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Red Vape Havano Gold Reserva Eliquid Review

Red Vape is a brand that I have tried and reviewed before, back when you were still allowed to play around with beautiful glass bottles, and poxy 10 ml bottle restrictions was a thing of the past. I loved them back then, particularly the packaging (because they had such beautiful glass bottles), but I also loved the tobacco flavours I tried. You can find the old review here > Red Vape Eliquid Review.

I’m trying their tobacco flavours again this time around, but they have been updated and made better. The video for my Youtube channel is currently in an editing list that my Mac just can’t keep up with, but I figured there was no harm in giving you a sneak peek at this Red Vape Havano Gold Reserva eliquid review. The name kinda gives it away … I’m reviewing Havano Gold.

Red Vape Havano Gold Reserva Eliquid Review 1

Anyway, here’s a little bit about the company, before we get started with what I think about the flavours:

  • UK-made eliquid
  • TPD-compliant
  • Five ranges on offer – Reserva, Premium, Zero (zero-nicotine), Cult Eliquids & Freak Eliquids
  • All tobacco flavours use NET (naturally extracted tobacco), and some from across the world
  • 50/50 VG/PG (mouth-to-lung liquid)
  • Naturally produced flavours and extracts
  • Pharmaceutical-grade nicotine
  • All Reserva eliquids steeped for one month minimum to ensure full taste
  • There are 5 Reserva flavours – Havano Gold, Havano Dark, Perique, Shade & Appleleaf
  • Available in 3 mg, 6 mg, 12 mg, 18 mg nicotine strength
  • Next day delivery when order placed before 3 pm

Well … That all sounds pretty impressive, doesn’t it? There seems to be some sort of buzz surrounding NET, or naturally extracted tobacco, recently, and it’s started to become something I’m looking out for when I buy tobacco flavours. A few other brands that also contain naturally extracted tobacco include Black Note, which I also have reviews for coming soon. Keep your eyes peeled, folks!

Anyway, all the impressive stuff out the way. Let’s start with that packaging. Classic black boxes with a gold logo. It’s all smart enough, and easy to read too. I’m going to put it out there though … I really do miss those pretty glass bottles. As you’ll see in the video review, I still have one of the old Red Vape glass bottles – Angel Berry. The liquid is super old in it now, at least a couple of years, so I might throw it out and reuse the bottle. Does anyone else do that? If not, why not?

Red Vape Havano Gold Reserva Eliquid Review 7

(I hate plastic 10 ml bottles with a passion now, it would seem.)

Red Vape Reserve Havano Gold Eliquid Review

Red Vape Havano Gold Reserva Eliquid Review 2

Let’s get down to business … What did I think of the Havano Gold Reserve eliquid from Red Vape? Well, I actually thought ‘Shade’ was my favourite flavour until I tried this one. Shade was the first one I pulled from the vape haul package, and I finished the entire bottle in a couple of days before I had the chance to record the video. Ooops. I couldn’t find the bottle for the review then too, just to give you a classic example of how everything in my life has a habit of going hilariously wrong.

Anyway, whilst recording the Red Vape eliquid review video, I tried Havano Gold for the first time and found my new favourite! I’m knocking Shade off the top spot. Out of the 5 flavours I received, 4 of which were from the Reserva range, and 1 of which was from the Premium range, I can now say that Havano Gold is number 1, and Shade is number 2.


The website gives you a lot of information about Havano Gold, and to be more precise, Corojo tobaccos. I have no idea how to say that word … As you’ll see from the video. You can find all that here. I don’t want to copy their entire website.

Red Vape Havano Gold Reserva Eliquid Review 3

I will just steal this little extract, however:

“An elegant smooth vape for the tobacco purist. Havano Gold delivers a good throat hit and has a slight sweetness on the exhale. Peppery notes from the Corojo tobacco come through to offer a cigar like vaping experience.”

Ooooh, that sounds nice, doesn’t it? Well, it is nice. I’m not sure I’d call myself a tobacco purist, but I do know a good tobacco flavour when I vape with it, and this is a good tobacco flavour. A great one, in fact. I very much like it.

It does have a good throat hit. Mine was 12 mg and that was enough for me. After trying a couple of the others at 6 mg, I don’t think that’s quite enough for me. But 18 mg would definitely be too much. I’ve definitely noticed that I vape lesser-strength mouth-to-lung liquid now I’ve started sub ohm vaping more. 18 mg knocks my head clean off.

Taste-wise, I love it a lot. It’s got a really nice, well-rounded tobacco flavour, but not just a generic one. There’s definitely a somewhat-exotic taste to this, which I put down to those Corojo hints. Peppery? I’m not so sure … Let me try again. I wouldn’t have said peppery if the website hadn’t told me it was there, but now I know it’s there, I think I can taste it. If that makes sense?

Red Vape Havano Gold Reserva Eliquid Review 4

I do know that it has a distinct taste, but a good one, sweet and not that bitter taste I’ve complained about in the past. It’s a good one, and one that I’ll most definitely try again. This one has slightly more flavour than Shade, so if you’re looking for something more subtle and muted, I’d probably say to opt for Shade rather than Havano Gold. I love the flavour from this one though, and I don’t imagine the bottle will last me very long.

Would I buy Red Vape Reserva Havano Gold again? Yes. I’m adding this to my top tobacco flavours.

Would I recommend Red Vape Reserva Havano Gold to you? Yes, definitely give it a try if you like a tobacco flavour with some actual flavour, rather than something really bland or bitter.

I wouldn’t recommend it to you if you want something subtle and understated, however. This one has a definite punch to it. Perhaps it’s that peppery touch that I didn’t think I could taste to start with?

Red Vape Havano Gold Reserva Eliquid Review 5


Find Red Vape Reserva Shade here.

Find Red Vape here:

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