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Steepd Coaster Eliquid Review

Steepd Coaster Eliquid Review

Hey, guys and gals! Welcome back! How are you all doing? Today I decided to carry on with the Steepd eliquid reviews, and I want to pay a rather tangy one some special attention. Just in case you haven’t seen it already, you should check out the Steepd Sparkle Eliquid Review. I loved that one – the first one from the selection of five I was sent. I am slowly making my way through the rest of the flavours, and you’ll also notice that there’s a new video on Youtube too. I’m talking a little more about these delightful liquids.

I went into more information about the Steepd brand (and the dodgy ‘Flavour Menu’ I received) in the first review. Feel free to check it out so I don’t repeat myself over and over again. You can also find more information on the video, now live on my Youtube channel. You can find that here >

Steepd Coaster Eliquid Review

I will just start by giving you a brief rundown of what Steepd are all about:

  • UK made eliquid 
  • TPD compliant 
  • 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg strengths available
  • High VG – 80/20 
  • 4 x 10ml bottles for £15.99 on Alectrofag

* For the record, I was sent the wrong Flavour Menu. The typos weren’t meant to be there. I’ve seen the ‘real’ ones and they’re much better. I’ll shut up about it now.

Steepd Coaster Eliquid Review


The website states:

“A sweet sensation of lemon and limes all combined into a frozen ice cream.”

I won’t beat around the bush with you here, I had super high hopes for this eliquid after trying Sparkle and loving it so much. I quite like lime flavoured liquids, although it’s not generally one I’d pick when ordering for myself. Unless it’s on offer … You make special allowances for that kind of thing! 😉

Anyway, those high hopes … I didn’t like this one as much as I loved Sparkle. And I really did like Sparkle too. That one tasted like fizzy lemonade and natural raspberries, just as the description suggested. This one, however, wasn’t quite so true-to-taste in my opinion.

For the first few inhales, I found this liquid really scratchy. I remember saying that I thought Sparkle dehydrated me quite a lot (weird, I know), and I actually thought perhaps I was just being weird about it. This one does the same thing, however, and I found the lime to be more scratchy than tangy. Do you know what I mean?

I used the same device – Kangertech Nano Topbox tank + Aspire Archon box + brand new 0.5 ohm Clapton Coil between 45 and 60 watts – as I did for the Sparkle review. I also tried in a couple of other devices, mine and friends, and found it still to be quite ‘scratchy’.

Steepd Coaster Eliquid Review

If you can imagine a really dry lemon and lime, that’s the kind of scratchy we’re talking about here. The taste itself is actually not bad, although not as strong or as punch-packed as Sparkle. I didn’t really find it all that refreshing, and if truth be told, I was actually quite disappointed by this one.

You CAN taste the lime, but it’s a rather generic lemon and lime. Much like the bland and generic lemonade flavours I talked about in the Sparkle review. It’s quite gruff. I also think it’s lacking in some flavour, and also some sweetness. The flavour seems to be saturated all in that inhale, and there’s very little coming from the exhale.

I’m so sorry Steepd, but when you put Coaster next to Sparkle, Coaster just isn’t in the same league. You know when you get a McDonalds 7Up / Sprite and it comes in a cup filled with ice and all gets watered down? Yep, that’s what I thought about Coaster. Even Mr. best-ecig agreed that the vapour smell was a bit blah. Bearing in mind he’s well used to me blowing clouds in his general direction, he couldn’t work out what flavour this was meant to be. This was even after he’d actually vaped with it himself (and then coughed his guts up because that’s what he does, haha!)

The Rest …

The vapour production was decent, but that’s because these are high VG liquids – 80/20. I didn’t find this one to be as smooth as Sparkle. Despite being quite dry and scratchy, the liquid itself was quite smooth to actually vape with, but there was something about the vapour that just caught me by the back of the throat all the time. You can see more of what I mean in the video > Steepd Eliquid Review.

If I’m being honest, I was really disappointed. I had hoped this Steepd Coaster review would be much more positive, but I really couldn’t get on board with the flavour. I didn’t enjoy vaping with it, and I didn’t make it to the bottom of the tank. I poured this one out after a while. I kept trying. It kept making me cough. I give up.

I have now tried a few of the Steepd eliquid range, and I definitely don’t want you to base your opinion of the entire range on this one liquid alone. This one was the black sheep – the rest of them are actually really quite delightful, including the menthol ones. I’m not a fan of menthol, so that’s saying something.

Steepd Coaster Review – Conclusion

I’m not a fan. I won’t bang on about it anymore, but this isn’t one I would buy again. I don’t even know if I’m going to finish the bottle now. It makes me cough every single time I vape with it, regardless of what tank I use, what box I use, fresh coil or otherwise, and it doesn’t matter what wattage I use either. It’s just one of those liquids I really can’t get on with.

I have read other reviews / seen video reviews where vapers DO really like this liquid, and they seem to disagree with my thoughts on it. Remember that taste is a personal thing. You may very well enjoy this liquid, but against the rest of the range, I just found that this one seemed to be of cheaper quality, lacking in sweetness and flavour, and too dry.

Steepd Coaster Eliquid Review

Would I buy Steepd Coaster again? Nope.

Would I recommend Steepd Coaster to you? Sure, go ahead. As I’ve said, other vapers really enjoy this liquid. I PERSONALLY do not appreciate it though, and I felt it was the driest and scratchiest one of the bunch.

HONESTY POLICY: These Steepd eliquids were sent to me by Steepd. I did not pay for these products. I was not paid for my review, and I will not be paid for my review. All opinions are mine and in no way influenced by the brand / manufacturer.

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