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Six Licks Love Bite Eliquid Review

I’ve been reviewing again! (It’s about time, right?) I’ve been working on both video and written reviews, and just one brand that I’ve been ploughing through recently is Six Licks. Seeing as I’m in the midst of a video-editing frenzy, I thought I might treat you to a little preview with the Six Licks Love Bite eliquid review. Let me tell you something: this sub-ohm juice surprised me a lot!

Six Licks Love Bite Eliquid Review 1

About Six Licks

Six Licks are made in the UK by ‘Vape Supplier Limited,’ or so the bottle states. They only seem to be available in the larger 120 ml (with 100 ml of liquid) Chubby Gorilla bottles; I didn’t find any smaller 10 ml bottles on offer. My bottles were sent to me directly from Six Licks, but I will add a list of vendors at the bottom of this post.

There are five different flavours on offer:

  • Bluemonia – Blue Raspberry Ice
  • Melon on my Mind – Honeydew Melon Ice
  • Bite the Bullet – Blackcurrant Aniseed Ice
  • Love Bite – Blood Orange Grapefruit
  • Liquid Gold – Blackberry Apple Raspberry

Why is the brand called Six Licks when there are only five flavours on offer? This makes me a little cranky. Six flavours would have made much more sense. 

Six Licks Love Bite Eliquid Review 9

I went with Love Bite to start with; only because it reminded me of being a naive teen. (Think about it 💋.) I ALMOST got annoyed by the whole weird-name thing that vape manufacturers and brands do with their juices, calling them stupid things that are entirely unrelated; “Unicorn Turds” or something equally ridiculous. How am I meant to know what I’m vaping with silly names like that? Thankfully, Six Licks kept it close enough to something sensible with MOST of them for me not to lose my shiz.

Keep it together, girl.

Six Licks Love Bite Eliquid Review

I was really worried about the ‘cooling agent’ business; it’s noted as an ingredient in all of the Six Licks flavours that I received, halting my plans to try and find a non-icy one to try first. There wasn’t one. The ingredients/flavours listed for this one are blood orange flavouring, grapefruit flavouring, cooling agent, strawberry flavouring, sweetener, in that order. There is VG and PG in there too, obviously — 70/30.

Six Licks Love Bite Eliquid Review 6

The website says:

“Once bitten, twice shy … or so they say. This blood orange and grapefruit medley will always keep you curious.”

Awww, I feel kinda sad for the strawberry, all kicked out like that. No mention, no credit, no nothing. Hang in there, strawberry. I know you’re there, buddy.

Move it along, Kim; they’re not here for your strawberry-sympathy 🍓

I’ll get the massive elephant in the room out the way, nice and early. The cooling agent is not a knock-you-to-your-ass icy hit, but more of a kinda there, kinda blended-in waft. You can tell it’s in there, but it doesn’t affect the taste. It doesn’t TASTE of menthol. It tastes of blood orange and grapefruit, but with a warm cooling agent hit that makes it tart and tangy. I can’t stand eliquids that contain cooling agent and all you can taste is weird eucalyptus-menthol. Yuck. Love Bite is nothing like that.  It’s definitely a deep, fruity ejuice with a beautiful sweet-icy chaser. Fruit first, ice later.

Six Licks Love Bite Eliquid Review 2

❄️ The cooling agent DOES NOT overpower the fruity flavour. Y’know, just in case you’re a cooling-agent-avoider. I am usually, but this one has been very cleverly put together.

Now that we’ve gotten that nicely out the way, let’s get to the heart of the matter — what Love Note by Six Licks actually tastes like …


On the inhale, you’ve got a lovely deep orange flavour, but I wouldn’t say it was overly citrusy or sharp. I actually think it’s quite a warming flavour for something that has “cooling agent” added. I’ve never personally eaten a blood orange, so I can’t really say whether or not this liquid is true to taste, but it does have that familiar orange candy-style taste to it. I liked it. Reminds me a little bit of those orange triangle ice lolly things. Let me Google it quick …


Those things are delightful in the summer.

Six Licks Love Bite Eliquid Review 3

You can taste the grapefruit too, but it’s not as obnoxiously tart as the fruit’s taste can be. Gosh, grapefruit juice gives me the meanest heartburn. Love Bite isn’t heartburn-inducing, thankfully, but the grapefruityness is definitely there. Neither of the fruit overpowers the other, and I don’t actually think one of the fruits is stronger than the other either. It’s a good mix of blood orange and grapefruit. Well, orange and grapefruit; I’m not so sure about the “blood” orange.

It is on the exhale that you’ll notice that cooling agent more, I think. It wraps itself around the fruit, adding an extra layer. It’s definitely there — you can feel the kick on the back of the throat, but it’s not unpleasant. I really don’t like eliquids with that cooling ingredient much. There aren’t many that I would go out of my way to buy again, but this one was a nice one. Not too much. I approve.

Could I taste the strawberry? Ummmm, nope. I kinda feel silly now for my earlier strawberry-related sympathy. To be honest … I don’t think you can taste the strawberry hints at all. I couldn’t taste it anyway. It must add some sweetness to it, grapefruit and blood orange being quite tart flavours, but I couldn’t make it out individually.

With/Without Nic Shots:

I received my Six Licks Short Fill eliquids without nic shots, so I had to wait a few days for nic stuff to turn up before I could try them WITH nicotine added. I figured this would give me the perfect opportunity to see if there was any difference or watering-down of the taste once it had been. After reading a really great post on Vaping With Jay’s blog about *some* short-fill bottles not being right, it made me wonder what my juices would be like minus nic shots. I’d never tried any of my short fills without. That’s bad, right? Bad reviewer. (Although, I imagine that I’m not the only one.)

I added 2 x 18mg 70VG/30PG 10 ml nic shot bottles to make 120 ml of 3 mg eliquid. You could also add just the one 10ml nic shot bottle + a 10 ml bottle of VG/PG too OR just 20 ml of VG/PG to make it up to 120 ml.

Six Licks Love Bite Eliquid Review 4

I didn’t notice a change in flavour before/after adding nic shots. I actually thought there might be some change. A little bit? It tastes exactly the same. If there was a dullness in flavour intensity, I didn’t notice it. Should I have done?

Well … that was a crap experiment. At least now you know!

Six Licks Love Bite Eliquid Review – Conclusion

Considering this is another of the cooling agent gang and usually, an eliquid flavour that I would have dreaded trying a little bit, Love Bite is actually a very refreshing and fruity little number that I actually really like. The icy hit is more warming than frosty-cool, and it’s not so overpowering that you can’t make out the more complex fruit flavours.

Six Licks Love Bite Eliquid Review 5

Would I buy Six Licks Love Bite again? You know what? I actually would. Considering the cooling agent business, which I’ve now talked about far too much, this fruity little number is really delightful and not complicated by the addition of it. The ‘cooler’ enhances the vape, rather than turning it into an icy mess.

Would I recommend Six Licks Love Bite to you? If you’re on the hunt for a cooling agent kick that’ll knock you right on your ass, this one might be a tad disappointing for you. For me, however, it has just the right amount to make it a juice I can vape with time and time again. I’ve been vaping with this beaut for a few days now and I’m showing no signs of getting bored of it yet.

⭐️Yeah, I’ll give Six Licks Love Bite 4/5 stars! ⭐️

The only thing that would make this one better for me is for it to have none of that cooling agent in it at all.

Six Licks Love Bite Eliquid Review 8

You can buy Six Licks eliquid from the following places:

👉 – Six Licks Love Bite 100 ml – £22.99

(+ 2 x 18mg 10ml 70VG/30PG nic shot for 3mg strength)

👉 – Six Licks Love Bite 100 ml – £22.99

(They also offer 10 x nic shots for £15 + 3 x 120 ml Six Licks liquid for £60)

🚦I haven’t used either of these websites.

Check out the Six Licks website:

Don’t forget to follow Six Licks here too:

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*Prices & information correct at time of writing. 

HONESTY POLICY: Six Licks sent me Love Bite + other Six Licks eliquids for a review. I did not pay for these vape products. I was not paid for my review and I will not be paid for my HONEST review. All opinions are mine and in no way influenced by the store, brand, or manufacturer.

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