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Red Vape Reserva Shade Eliquid Review

Red Vape Reserva Shade Eliquid Review

NET, or Naturally Extracted Tobacco, seems to be a very big deal now, and just one of the brands that I’ve noticed jumping on the bandwagon is Red Vape. They are a brand I’ve reviewed once before, and you can find more about my experience with them that time around here. It was quite a few years ago now, however, and things have changed slightly. I’m not sure if the recipes of the liquids themselves have changed, but the packaging has. The TPD changed everything, and one of the biggest losses, I feel, is the beautiful glass bottles that Red Vape used to have. In fact, I’ve still got a few of them. I washed them out and reused them because there’s something so cheap and tacky about the plastic ones.

Annnnnyway, I digress.

Who is Red Vape? 

A company that was created in 2013 and based in Nottingham, Red Vape aimed to bring a range of eliquids to the market that was made from only the very best ingredients, including those NET’s (naturally extracted tobaccos) I discussed previously. Mostly focusing on great flavoured tobacco juices, they offer Reserva, Premium, Zeros (zero percent nicotine), as well as Cult Vapour Co juices (60 ml bottles, 50 ml juice, 10 ml nicotine shot, TPD complaint) and Cloud Freaks Eliquid (by Herbal Tides). The ranges have grown over the years, and they now have a number of flavours and types of liquid. As well as mouth-to-lung (equal VG:PG, or low VG) liquids, you’ll now find sub ohm varieties, and there are so many more flavours than they had last time around too.

Red Vape Reserva Shade Eliquid Review

There are a few sellers of Red Vape e-liquids across the UK, and they can boast about being stocked in partners, Davidoff London, and Selfridges too.

In my vape haul, I received 6 x 10 ml bottles; 5 were from the Reserva range and one from the Premium range. You’re just about to find out what I thought …

Red Vape Reserva Shade Eliquid Review 

This was the first flavour I tried out of the box, and it was a bottle I quickly finished. Originally my number 1 flavour eliquid out of the 6 bottles they’d sent me, I should have known that probably wouldn’t have been the end of the story … The top spot was soon overtaken by Havano Gold (as you’ll see from the video review), but I won’t talk about that flavour right now. That review will come, my friends.

Red Vape Reserva Shade Eliquid Review

Shade is made from naturally extracted tobacco (NET) and is available in 3 mg, 6 mg, 12 mg, and 18 mg. Mine was 6 mg. At £6.95 for a 10 ml bottle, it’s a little pricier than some of the other e-liquids on the market now. Back in the pre-TPD days I would have justified the price with those cool glass bottles, but now they come in a generic plastic bottle with a generic cardboard box, I’m hoping the flavours of these are enough to carry them. Otherwise, they’ll just end up being another overpriced eliquid range that everyone talks about on Twitter.

Of course, you do need to remember that these liquids are made from those naturally extracted tobaccos, which I’m assuming would bump up the price a little.

I don’t know … I still think they’re quite pricey, that’s all I’m saying.


Shade is my number 2 from the flavours I was sent, although it did hold the number one spot. It has a really smooth and pleasant tobacco taste, and although it doesn’t quite have the flavour-punch that I found Havano Gold to have, it still has a really decent flavour. It also still provides a really decent vaping experience.

“The Reserva Shade E-Liquid uses naturally derived North American Shade Tobacco flavourings. The liquid is then steeped for a month which creates a crisp, medium strength tobacco vape which is pleasantly smooth on the inhale and exhale.”

Steeped for a month? Well, that probably doesn’t impress me as much as it would other vapers because I’ve never really steeped a bottle of eliquid, except by accident. I do know that steeping eliquid helps to enhance the flavour, so steeping for a month must be pretty good. I love the taste of these Red Vape tobacco liquids, so it’s definitely a process that works well for what I like.

Red Vape Reserva Shade Eliquid Review

I hate bitter tobacco flavours, and I’ve come across a few. This one, thankfully, doesn’t have a bitter taste to it, and it doesn’t have a weird aftertaste either. It’s got a really rounded tobacco taste to it, quite deep and gruff, but at the same time, sweet and warm. It’s actually a really nice tobacco flavour and one that I would buy for myself again. I agree with the medium-strength tobacco vape, but I’m not sure I agree with crisp. I do agree that it’s pleasantly smooth on the inhale and the exhale though.

I used Red Vape Reserve Shade in the Kanger Geni Aero tank that came in my JacVapour Series-E kit, on top of the Vapour2 Trinity Kit tank and loved it. That’s my every day mouth-to-lung setup now, using the 1.5-ohm coil at either 5 or 6 watts. Together with these Red Vape Reserva tobacco liquids — Havano Gold and Shade — I’ve found the perfect setup for me.

Red Vape Reserva Shade Eliquid Review – Conclusion 

As I’ve stated, this is my number two out of the lot they sent me, but before I came across Havano Gold, this was actually my newest favourite tobacco juice. I love the way that all the Red Vape liquids vape, and I’m really impressed with the flavours. I’m so picky sometimes, especially when it comes to tobacco e-liquids, and I found very little to complain about as far as these were concerned. I do think they’re quite pricey, but the flavours are great.

Luxury taste? Yes, I reckon so.

Luxury price? Sadly, yes also.

Would I buy Red Vape Reserva Shade again? I probably would pay close to £7 for a 10 ml bottle of this, but as a little treat to myself. Like a payday treat or something? This stuff would be quite expensive to vape every day. I guess they are meant to be a luxury brand after all.

Would I recommend Red Vape Reserva Shade to you? Yes, I would. I really like these flavours, despite the lack of adorable glass bottles. They’re not all to my taste, of course, and I’ve only tried a handful from the range available on their website. I’m sure I’ll find some that I don’t like yet …

But this one? Yeah, I liked it. If you like well-rounded, great-tasting tobacco flavours, and want to get on the NET bandwagon, check these out. If you don’t like Shade, you could also try Havano Dark or Havano Gold, Appleleaf, or Perique. I’ve got them all with the exception of Appleleaf. I’m half-glad. I’m not sure how I feel about mixing apple in with my tobacco.

Great job, Red Vape. I really liked this one. Thanks again for sending me this wonderful vape haul!

Find Red Vape Reserva Shade here.

Find Red Vape here:

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HONESTY POLICY: These Red Vape eliquids were sent to me by Red Vape. I did not pay for these products. I was not paid for my review, and I will not be paid for my review. All opinions are mine and in no way influenced by the brand / manufacturer.

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