Thursday , 23 May 2019

StopTober 2015 – It’s Not Too Late!

Stoptober 2015

If you have missed the boat for StopTober 2015 but still fancy giving it a shot, why not start now? It doesn’t really matter whether you start on the 1st October or the 1st December. The point here is that you at least give it a shot – you at least give quitting smoking for 28 days a shot. Because when you do, you’ll be part of something pretty special.

StopTober 2015 is the largest stop smoking campaign to date with many countries around the world now adopting this UK phenomenon. In simple terms StopTober is the challenge to stop smoking for 28 days in October which will improve your chances of quitting tobacco five fold!

Over the last few weeks we have seen an array of well-known comedians and celebrities pushing the StopTober campaign and with over 250,000 signups for 2014 there are high hopes of even greater numbers this year.

Switching to electronic cigarettes

While nobody is suggesting that a switch to electronic cigarettes is as good as quitting tobacco, for many people it is a stepping stone. Recent reports suggest that electronic cigarettes are “95% less harmful” than their tobacco counterparts although all parties agree that further long-term trials are required. However, even the most ardent of critics acknowledge that tobacco cigarettes are significantly more harmful than electronic cigarettes.

StopTober promotions

A number of electronic cigarette companies have joined the stop smoking push offering an array of disposable, rechargeable and vaping electronic cigarettes. There are some excellent bargains out there and there is no doubt that a switch to electronic cigarettes is proving extremely beneficial for many former smokers. Those who switch to electronic cigarettes often report relatively quick improvements in their health although these can vary from person to person. 

The fact that electronic cigarettes contain only a handful of ingredients, with the main one being nicotine, is something which is not widely appreciated. So, the ability to grab an array of electronic cigarette products at extremely low prices is something which many people will be taking up.

Does StopTober really help you quit tobacco?

You only need to ask the hundreds of thousands of people who have signed up to the official StopTober campaign, as well as many more who quit smoking without signing up, to find out the benefits. Statistically if you are able to quit smoking for 28 days your chances of quitting in the longer term are improved by five fold. StopTober also offers the ability to share your thoughts, queries and questions with others in a similar situation bringing a community feel to the campaign.

Those who have attempted to quit smoking in the past will be well aware that having a “quit smoking buddy” would likely have improved their chances dramatically. Social media as well as the official StopTober website encourage interaction between those looking to quit smoking which often allows myths and untruths to be unravelled. How many people who have attempted to quit smoking knew that their chances were increased fivefold if they were able to get past day 28?


The continued growth in electronic cigarette sales around the world perfectly illustrates the opportunity many tobacco smokers have grasped in their fight to quit tobacco products. Electronic cigarettes mimic the actions and the feel of “smoking tobacco products” but without the harmful toxins. Survey after survey shows us that many of those looking to quit smoking miss the actual action of smoking thereby offering a perfect opportunity for electronic cigarettes.

Good luck with your quit smoking campaign! Just remember – the sooner you start the sooner the 28 days will be over and you will be five times more likely to quit smoking for good. 


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