Thursday , 5 December 2019

Smoko Discount Codes For Valentine’s Day ECigs

It seems that all the main ecig suppliers are jumping on the Valentine’s Day bandwagon this year and although e-cigarettes aren’t exactly the most romantic gift you could have thought up, it is most definitely a generous one – you will be saving a life. Well, you could potentially save a life.

Smoko are the latest company to offer a range of pretty impressive deals for Valentine’s Day e-cigarettes, and there are also a few discount codes you can make use of too. Just check out some of these goodies…

Get the e-cigarette starter kit with a funky ‘designer’ metal tin for just £9.99 with the Smoko discount code* START9. You’ll even get free shipping! When you consider that the RRP of this kit is £25, and shipping is normally only free once you’ve spent over £40, that’s not a bad deal at all.

Limited Edition Starter Kit available at Smoko for £9.99 with discount code START9. Click for more details!

Limited Edition Starter Kit available at Smoko for £9.99 with discount code START9. Click for more details!

The starter kit (which I have previously ordered and reviewed, you can see in the Smoko Review) gives you the funky little metal tin with one battery, two strong tobacco refills, and the USB charger. It might not sound like a lot but that’s all you’ll need to find out whether or not e-cigarettes are for you. Plus you can always add on an extra battery and some more cartridges (or shop for e-liquids to refill your own) and add to the collection. That’s the great thing about little kits like this – you can start with the basics and add extra batteries, cartridges, liquids and chargers at later dates, making it more affordable when you are trying to save money. We don’t all have £100 to spend on massive e-cig starter kits, right?

There are a few reasons why this Smoko deal is such a great idea, especially for Valentine’s Day. Spending £10 on a small starter kit for someone is better than spending over £40, £50 or even more, right? If you aren’t sure whether or not your hints at them quitting smoking will work as well as you thought, at least you won’t have spent a small fortune if they try it, don’t like it, and decide to continue smoking. Most people try one e-cig brand, give up because they don’t like it, and eventually go on to try different types, styles, shapes, sizes and find one that they do enjoy using. What works for one won’t work for another, so these cheapie starter kit deals are perfect to get an idea of how it’ll feel smoking them regularly.

Of course even if you won’t be making using of the Smoko discount codes for Valentine’s Day for someone else, you could always abuse the offers for yourself! If you’ve been thinking of quitting smoking for a while, or been considering giving these electronic starter kits a try, under a tenner isn’t a bad price for something that could end up changing your life…


For more information on Smoko, why not take a peek at the website? Alternatively, take a look at some of the other great Valentine’s Day e-cig offers I’ve unearthed, as well as many other e-cigarette discount codes:

*Smoko discount code expires on 28/02/2015


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