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ROK Eliquid Review

ROK Eliquid Review

  • BEST FOR TOBACCO: Haven’t found it yet… 
  • BEST FOR MENTHOL: Haven’t found it yet… 
  • MY FAVOURITE: Haven’t found it yet… 
  • £ / 10ml: £4.99 / 10ml 

When I ordered the ROK Legend and tried it, I figured it only made sense to order some of the ROK Britannia e-liquids to give those a try too. Just in case you hadn’t seen the e-cig review, you can find it here: ROK Legend Review. You might know this brand by a few different names as it seems they’ve used loads – ROK Electronic Cigarettes, ROK Premium, Rok Britannia… Whatever you want to call the brand, I tried them and you can see what I thought about this range of juice in the ROK Eliquid review…

ROK Eliquid Review

ROK Eliquid Review

We’ll start with price. There are multi-buy offers when you buy in bulk but if you’re just looking for a bottle to try here and there like I was, just a few little additions to throw in with my ROK Legend ecig, you’ll be paying £4.99 for 10ml which, when compared to some of the other brands of eliquid, is actually not a bad price. You’ll be paying £4.99 for 10ml from Vapouriz so price-wise, it’s about what you would expect to pay. Plus, take a peek at the discount codes page and give the Twitter and Facebook pages a cheeky like and you’ll be kept up to date with all the latest discount codes and offers.

There are 30 different flavours to make your choice from, ranging from the regular tobacco and menthol stuff you’d expect to find alongside delights such as Key Lime Pie, Banana Split, Absinthe, Milk Chocolate, Absinthe, a bunch of different menthol varieties and a lot more besides. If it’s choice you’re looking for, you’ve come to the right place. There’s definitely plenty to make your choice from.

If you’re looking for a wide range of strengths, you’ll also find that ROK offers you plenty of options once more. Starting with zero nicotine – 0% – to the highest on offer – 2.4% – you can wean yourself away from the vaping habit gradually if you’re looking to quit altogether, or just play around with strengths until you find one that works well for you. I tend to fluctuate between 1.2% and 2.4% (as you can see from the varying strengths of the e-liquid in my photos).

Now for all the important stuff:

ROK eliquid is made in the UK. 

It’s made with Using US & European pharma grade nicotine & e liquid dilutants, with grade natural & nature identical flavourings all sourced within the EU. 

The 10ml bottles are childproof. 

Multi-buy offers for ROK eliquid include save 10% when you buy any 20 bottles or save 5% when you buy 10 bottles. 

Now to take a look at the flavours I’ve tried so far and what I thought about them…

ROK Eliquid Review – Flavours I’ve Tried

ROK Eliquid Review

Tahitian Vanilla 2.4%

ROK Eliquid Review I’m not really the biggest fan of vanilla eliquid and I tend to find them too sweet, too sickly, and too sticky, often clogging up my coils and causing me to need to replace them more regularly than I otherwise would with lighter liquids. The Tahitian Vanilla from ROK did just what I thought it might – it proved too sweet, too sickly, and too sticky to use, and although seemed to work fine in my ROK Legend e-cig, actually went thick and gloopy in my Vapouriz Fuse. I would have persevered through this but sadly, I didn’t like the flavour much either. The first inhale from a full, re-filled tank was nice and vanilla tasting but from puff two onwards, I could barely taste it and when I could, there was something about it I didn’t like. I think it was the aftertaste, almost like it has been diluted a little too much?

I don’t know what it was but I didn’t like it. Next.

Sweet Cherry 2.4%

ROK Eliquid Review I actually quite liked this one but just like Tahitian Vanilla, I found the flavour just didn’t last long enough for me.

The first few puffs from a full tank were filled with a delightful and actually quite realistic sweet cherry flavour, but from puff three onwards, there was nothing.

It seems as though only the first few drops has some flavour and then there’s nothing in the rest. I actually found it very disappointing as I really enjoyed the flavour of this one.

Original Tobacco 1.8%

ROK Eliquid Review I always find myself going down a strength level with tobacco flavours as I can find them very touch and go. I wish I’d gone a bit higher with this one. In fact, I wish I hadn’t bought it at all. It doesn’t taste like tobacco at all. I thought it tasted very much like plastic, much in the same way I found the taste of the Vype ePen’s tobacco cartridges. I just really didn’t like it. I only refilled my tank once with the liquid and I haven’t bothered using it since.

The tobacco doesn’t taste like tobacco, and it almost has a vanilla aftertaste. There’s no almost about it – there’s a weird vanilla aftertaste. It’s as though the liquid has been stuck in limbo between two other flavours and the mix hasn’t gone quite right. It’s not one I would buy again, try again, or even recommend… Sorry.

Mountain Menthol 2.4%

ROK Eliquid Review I gave this one to Dan as I’m not a fan of menthol vapes at all. He loves a good menthol burst but just like the others we tried for this ROK eliquid review, he wasn’t a fan of this one either.

Plenty of flavour in the first few puffs and nothing in the follow-up. Same old, same old, we know how this story goes now right?

A nice, icy menthol flavour, as mountain-y as it sounds, it was great to start with and dull to finish with, just another reason why we won’t be ordering it again.

ROK Eliquid Review – The Conclusion

I’ll be honest, there weren’t many redeeming features in the four bottles of ROK eliquid I tried. I was actually super disappointed by the delightful flavours but the total lack of staying power. When not even the vapour smells like whatever flavour you’re vaping with, you know you’re in trouble.

I think that these liquids need a little more oomph – more flavour, more something. The thought was there, it just felt as if it hadn’t been followed through. It’s a shame as the ROK Legend is actually a very decent little e-cig that I would highly recommend. I just wouldn’t advise putting this eliquid in it.

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