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Smok Helmet Tank Review

Smok Helmet Tank Review

I’ve been reading/listening to other people’s thoughts and opinions on Smok products for so long now, I’d pretty much persuaded myself never to buy anything the brand released. I certainly never expected to tap up this Smok Helmet tank review. But, here we are … “They leak!” “They’re crap!” “Enjoy throwing your money down the drain!” I’ve heard and read it all and I’ll be the first to admit that I’d become biased by accident. I never ended up buying a Smok product, I never received a Smok product in a vape care package, I just left the brand…

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Not the best, but not the worst either.

Summary : Warning - This Smok Helmet Tank review contains more negatives than positives. Temperamental, occasionally gungy, and a few more flaws ... It's probably not the best tank for vapers who aren't known for their patience (like me). Great vapour production though!

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I’ve been reading/listening to other people’s thoughts and opinions on Smok products for so long now, I’d pretty much persuaded myself never to buy anything the brand released. I certainly never expected to tap up this Smok Helmet tank review. But, here we are …

“They leak!”

“They’re crap!”

“Enjoy throwing your money down the drain!”

I’ve heard and read it all and I’ll be the first to admit that I’d become biased by accident. I never ended up buying a Smok product, I never received a Smok product in a vape care package, I just left the brand alone. It’s not like there aren’t a hundred and one other brands to try.

That makes me a bad vape blogger/reviewer, doesn’t it — if I DON’T try a particular brand or vape device just because someone else said it was bad? I figured I’d try it out for myself and form my own opinions. Pick a Smok product apart in my own little way.

Smok Helmet Tank Review 11

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I opted for the Smok Helmet tank because it was part of a deal with a Neon Box Mod, from UKECIGSTORE. £19.99 for the tank and box mod … Not a bad deal. I wasn’t bothered about the box, but I figured I could always give it away if I wasn’t that impressed by it. (After reviewing it and giving you my bitchy thoughts, obviously.) I needed a new tank as I was getting bored of my others, so I gave the Smok Helmet tank a shot. It was cheap. What did I have to lose?

Smok Helmet Tank Review

I’ll get the specifics out the way first; you get the 2ml capacity tank (typical 510 thread) with one pre-installed coil (0.4-ohm), and a spare coil (0.6-ohm) in the box, plus a few spare parts — o-rings, that kind of thing. There’s also an instruction manual, plus a little silica gel sachet.

In the interest of public safety (and since we’re all apparently vaping tide pods and putting other such weird crap in our mouths these days), DO NOT EAT, VAPE, OR DO STUPID STUFF WITH THE SILICA GEL SACHET.

Smok Helmet Tank Review 12

The 0.4-ohm coil (pre-installed) is designed to be vaped between 20 and 45 watts.

The 0.6-ohm coil (spare) is designed to be vaped between 25 and 60 watts.


I like the compact packaging that the tank came in, although I know packaging isn’t *that* important. I do get slightly annoyed with the unnecessary large boxes and masses of plastic that often come with vape stuff. All that crap … I’m trying to be more eco-friendly over here, you know?

Don’t forget to check out the scratch-reveal box on the side to make sure your tank is authentic before you use it. I forgot to do this. My bad. (I have now. Mine’s all authentic. Is yours?)


I quite like the way the Smok Helmet tank looks, although I’m not the biggest fan of white vape tanks or boxes. They get dirty really quickly. I can’t have anything white. If I put a white t-shirt on, it’ll be covered in ketchup, coffee, or something else suspicious-looking within three minutes. A white vape would inevitably suffer the same fate. I’m just not the kinda of gal who can wear white. Waaaaah.

Smok Helmet Review 3

It has nice, big windows on either side. I like that. The logo looks good on it (although it is quite large), and I like the mouthpiece too. It’s got a really good shape to it, but you can’t switch the mouthpiece out for another, just in case you were looking for that.

Little note: there is a rim between the main part of the tank and the mouthpiece — it fills with crumbs constantly. I must be the skankiest vaper in the world because I’m always scraping fluff and crumbs out of it. The mouthpiece also seems to fill up with grime, crumbs, fluff and other weird stuff pretty regularly too. That’s quite annoying, especially when you don’t realise and inhale something unidentifiable into your mouth.

Smok Helmet Review 5

Mmmmm, nice. 

I didn’t really like the way the Smok Helmet tank looked on the Neon Box Mod. The white-on-white didn’t appeal to me (hello, dirt-factor), and the tank overhung on the box by a little bit. You do need to remember that this isn’t a proper ‘kit’ though. It was a package deal put together by UKECIGSTORE.

I actually really liked the way the Smok Helmet tank looked on the Vapor Storm Subverter and Puma Box Mods. No overhanging there.


The Smok Helmet tank has a childproof lock on it that I find difficult. Just me. I tried it out on Mister and he can work it just fine. You need to push down and twist, which seems easy enough, but I kept getting it wrong. I seem to have gotten the hang of it now, but I still find myself unscrewing for ages and getting nowhere fast sometimes.

Smok Helmet Review 7

I’m not the biggest fan of the internal design of the tank. It’s a similar style to the Aspire Cleito EXO. I’m not sure how best to describe it, but I prefer a tank where you fill up AROUND the coil, rather than taking the mouthpiece and coil out. That’s what happens with the Smok Helmet — you take the mouthpiece out, the coil comes with it, and you’re left with an empty chamber.

I find that overfilling and gunging is easier with tanks that require removal of the coil for refilling — you must remember to allow for the higher liquid level once the coil has been put back into place. Life gets messier when you take out the coil too. The liquid that coats it then leaks down onto the underside of the mouthpiece if you place it with the mouthpiece facing down.

Smok Helmet Review 9

Despite all of that, the Smok Helmet tank is actually pretty easy to fill up. Just pay attention to the maximum fill lines on the opposite side to the Smok logo. Otherwise, you’ll overfill and end up gungy.


Right, I didn’t like this bit. There isn’t an obvious airflow bit; it’s the space between the main chamber of the tank and the mouthpiece. To open and close the airflow hole, you turn the rotating top cap that you would remove to refill the tank, but without pushing down on it. (The child safety bit.)

Smok Helmet Review 13

It is not obvious just by looking at it if the airflow is open or closed. I think the little ‘click’ you feel is when the mouthpiece is wide open.


So, 0.4-ohm coil primed and ready to go, I dripped some BEAR FLAVORS Panda into the tank and screwed everything back together. Because I’m a Grade A moron, I managed to completely ignore the max-fill lines and end up covered in juice. Make sure you know where the fill lines are before you start … Don’t make the same silly mistake that I did.

Smok Helmet Review 4

I screwed the tank onto the Neon Box Mod, fired everything up and … Well, bugger all happened, apart from the screen screaming the word “SHORTED” at me.

Okay, so, screaming is probably a slight exaggeration, but whatever.

Smok Helmet Tank Review 15

I unscrewed everything, made a mess, poured eliquid over myself, and then pieced it all back together. Once again, I screwed the tank onto the Neon Box Mod and fired it up. Thankfully, it worked the second time around.

Vapes Like …

The Smok Helmet tank actually vapes pretty well and I was surprised by that. I’m not really sure why, but I think it’s because everyone else told me every Smok product was a piece of poo. This one was smooth on the inhale, no loud hissing or weird gurgling, it didn’t get too hot …

I kept waiting for it all to go horribly wrong and it didn’t.

Smok Helmet Review 10

Vapour production was about what I had expected — more than the Aspire Cleito EXO (but the EXO isn’t my favourite tank for big clouds), but not as much as what the Innokin Scion tank could offer. I’d class the Smok Helmet tank as a mid-way tank — a bit in the middle. Not total crap, but not really amazing either.

Temperamental … 

One of the things that irritate the actual pants off me about this tank, is that it only works when it wants to. There are times where I can vape with it fine all day, but I’ll pick it up the next day — exactly the same tank on exactly the same box mod, at exactly the same watts, with exactly the same juice in it  — and it just won’t work. There’s no reason behind it. Nothing happened. It’s just like a teenager with the hump for what seems like no apparent reason, except the Smok Helmet tank doesn’t just slump off to his room and play on the XBox for 15 hours straight. Instead, it gives me the vaguest and most annoying error message of them all, on the box screen:

“Check Atomizer”

10/10 annoying.

The tank doesn’t really seem to like either of the Vapor Storm box mods much — the Subverter or the Puma. Everything was fine at first, but now I can’t get the tank to work on either box without that dreaded message at all. No amount of screwing, unscrewing, bashing, poking, throwing, shouting at, or stabbing fixes it.

Smok Helmet Tank Review 14

I occasionally get the “Check Atomizer” message when I use the Smok Helmet tank on top of the Neon Box Mod. Not always, but enough for me to not even bother trying the two together anymore. It’s quite ironic since that was the actual ‘kit’ I bought — the Smok Helmet tank with the Neon Box Mod from UKECIGSTORE.

The only box that has NO problems with the Smok Helmet tank (yet) is the Jac Vapour Series-B DNA 75W. The tank and box work together every time.

Tastes Like … 

The flavour wasn’t amazing. It’s no Aspire Cleito EXO tank, but it’s not bad. If the EXO gets five stars out of five for flavour, the Smok Helmet tank gets three and a half. Not the best, but the tank cost me a tenner … Three and a half stars isn’t a bad score.

Leaks Like … 

Ah, now we come to the point that everyone told me about. The leak. The infamous Smok tank leak that apparently every single Smok tank suffers with. (Or so I’ve read/heard.)

Did mine leak? 

Yes, but only when I left the tank lying on its side. 

When the tank was the right way up, I never had a leak. I placed my vape down on the sheets as I was getting for ready for bed (you know how women like to take their time), and there was a leaky patch left behind when I picked it up.

When the tank isn’t left on its side, it doesn’t leak, or it hasn’t up until this point. (If anything changes, I’ll be sure to come back and let you know, I promise.) Quite a few vape tanks leak when they’ve been left on their side for a few minutes. They’re not exactly meant to be left sideways with juice in.

0.6-Ohm Coil 

So, I waited quite a long time for the 0.4-ohm coil to turn bad. I think I was using the tank and first coil, on and off, for around three or four weeks before the juice started to taste different. I’d read, heard and seen that other vapers went through their Smok coils really quickly, so this surprised me.

I think it was about the four-week mark that I changed the coils over in the end, and I still reckon I could have gotten a bit more use out of the 0.4-ohm when I threw it away. 

It was as I changed the two coils that I noted there was a difference between the two, and not just ohms. The new 0.6-ohm coil had a rubber orange bit attached but the older 0.4-ohm coil didn’t. I wonder if that could have caused the little leak I had? 

Smok Helmet Tank Review 16

Could I tell the difference in vapour and throat hit between the 0.4-ohm and 0.6-ohm coils? 

No, not really. I could have put either coil in my tank and not been able to tell which one was which. I vaped the 0.4-ohm coil between 30 and 40 watts, depending on the liquid. The 0.6-ohm coil was better suited to the 35-45 range. I didn’t prefer one over the other. 

Just one final point that I’d like to make about the new 0.6-ohm coil — the box mods that DIDN’T work with the tank with the 0.4-ohm coil, all of a sudden started working with the new 0.6-ohm ones. It was all very odd and I don’t really know why, but I had no problems with the new coil.

Smok Helmet Tank Review – Conclusion 

I actually enjoyed using this tank, but it wasn’t the easiest one in the world to get along with. The pleasant, smooth inhale wasn’t enough to overcome the fact that I’d spent 15 minutes trying to get a box mod to work with it first. The constant clearing-away of gunk in the rim between the tank’s main chamber and mouthpiece was a pain in the backside too, as well as getting the fluff and grime out of the mouthpiece itself. I’m sure I don’t have that much buildup in other mouthpieces.

Smok Helmet Review 2

I found this tank to be  ‘in the middle’ for most things. The flavour was in the middle. The vapour production was decent, but it was a fiddly device to work with. I don’t like that you needed to take both the coil and the mouthpiece out to refill. I think it makes things sticky and gunky. There were a few positives, but more than a few negatives. The latter won.

Would I buy the Smok Helmet tank again? When I’m done with my coils, I won’t buy more. I wouldn’t buy the tank again if this one broke either. It’s just not good enough for me. There are much better tanks, even for just a tenner.

Would I recommend the Smok Helmet tank to you? Not really. It’s not totally crap, but there are better tanks to spend your money on. I would still give other Smok tanks a shot, but decent vapour production and half-decent flavour isn’t enough for me to recommend this one.

⭐2.5 stars out of 5 …⭐

Not quite cutting the mustard for me.

I’ve seen the Smok Helmet tank online between £9.99 and £24.99. I would personally recommend the Aspire Cleito EXO tank over this one, for around the same price — £22.99 at UKECIGSTORE.

My Smok Helmet tank came from UKECIGSTORE and you can find it HERE.

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