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Steepd Sparkle Eliquid Review

Steepd Sparkle Eliquid review

The name Steepd gives the impression that this liquid has been steeped, therefore giving you plenty of flavour. That’s what I think anyway, and that’s the impression I had before I ripped open the box and tore into the goodies inside. Unless you hadn’t already guessed, this is the Steepd Sparkle eliquid review. If you’ve been following me on Twitter, you’ll already know that I received a little vape package from the delightful people behind Steepd eliquid, and I’ve started to review them …

Who are Steepd?

Steepd Sparkle Eliquid review

I’d never heard of them before they emailed me, but I did some research and this is what I’ve found out:

Steepd eliquids are made by a vape company called UFA Vape, and they’re based in Liverpool. These liquids are made in the UK, with all the highest quality ingredients, and they’re all TPD compliant, despite the bottles I received for the purposes of this review not being. A relatively new eliquid / vape brand, they seem to have made quite the name for themselves. I’ve spotted UFA Vape liquid in a few places since receiving my Steepd shipment, one of which is here > Alectrofag *

For the record, with my Steepd eliquid haul, I also received a couple of rubber vape protector things. (I didn’t know what these were before … I had to ask on Twitter!) These say “Alectrofag” on them.

*I have never purchased from this website.

Steepd Sparkle Eliquid Review

Steepd Sparkle Eliquid review

I’ll get to the important stuff. This is a sub ohm liquid – high VG – 80VG / 20PG. It’s available in 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg, and on the Alectrofag website, you can buy 4 x 10ml bottles for £15.99. That’s not a bad price. I tend to find that the average 10ml bottle costs about £5, so this one works out better when you buy it in those bigger multipacks.

(*Spoiler Alert!* After you’ve tasted it, you’re going to want to!)

It says it’s kosher on the bottle. There’s a nut allergy warning too, although on the website it does state that they have no knowledge of this product being in contact with anything nut-based.

Steepd Sparkle Eliquid review

I’m not sure where else you can buy this eliquid, but I will put the links to other online stores I have found stocks it. If you have found other places, please feel free to add them in the comments below this review. And thanks!


Now, before I go any further I probably should say that these are very clearly not TPD compliant bottles. I would imagine that Steepd eliquid sent me some of their non-TPD compliant stock to review. I received five 30 ml bottles at 3mg, in the following flavours – Sparkle, Walter White Xtra, Coaster, Pink Fizz, and Forest Mist. I missed these pretty bottles. I don’t know why we needed to get rid of them in the first place. It still doesn’t make any sense to me. These larger glass bottles look great, they’re just as safe as those stupid plastic ones, and they make the eliquid look ‘premium’. Oh, and don’t even get me started on how non-environmentally friendly those multiple daft plastic bottles are, with all the stupid cardboard boxes they come in.

Okay, I’ll stop moaning now. I love the bottles, okay?

Steepd Sparkle Eliquid review

While we’re on the subject of packaging … Where should I start? I received a really shoddy cardboard flyer in my review package. It says “Flavour Menu” on it, but I refuse to believe this is the actual flavour menu they pass on to customers. There were multiple spelling and grammar mistakes in it, and a few of us took the pee a little on Twitter … (Sorry, Steepd!) I did email the company to let them know. I mean, it makes the company look bad, doesn’t it? I think it does anyway. I know that we all make mistakes, particularly spelling mistakes, and even as a writer / blogger I even make them myself. I hold my hands up to that. But to have multiple spelling mistakes on just one A5 leaflet … ? That’s not cool. They managed to spell “raspberry” wrong twice, and totally differently both times! (Rasberry & Rasperries.)

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – the eliquid market is a saturated one, and you need to have something pretty special to make it stand out from the rest. Having really crappy promotional material does not help your cause. Sorry, but that’s my personal opinion. The little details DO matter.


Right, this is what they say:

“A summers day thirst quencher of natural raspberries and freshly squeezed fizzy lemonade”

Well, I love raspberries. I also love freshly squeezed lemonade. What’s not to love? I opened the bottle and took a deep inhale …


Let me tell you something right now – this eliquid is the nicest smelling liquid EVER. It’s mouthwateringly good. Good enough to drink, although I wouldn’t advise that. What can you smell? You instantly smell that lemonade hit, and it really does smell like the traditional freshly squeezed stuff, none of this 7Up or Sprite crap. To be honest, I didn’t think I could smell much of the raspberries from the bottle. I know that doesn’t mean anything though. I’ve long since learned that very few liquids actually taste as good as they smell in the bottle. It’s a shame really.

Steepd Sparkle Eliquid review

Anyway, I took that wonderful pipette drip lid that I miss so much on the smaller TPD-compliant bottles and I filled my tank. I used a brand spanking new coil in my Kangertech Nano Topbox. Yes, I’m still using it. I’ve long since given up on the Aspire Cleito EXO tank. I’m using a 0.5 ohm coil, and I’m vaping between 45 watts and 60 watts. It depends on my mood. And what time of the day it is. I’m definitely a heavier vaper the later the day goes on.


I’m going to get straight to the point. This stuff is lush. Honestly, it’s amazing. It tastes every bit as good as it smells, and for once, the taste is actually as powerful as the smell too.

I was worried that I wouldn’t taste any of that raspberry goodness because I couldn’t smell it from the bottle, but I worried over nothing. You can most definitely taste it when you vape with it, and it’s really delightful. This one actually is a wonderful thirst-quencher on a hot summer’s day! (Or thirst-clencher, as it says on my flyer. I’m giggling right now. And clenchin’!)

On the inhale you get that hit of raspberry. It’s quite tart, and made even tarter when the lemonade hits you on the way out, but it’s not too tart. There’s a fruity sweetness there that stops you making that scrunched-up fizzy face. It’s really nice. Nice isn’t a good enough word. You know when you find a brand new eliquid flavour that you love, completely out of the blue, and then you just can’t get enough of it? Yep, that’s this one for me. I can’t put it down. This was the first one I grabbed from the box of five, and I wasn’t even going to open it. I was going to save all that for the unbox video. I couldn’t though. Once I’d smelled Steepd Sparkle, I had to try it. I’m super glad I did.

Steepd Sparkle Eliquid review

Without going any further, I just want to give this eliquid a solid 5/5 stars for flavour. Honestly, it’s packed with flavour. Much more flavour than the Double Drip Co liquids I tried a while back. THIS is what they should have tasted like. Some of those Double Drip Co ones were nice, but a bit weak in the flavour department. These Steepd ones pack more of a flavour punch. A real POW, right in the face! That’s my personal opinion anyway.

The Rest …

The only drawback I can find with Steepd Sparkle eliquid is that, after a while of vaping with it, it can be a bit scratchy on the throat. I tend to get a really bad dry throat when I vape a lot anyway, but I just felt this one made me a bit thirstier than usual. It’s quite dry when you vape with it. Not plastic, cheap dry, but a sharp and tart dry. These are sharp and tart citrus fruits after all.

It kinda takes away from that thirst-quenching, but hey ho. It’s the smallest thing. I don’t even know if it’s important enough to mention. Do you get really thirsty when you vape with certain eliquids? Or is it just me?

Being an 80VG / 20PG I expected plenty of clouds. I wasn’t disappointed. You’ll get plenty with Steepd’s Sparkle. I went up to 60 watts and filled a room in no time at all. And then the room smelled like heaven too. I love it when my vapour does that.

With my Aspire Archon box and Kangertech Nano Topbox tank (0.5ohm coil) I enjoyed vaping with it at about 50-55 watts the most.

Steepd Sparkle Eliquid Review – Conclusion

I’ve vaped with a few okay-ish liquids recently. Ones that taste good but not quite powerful enough, or not enough of what you’re meant to be tasting. This liquid is not like any of those. This one has the kind of flavour I wish those other liquids had. There’s nothing really subtle about it, and I guess that’s why they’ve gone with the name ‘Steepd’. (I’m assuming that typo was deliberate … Sorry, I’ll stop making jokes now.)

Steepd Sparkle Eliquid review

The name works. I was expecting an eliquid that packed a mighty, flavour-filled punch and I got it. Plenty of flavour, plenty of clouds, and plenty of enjoyment. I’ve only tried one of the five flavours that I’ve been sent so far, but my first impressions of Steepd have been beyond brilliant. Well, with the exception of those typos but after tasting this, I think I might just let those slide.

I have one more final point to make before I end things. This eliquid is quite thick. Very thick actually. In my experience you’ll go through coils quicker when you vape with a really thick, gloopy mixture. I’ve been using mine for a few days now without any worries, but I just want to give you a heads up.

Would I buy Steepd Sparkle again? Yep. Wholeheartedly YES!

Would I recommend Steepd Sparkle to you? Yes. Try it right now. Immediately. If not sooner. Okay, maybe don’t buy these if you’re looking for a muted flavour or something that doesn’t pack a powerful punch. Because this one does. It tastes just like it’s meant to. All fizzy and tangy and fruity-loveliness.

HONESTY POLICY: These Steepd eliquids were sent to me by Steepd. I did not pay for these products. I was not paid for my review, and I will not be paid for my review. All opinions are mine and in no way influenced by the brand / manufacturer.

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