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Really Electronic Cigarettes ELiquid Review

  • BEST FOR TOBACCO: Tobacco 
  • BEST FOR MENTHOL: Menthol 
  • MY FAVOURITE: Pineapple
  • £ / 20ml: £4.99 (Only available in 20ml bottles – £4.50 with my discount code) 
  • DISCOUNT CODE: Use this link and discount code: BESTECIG10 to save 10% off site-wide!

Really Electronic Cigarettes ELiquid Review

I’m going to be honest, I hadn’t really heard of Really Electronic Cigarettes until a friend started discussing them, and I recently ordered a starter kit and a number of bottles of e-liquid. You can find the review for the e-cigarette here: Really Electronic Cigarette Review.

I’m very fussy when it comes to e-liquid, and I think there are far too many brands out there selling liquid that is under-par in the quality department. Many of the bigger brands, such as Vapouriz and JacVapour, are promoting UK-made e-liquid which in my experience, is not only much better for your health, but tends to vape better too with a good, smooth throat hit, and plenty of vapour that doesn’t leave everyone coughing around you.

I’ll start with the serious stuff – the price.

They don’t sell 10ml bottles, but they do sell 20ml bottles for around the same price as most other brands would sell the smaller ones. At £6.99 for 20ml, you’re looking at just under £3.50 for 10ml, which is very much in line with many other suppliers of e-liquid.

They do have a ‘Special Offers’ section, and many of the 20ml bottles in the best flavours are on offer, and instead of getting them for £6.99, you’ll get them for £4.99 instead.

Oh, and to make things even better than that, my exclusive Really Electronic Cigarettes discount code works too, bagging you an extra £0.50p off! That means that you can enjoy 1.8% strength bottles of Apple, Chocolate, Coffee, Energy Cow, Cigar, Banana, Pineapple, Grape, Peach, and Watermelon for just under £2.25 per 10ml.

That’s one of the cheapest places I’ve seen it, and I’ve this tried the Really Electronic Cigarettes liquid too – it’s actually not that bad!

If none of the above flavours take your fancy, straying away from the ‘Special Offers’ will open up a few more: Gold & Silver, Menthol, Tobacco, Virginia Tobacco, USA Mix, Cherry, Blueberry, Strawberry, RY4 and Cola.

They are also available in a number of strengths, although they do seem to vary dependant on flavour. Chocolate, as an example, is available in Extra High (24mg), High (18mg), and Medium (14mg).

*Most brands offer medium as 1.2% or 12mg. The fact that Really offers a slightly higher one (14mg) is great, and actually worked really well for many ‘regular’ smokers that tried it! 

Really Electronic Cigarettes e-liquid is always available at a cheaper price with multi-buy deals – if you buy 6 or more bottles, you’ll only be paying £5.49, 4 or more bottles is £5.99 for 20ml, and 2 or more bottles is £6.49 for 20ml.

Note this however:

“This applies ONLY when you buy multiple bottles of the same nicotine strength E-Liquid”

This e-liquid is made in China and not the UK, but I wouldn’t say that this was a poor quality product. The clear EC labelling on the front shows the EU regulations number of the nicotine used in the product, so you know it’s safe to use and not just some back-street liquid that contains who-knows-what. It also has clearly labelled expiry dates, and has the usual toxicity markings – keep away from children, don’t swallow it, etc.

Really Electronic Cigarettes ELiquid Review

The Really Electronic Cigarettes eliquid I’ve tried so far:

Really Electronic Cigarettes ELiquid Review

Menthol 24mg 

Really Electronic Cigarettes ELiquid Review The Really Electronic Cigarettes Menthol liquid has a refreshing menthol taste – not too icy and not too sweet. I hate menthol liquids that are far too syrupy to vape. Menthol, chocolate, and vanilla all have a habit of being too thick and ‘gloopy’ with most brands I’ve tried, and they often burn through your coils a lot quicker.

Luckily, it seems Really have gotten it just right with this minty liquid, that isn’t too harsh and actually tastes pretty good considering how cheap you can buy it.

You should be aware that menthol and fruity flavours will always go through coils quicker than tobacco flavours (I don’t know why this is, probably because of the thickness), but I actually didn’t notice that with this liquid. It seems to be pretty good-going on your e-cigarette.

Pineapple 24mg

Really Electronic Cigarettes ELiquid Review I LOVED this flavour – it was really very smooth, much smoother than the Menthol, Chocolate, and Tobacco ones I’ve tried. If you’re usually a 1.8% vaper, I’d probably recommend going for 2.4% with this one.

The pineapple was a really nice flavour, and one that carried on throughout. Some fruity flavours have a habit of tasting great at first, but then dying down the further you go down the tank. That doesn’t happen with this one, and I actually really enjoyed vaping with it.

If you’re looking for a nice fruity flavour to get you through this gloriously hot summer, this Really Electronic Cigarettes Pineapple beauty is for you.

Chocolate 24mg 

Really Electronic Cigarettes ELiquid Review I think chocolate flavoured e-liquids are one of the hardest ones to get quite right, and much like the vanilla and thick menthol liquids I mentioned earlier, have a tendency to be too thick to enjoy for very long. Too thick, and too syrupy.

I loved the flavour of this chocolate e-liquid, but I did find it to be a bit too thick for me to enjoy for long. It got really sickly-sweet after a couple of hours, and once the tank tasted like this, regardless of what flavour I put in afterwards, the vape constantly tasted like chocolate.

I really enjoy this flavour from Really, but if you’re going to have a go at it, get a coil or tank just for this one, otherwise you won’t be able to enjoy any other flavours.

Virginia 24mg 

Really Electronic Cigarettes ELiquid Review If you are a smoker of roll-ups, or like a nice, strong vaping experience, this Virginia (as the name suggests) e-liquid from Really Electronic Cigarettes is a great one for you. The 24mg was too harsh for my throat, so I probably would have gone for either 14mg or 18mg, but it has a real gruff, hearty flavour that has a pretty decent taste to it too.

After a while, it did make me cough, but I do tend to get my tobacco flavours in a slightly lesser strength. I really don’t enjoy a harsh, scratchy vape. If you’re a ‘regular’ smoker, I’d definitely go for the lower strengths.


I’ve used the Really Electronic Cigarettes eliquid in a number of different cartomisers and tanks, including the JacVapour 510, Smoko V-Style vaporiser, and the V2 Cigs Ex Series. As yet, I’ve had no problems with any of them, although I do think the liquid might be a bit too thick for the Smoko model. I am finding myself going through coils pretty quickly.

I’d say this was a pretty decent all-round e-liquid to be fair, and definitely great value for money whether you have a Really e-cig, or a different brand.

Really Electronic Cigarettes ELiquid Review

Why Should You Buy Really Electronic Cigarettes ELiquid? 

If this Really Electronic Cigarettes eliquid review has shown anything, it’s that even the smaller-branded websites offer decent stuff sometimes. The starter kits really aren’t a bad price, and although some of the models seemed a little fickle, the CEO clearomiser is definitely one to beat as far as I’m concerned. In fact, why not take a closer peek at what I thought in the e-cig review:

Going back to the e-liquid and I’d say that this one was definitely one you should try. Great value for money, and a good range of flavours and strengths is matched with liquid that actually tastes like its meant to, in well-designed, clearly-labelled bottles that don’t leak or spill.

With multi-buy offers (and my 15% off Really Electronic Cigarettes discount code), I’m glad I gave them a shot, and I think you’ll be quite impressed with them too. Don’t get me wrong, they aren’t the best e-liquids in the world, and some of the flavours could be refined a little more, but if you’re looking for one that you can regularly use without breaking the bank (or damaging your health), I’d recommend Really e-liquid.

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