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Riot Squad Eliquid Review – Vape Direct

Riot Squad Eliquid Review

Another brand I hadn’t heard of until I received my Vape Direct “surprise package”, I loved the Riot Squad eliquid name. Once I’d taken a peek at the other flavours on offer, I’d basically already placed my second order before I’d even opened the first batch of three bottles. With delights such as Smashed Apple Pie, Pink Grenade, and Strawberry Scream, they sound mouth-watering. But do they live up to the taste? I guess that’s what you’re here to find out, in my Riot Squad eliquid review.

Oh, and in case you wanted to see that Vape Direct “Surprise Package” unbox and review, you can find it here:

I’ll start with the basics – the need-to-know info:

  • They’re made in the UK
  • They-re free from Diacetyl
  • They’re free from alcohol 
  • They have glass-dripper bottles
  • They come in childproof bottles (that I also struggle to open) 
  • They’re sub-ohm liquids to be used with sub-ohm tanks
  • They’re a 30 / 70 PG / VG ratio
  • They come in 30ml bottles, at £14.95 per bottle

All good stuff so far right? Made in the UK is always a good start as far as I’m concerned, and I LOVED the fact that everything is so clear on the bottles – they’re very well designed. The labelling is awesome. You can see everything you need to see, without having to hunt around the bottle to find it. It’s right there on the front.

Moving on, here are the flavours I’ve tried so far …

Riot Squad Eliquid Review

Riot Squad Eliquid Review - Vape Direct

Riot Squad Eliquid – Sub-Lime

I absolutely LOVED this e-liquid. Lime is one of those flavours that sneaks up on me – I never realise I actually like it until someone gives me some to try. It started with the Pocket Fuel Key Lime Pie, and this one reminds me a little of that – sweet, filled with a really tangy lime flavour, and really refreshing. It’s not too sweet or too tangy – right in the middle.

Riot Squad Eliquid Review - Vape Direct

It’s not overpowering – there’s just enough lime I felt and I’d actually go as far as to say that this was the best lime-based e-liquid I’ve tried so far, and it’s a bottle I’m definitely going to buy again. I don’t usually pick fruity flavours that often but this one definitely is a great juicy one.

A non-vaper (“sort-of smoker”) tried the Riot Squad Sub Lime eliquid (in the Vape Direct Voyage Sub Mini kit), and said it was “delicious”. He also went on to say that it “actually tasted like lime” and that it was “super refreshing”.

I guess you could say thats a positive Riot Squad eliquid review! 😉

Addition: Dan also tried this one and loved it. He’s going to buy a bottle all for himself.

Riot Squad Eliquid – Cola Cooler

Right, I’m going to be honest, I didn’t like this one. I didn’t ‘get it’. I expected to inhale and get a taste of something cola-bottle candy like, but it wasn’t anything like that. In fact, I don’t really think it’s anything like cola at all.

It has a real cool, icy aftertaste, which I probably should have guessed from the name, but it’s a bit eucalyptus-menthol-y. I found it overpowered the taste of the cola completely, so in the end, it was not much a flavour but more of an icy throat-grab, even at the low  strength – 0.3%. After using it for three or four inhales, I just couldn’t handle it anymore.

Riot Squad Eliquid Review - Vape Direct

I don’t really like menthol e-liquids anyway – I’m much more of a cereal-based kinda gal, so I handed it over to Dan, the other reviewer for the website and regular vaper of menthol liquids, and I asked for his opinion. Most of the time he likes what I don’t and vice versa, which I feel is good as it gives you lovely people a slightly better idea. In true Dan-fashion, he liked it. So I guess if you like menthol, you’ll love the Cola Cooler e-liquid from Riot Squad, and if you don’t, you won’t.

Addition: After using it for a few days, I’ve actually grown to dislike it less. (Only because Dan told me to give it a chance.) I used it with the Vape Direct Voyage Sub Ohm Mini Kit and I found if I closed the air-holes a little on my vaporiser, the throat hit wasn’t quite so intense. Once I did that, it was much more enjoyable although I’ll be honest, it’s probably not a flavour I’d buy again. Dan, on the other hand, said he probably would. (Although it’s not his favourite flavour either.)

Riot Squad Eliquid – Grapple & Slapcurrant

I didn’t understand the name in the unbox video (which you can find HERE), and when I opened the bottle to smell it, I felt it smelled just like cough medicine … I really don’t like cough medicine. Like at all. Any of them. Not Halls, Soothers, any of the stuff you can buy in bottles. Let’s just say it didn’t bode well for this Riot Squad eliquid review. I wanted to hate it right away.

Riot Squad Eliquid Review - Vape Direct

To be fair, I did hate it. It was far too much for me – too much of that icy, menthol-like throat grab and aftertaste that I found with the Cola Cooler, and just not enough of whatever snapple and slapcurrant is meant to be. It’s got a really deep, gruff and hearty berry hit to it, and combined with that odd icy-cool throat grab and aftertaste, I just found it too much. I think we’ve established I like cereal and tobacco liquids over fruity and menthol.

I handed it over to Dan as usual, and this was what he had to say about it:

“Oh that’s weird. I like it though. It’s like fruity berries with menthol. Weird but nice.”

So I guess it was just me who didn’t like it then. Once again, I think if you like menthol flavours (or at least that menthol throat hit), you’ll love these fruity offerings from Vape Direct – Riot Squad.


So … here’s a super embarrassing admission. I gave this eliquid a bad review because I used it with a ‘contaminated’ tank, so for the Grapple & Slapcurrant Riot Squad eliquid review, I’d like to eat my words for a moment.

When Dan and I used the liquid for the first time, it would appear we used in a tank that had previously contained a menthol style e-liquid, and that combined with the apple and blackcurrant mix in the Riot Squad liquid to create something that really wasn’t pleasant.

After letting Vape Direct know of my initial thoughts on the liquid, they told me that the liquid shouldn’t have tasted quite like that, so after grabbing myself a brand new tank and a brand new coil (the Voyage Sub Ohm Mini from Vape Direct), I decided to give it another shot.

The liquid still smells of cough medicine, I won’t take that back, but obviously without those menthol undertones, the liquid itself offers none of that icy hit. In fact, it wasn’t actually that bad. Not really to my taste, but even Dan admitted that it tasted much better than it did the first time around.

When not tainted with the menthol contamination, you can definitely taste the apple and blackcurrant mix in this liquid, not so much the apple but the blackcurrant you definitely can. And it’s actually a pretty decent taste too. That’s saying something when you consider I don’t like apple and blackcurrant as it is, and I think this smells like cough medicine.

So, Vape Direct – I apologise. I got the Riot Squad eliquid review wrong the first time, but I will always admit when I’m in the wrong so here’s me putting my hands up!

(I still wouldn’t buy it again, but I totally agree that it doesn’t have an icy / menthol undertone when you don’t use it in a contaminated tank … )

***After initially trying these three flavours, I was sent a parcel from Riot Squad (as I didn’t get to go to the vaper expo) and I then tried and reviewed the following flavours.***

Riot Squad Eliquid Review

Riot Squad Smashed Apple Pie

When I received the new lot of eight Riot Squad e-liquids, I was (obviously) super excited about the two strawberry-based flavours (as you’ll tell from the video – coming soon), but this one was the third one on the list to try. I really like a good apple flavoured e-liquid, especially when it’s an apple pie-type flavour, rather than a generic fruity apple flavour. And the good news is this one actually tastes like apple pie. I couldn’t help but think it would have gone great with a bottle of vanilla too …. Apple pie and custard, anyone?

Riot Squad Eliquid Review

The flavour itself is not as gruff as it smells – it has quite the potent apple pie scent, but when you vape with it, everything is much more muted. It tastes great, and smells great too, but it’s just not as flavoursome as you’d think it would be. That’s not a bad thing – I found it a very enjoyable e-liquid that I could see myself using regularly. I normally use a sub ohm liquid for a few days and then get sick of it. That hasn’t happened with the Smashed Apple Pie at all.

This was actually the first of the eight new bottles that I finished first, obliterating it in just a week or so, and it’s the first one I’ll be adding to my next order from these guys. If you want a flavoursome apple pie eliquid, this one’s a winner as far as I’m concerned.

Riot Squad Eliquid Review – Conclusion

Although a couple of the e-liquids took me a little longer to get ‘acquainted’ with, the flavours really are lovely. They might not have been to my taste, but everyone who tried them (both vapers and non-vapers) seemed to really like them. They actually taste like the flavours they’re meant to taste like, and you can see what the flavours are from the website before you buy it. I like that – sometimes there can be a lot of guess-work involved when you’re picking weird and wonderful named e-liquids from the internet.

Riot Squad Eliquid Review

At £14.95 for 30ml bottles, the price is very much in line with what I would usually pay for sub-ohm liquid, and it’s not too thick or gloopy to make it difficult to drip into a tank.

The Riot Squad eliquids all smell delightful, and when you’re vaping with them, the vapour smells lush too. That’s one of then best bits for me, in case you hadn’t already guessed.

I’d definitely recommend these Riot Squad eliquids, and I’d buy the Sub-Lime flavour again for myself. The Grapple & Slapcurrant and Cola-Cooler, probably not. They’re just not to *my* taste though. Dan is eager to try the Menthol Molotov, and Strawberry Scream and Pink Grenade is next on my list to try.

Have a peek for yourself – which ones would you be tempted by?

In conclusion, I actually can’t rate these e-liquids enough. Flavoursome, a great price, a great, smooth vape, well labelled … There’s not much I could have marked them down for. You should definitely give them a try!

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