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Sugar Pie Vapes 50/50 Hazelnut Cookie Eliquid Review

Good morning, you lovely lot! How are you? I’m fabulous, thanks. (I’m assuming you asked.) I received some new goodies from the gang over at TABLites and I cannot wait to tell you all about them! The title kinda gives the game away a little … Sugar Pie Vapes 50/50 Hazelnut Cookie eliquid review. Yes, they have released new eliquids. New flavours/strengths/VG-PG ratios, too. This is very exciting stuff.

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Sugar Pie Vapes – New Flavours & 50/50 Range

I go into LOADS of detail about Sugar Pie Vapes and TABLites in my previous reviews, so I won’t repeat myself and bore you all. I already tried and tested the high-VG range, which you’ll find here:

Those ones are all 70% VG/30% PG, and Maple Nut Brittle is my joint-favourite with Lemon Cookie Dough. You can get them in short fill bottles to add your own nicotine to, or smaller, 10ml bottles. There’s a sampler/tester box, too, where you can try the entire original range in 10ml bottles.

Sugar Pie Vapes 50/50 Hazelnut Cookie Eliquid Review 5

Sugar Pie Vapes have added three new flavours to the short fill collection:

  • Fried Custard Donut
  • Strawberry Donut
  • Lemon Glazed Donut

(I know, right? Droooooool.)

There are also now 4 flavours in the brand new 50/50 range — MTL/mouth-to-lung. (Or, what *I* would call MTL.) They are:

I wonder why they’ve only chosen two from the old range to become 50/50 juices? Don’t get me wrong, the ones they’ve released are lovely, but I can’t help but think that Maple Nut Brittle would have done really well in 50/50. Perhaps that’s coming later on? I guess we’ll wait and see.

10ml bottles are £3.99 each, or you can get 3 for £9.99.

Finally … (going on a bit) I have a discount code that’ll get you 10% off — BESTECIG.

*It’s not an affiliate or anything, just a good, old-fashioned, no-strings-attached discount code.

Sugar Pie Vapes 50/50 Hazelnut Cookie Eliquid Review

Did I tell you that mine was 6mg already? Well, it was. All of the 50/50 range I received was 6mg, but they are available in 12mg, too.

Sugar Pie Vapes 50/50 Hazelnut Cookie Eliquid Review 2

It doesn’t tell you the individual flavours that are used to make up Hazelnut Cookie unlike with the short fill bottles. I remember seeing marshmallow, hazelnut, and meringue on the ingredients, but I can’t see the flavours on the box for the 50/50 range. It’s not that big a deal. I just like to know … Y’know?

The boxes/bottles themselves are well labelled, with the PG/VG ratio, best before date (bottle only, but there’s a space on the box for it, too …), and nicotine strength. You’d be surprised by how many eliquid brands’ boxes and bottles don’t have the most basic of details on them. Thankfully, Sugar Pie Vapes is not one of those brands.

Flavour description:

“Gooey marshmallow and delicious hazelnut pieces loaded into a freshly baked cookie so good you won’t want to put it down.”


Sugar Pie Vapes 50/50 Hazelnut Cookie Eliquid Review 3

It sounds bloody lush, doesn’t it? Mmmm … that’s what I thought about the 70/30 version, too. Sniffle, sniffle ?

[Have you read it yet? > Sugar Pie Vapes Hazelnut Cookie Eliquid Review]


I think the 50/50 version of the liquid smells stronger than the high-VG stuff does, and with more hazelnuttiness to it. That was my biggest ‘beef’ with the last one – not enough hazelnut in the taste or smell, everything coming across a bit muted for my liking. I’m hoping the stronger smell with this one means that I’ll get more of a nutty taste from it, and going back to the smell one more time, it actually smells like Nutella. This is not a drill; IT SMELLS LIKE NUTELLA! This is how it should have smelled the first time around.

We got there eventually … ?

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Right, let’s get one thing straight: HAZELNUT COOKIE IS AMAZING IN 50/50! I was disappointed with the high-VG, sub-ohm juice, but there’s absolutely no disappointment with this one. I can taste hazelnut aplenty and I’m damn happy about that. Damn, damn happy. Hazelnut happy. None of that 88% happy rubbish.

In the words of Mark Darcy: “I like you … just as you are.”

Sugar Pie Vapes 50/50 Hazelnut Cookie Eliquid Review 6

It doesn’t taste as Nutella-like as it smells, but it’s still packin’ a damn good hazelnut-chocolate sweetness. Definitely more so than the high-VG version. Not too sweet, though. The inhale brings a light chocolate cookie flavour in, and it’s on the exhale that you get that nutty burst. I found it delightfully moreish and the 10ml bottle barely lasted me a day and a half. For MTL vaping, that’s quite a lot for me. A 10ml bottle of MTL tobacco eliquid lasts me about three days on average, sometimes longer. I don’t tend to *just* MTL vape, mixing between that and sub-ohm vaping. I didn’t use any of my sub-ohm vapes once with Hazelnut Cookie 50/50 in my tank, though. That’s saying something.

Throat Hit & Vapour

I was pleasantly surprised by how much vapour Hazelnut Cookie 50/50 by Sugar Pie Vapes produced. I wasn’t expecting a lot, definitely not as much as high-VG, and although it didn’t create clouds quite that vast, there was still a lot more than most other 50/50 juices chuck out.

Devices used: Jac Vapour Series-E tank (Kanger Geni Aero tank) + 1.8-ohm coil + Vapour2 Trinity box mod @ 10-13 watts.

Sugar Pie Vapes 50/50 Hazelnut Cookie Eliquid Review 7

All of my Sugar Pie Vapes 50/50 eliquids were 6mg and they were spot on for me. I probably would have picked up the other version — 12mg — had I purchased them myself, but going forward, I’ll be grabbing 6mg. I actually think the 12mg could be too gruff.

Sugar Pie Vapes 50/50 Hazelnut Cookie Eliquid Review – Conclusion

I’m deliriously happy that this review is as positive as it is because I had high hopes for the high-VG version of this eliquid and I felt it let me down a little bit. This 50/50 version of it more than makes up for it, though. I’m a bit obsessed with it. It’s definitely a 5/5 star juice, and one that I’ll probably be puffing away on for most of the winter.

Sugar Pie Vapes 50/50 Hazelnut Cookie Eliquid Review 1

Would I buy Sugar Pie Vapes 50/50 Hazelnut Cookie eliquid again? You betcha! It’s one of the new favourites in my collection.

Would I recommend Sugar Pie Vapes 50/50 Hazelnut Cookie eliquid to you? I would. Who doesn’t like hazelnut cookies? In fact, don’t answer that. Just send all unwanted cookies, cakes and chocolate my way. Definitely give this juice a shot, too. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed! ?

Buy It Now

You can save 10% on everything at using my exclusive discount code: BESTECIG. This includes both Totem Eliquids and Sugar Pie Vapes eliquids.

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