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Purity Tribeca Eliquid Review

Hello, vapers! How’s your day going? I felt it was the time I bought you a brand new review, and this time I’m heading back to my Purity eliquid stash. This is the Purity Tribeca eliquid review. In case you haven’t already seen it, feel free to check out the SubZero review from the same brand. It was a liquid I wasn’t sure I’d like but actually turned out to be incredibly delightful.

Purity SubZero Eliquid Review

Anyway, I’ve been a big fan of this brand for years, but as I’ve mentioned before (in the Purity SubZero Eliquid Review), I first tried them a long time ago, back when they were called Halo. I won’t repeat myself, but I was super excited to give this brand a shot for the second time.

Purity Tribeca Eliquid Review

Before I get into the review itself, I should probably tell you a little bit more about them, just in case you haven’t seen any of my previous reviews. They were formed in 2009 (called Halo), and now have a wide range of eliquids on offer, with sub ohm liquid (high VG), mouth-to-lung liquid, an impressive display of flavours, and many strengths to pick from also.

Purity Tribeca Eliquid Review

The first time around, when I tried them, it was the mouth-to-lung liquid that I tried. This time around, high VG (sub ohm) liquid is on the table. I’m incredibly delighted about this. I’ve been broadening my range of sub ohm devices and liquids recently, so I’m always happy to have new juices to try in them!

(Thanks so much, Purity, for these juices! I’m soooooo happy!)

Anyway, let’s get to business and talk about the actual Purity Tribeca eliquid review …

I got high VG liquid for sub ohm devices – 70 VG / 30 PG, although it *doesn’t* state that on the bottle itself. While I’m on the subject, let’s have a quick chat about the packaging.

I’m not sure if I got TPD-compliant liquids or not. These bottles come in boxes, but not all of the boxes had the appropriate warning labels, etc on. I’m assuming I was sent a mixture of TPD complaint and non-TPD compliant liquids for the purposes of this review.

It annoys me when the VG/PG levels aren’t listed on the bottles themselves. I rarely keep the boxes that these liquids come in, so if I throw the box away, and that’s the only place the VG/PG is listed, I’ll have lost that information. It then means I need to look online to find out the ratio, especially when it comes to eventually tapping out the review.

I received a mix of 0 mg and 3 mg nicotine strength liquids. Tribeca was 3mg.

Purity Tribeca Eliquid Review – “Smooth Tobacco”

“Tribeca combines an ultra smooth tobacco base with a semi-sweet top note that is reminiscent of RY4 and other treasured tobacco blends. With slight hints of vanilla and caramel, Tribeca eliquid delivers a solid throat hit and excellent vapour production.”

I knew I recognised the smell. I’ve tried RY4 from Purity before, but I’m sure it was when they were called Halo, rather than Purity. I also think RY4 is a generic tobacco blend, favoured by many eliquid manufacturers. It’s one of those all-round decent tobacco tastes, I find. You know how I always moan about tobacco being too sweet, too bitter, too gruff, etc. … Well, the RY4-named ones tend to be in the bracket of the half-decent ones I like.


The smell is very gruff and rich. You definitely know this one will pack a punch. I’m a bit weird about vaping tobacco flavours in my sub ohm tanks, preferring to keep them in my MTL (mouth to lung) tanks instead, but seeing as they sent it to me, I figured I should give it a go. With a brand new 0.2 ohm coil in my brand new Viva Kita Fusion (which, for the record, is the cutest goddamn device I now own!), I started puffing away …


I’m still a bit weird with tobacco flavours in my sub ohm tanks and liquids, I’ll be honest. It doesn’t … feel right? I’m not sure. But getting that much vapour out of something that tastes like a cigarette should is just unnatural to me. I don’t know if I want THAT much tobacco taste, you know? Like, I think it only works in the MTL because you’re only getting a little bit out of it. I just can’t enjoy the tobacco flavours in such vast quantities.

Purity Tribeca Eliquid Review

The flavour itself isn’t bad though, I’ll be honest. It does taste like the RY4 MTL type liquids I would buy, so for the taste itself, I CAN recommend it to you. I quite like the tobacco flavour. It’s got more flavour than others, particularly with that vanilla and caramel, although I can find it gets bitter after a while. The first few puffs were okay, but after 15 or 20 minutes of vaping with it, it started to taste a bit like a burned coil. The coil isn’t burned. But that’s how I think sub-ohm vaping with tobacco flavours tastes like. I haven’t really found one that I liked that much. I’d much rather keep my tobaccos to the smaller, MTL devices. I like the bigger, weirder and more wonderful flavours with the sub ohm liquids.

Honestly, why would you want THAT much tobacco flavour in your mouth? I think that’s why I don’t like it – it’s just too much. I DO like the taste of RY4 (generally) in a MTL, low-VG liquid. I DON’T like the taste of it when there’s this much of it in my mouth. It’s just too much.

Purity Tribeca Eliquid Review – Conclusion

Right, I don’t want to give you the wrong impression of this eliquid, because in a mouth-to-lung format I really like it. There’s just too much vapour and flavour for me to enjoy this in a sub ohm device. I haven’t found a single tobacco flavoured high VG liquid that I’ve enjoyed. I always like the MTL version of them, I just don’t like the bigger clouds with that flavour, that’s all.

Purity Tribeca Eliquid Review

If you DO like tobacco flavoured sub ohm liquids, I think you’ll quite like this one. It has an easy, smooth tobacco flavour, with hints of caramel and vanilla that stop it being too tobacco-y. The taste itself, I do like, but not in high VG liquid.

Would I buy Purity Tribeca again? Nope. I think I’ve made that clear.

Would I recommend Purity Tribeca to you? Yes. I love almost all of the Purity range, and I have done since it was first released as Halo. I just don’t like tobacco liquids in high VG. That’s MY personal preference.

Decent eliquid, great flavours, but this one isn’t for me. Sorry, Purity. Next …

Purity Tribeca Eliquid Review

I was sent these liquids directly by Purity to review, but here’s where I’ve found them if you want to buy them for yourself:

*Prices & info correct at time of writing. The only store I have personally used, and can therefore recommend, from this list is UKECIGSTORE.

HONESTY POLICY: These Purity eliquids were sent to me by Purity. I did not pay for these products. I was not paid for my review, and I will not be paid for my review. All opinions are mine and in no way influenced by the brand / manufacturer. 

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  1. Agree with the review. Tribeca e liquid is the top selling e liquids. Have used it. The review is accurate and well done. All of these liquids are pretty good not just Tribeca. These e liquids are must try top quality liquids. Have personally used Tribeca for years now. Cant go wrong with it.

    • Thanks so much! I loved most of the MTL range I tried, but there were just a few of these high VG ones that didn’t impress me too much.

      Great brand though, and great eliquids – you’re right about that!

      Thanks for reading & commenting!

      Kim @

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