong, I would buy this flavour again, but I don’t think it’s as butterscotchy as I’d like. I promise I’ll stop saying butterscotch now.

Pure Evil Pride Eliquid Review

It’s really quite sweet, so it’s not a liquid I could find myself vaping over and over again. I find sweet things too sickly sweet after a while, so it’s something I would occasionally vape with. Like a treat – a nice, sweet, cake-like treat. I would definitely buy it again though. Definitely, definitely. I really liked it.

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I’d love to know what you thought if you’ve ever tried this eliquid for yourself. Leave your comments on this Pure Evil Pride eliquid review in the comments below, or you can get in touch via my social media pages. You’ll find all the links on my Socially Network With Me! page. I’d love to hear from you! What are you vaping with right now? Liquid and device? What would you suggest I try next? And if I like this one, what else will I devour?

As always, thanks for reading!


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