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Sugar Pie Vapes 50/50 Strawberry Donut Eliquid Review

Heeeeeeey, vapers! How’s life? What have you been doing? Watching? Reading? I want to know all the gossip, but first, I’d like to share my Sugar Pie Vapes 50/50 Strawberry Donut eliquid review with you if that’s okay?

Sugar Pie Vapes 50/50 Strawberry Donut Eliquid Review 7

Yes, I know it’s another donutty-delight, and we’ve probably already seen enough of them, but this is in 50/50 VG/PG, not high-VG stuff, and that makes it special. Special to me, anyway. It takes a VERY decent non-tobacco flavoured mouth-to-lung eliquid for me to want to vape with it. You probably already know where I stand on the ol’ MTL/sub-ohm debate. If you don’t, I’ll tell you: I love sub-ohm vaping and I love MTL vaping. I can’t pick a favourite and frequently use both types of device/tank. Usually, I keep my funky flavours in my sub-ohm tank and tobacco-only eliquids in MTL. I do occasionally stray from the ‘norm’ [tobacco], but it doesn’t happen very often, and it needs to be an AMAZING flavour.

About Sugar Pie Vapes 50/50 Eliquid Range

I’ve gone into lots of detail about the Sugar Pie Vapes brand and TABlites … There are quite a few reviews now. Just in case you haven’t seen them, here are a few others that you might like to check out, with more information about the brand and website:

This particular UK-made range of eliquids — the 50/50 line — are 50% VG and 50% PG (as the name would suggest), making them mouth-to-lung (MTL) eliquid. I would use them in MTL devices, although I’m sure there are those who’d use this in a sub-ohm device and tell me I’m wrong. (Ain’t the internet great? ?)

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As I’ve mentioned, you can get the New York-style bakery-themed Sugar Pie Vapes line at They’re £3.99 for a 10ml bottle, or you can get 3 x 10ml for £9.99. I was surprised to learn they were only £3.99 a bottle, to be honest. All the really decent flavours seem to be around £4-£4.50/10ml, so I’d put this one in the ‘budget’ category.

(Not budget when it comes to flavour, though, but we’ll get to that in a moment.)

Sugar Pie Vapes 50/50 Strawberry Donut Eliquid Review

From the bottle, I actually think that Strawberry Donut smells quite a lot like strawberry flavoured Angel Delight. I’m not complaining about that at all, of course, but it’s not exactly what I thought it was going to smell like. I also don’t think it tastes quite like it smells, either.

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Strawberry Donut does actually taste like a strawberry donut, I think. It’s not a light and refreshing flavour, but more warming and homely — a must-have for this time of year. The strawberry itself is fruity and sweet, but also thick and heavy … if that makes any sense? Think hot strawberry dessert rather than light, strawberry ice cream and you’ve got about the right idea. 

The donut side of things isn’t as strong as I thought it might be, but it’s still there just enough to be true to taste. It’s definitely more strawberry than donut, but a good strawberry. It’s not synthetic or cheap-tasting, but nice and smooth. A little bit what a donut might taste like if it were dunked in strawberry Angel Delight. I’m absolutely going to try that food combo next time I get my hands on warm, seaside donuts!

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For the record, I vaped on the last of this delightful eliquid as I tapped up this review. And I did it using the Jac Vapour Series-S17 tank + 1.0-ohm S-Coil (MTL), on top of the Series-B DNA 75W box mod, at exactly 14.3 watts. 

Throat Hit & Vapour

I liked the throat hit that I got from my 6mg bottle of Strawberry Donut, and I actually think anything higher than that (the 12mg version) would have been too much for me. It’s quite a heavy, deep and gruff eliquid, and I found it a little much for morning vaping. Also: I think it produces a little more vapour than most other 50/50 eliquids I’ve vaped with, but turning down the watts lessened it a bit, making it easier for more discreet vaping.

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Sugar Pie Vapes 50/50 Strawberry Donut Eliquid Review – Conclusion

I am a really big fan of this eliquid. Let that be known right now. It doesn’t just taste delightful, Strawberry Donut is actually super moreish, too. One tank wasn’t enough … I had to finish the entire bottle in four tankfuls, one after the other. It’s rare for me to vape an entire 10ml bottle from start to finish, without getting bored and reaching for something else, but I did vape the entire thing. I also couldn’t wait to get stuck into the high-VG short-fill version I have here.

(Review to come! OH MY GOD, I’M SO EXCITED ABOUT IT!) 

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Would I buy Sugar Pie Vapes 50/50 Strawberry Donut eliquid again? Yep. Absolutely. The entire Sugar Pie Vapes 5050 Series has really impressed me. Both Strawberry Donut and Hazelnut Cookie have captivated me, and I’d definitely recommend them if you’re on the lookout for a flavoursome little treat that won’t break the bank. 

Would I recommend Sugar Pie Vapes 50/50 Strawberry Donut eliquid to you? I think quite a lot of people are going to REALLY enjoy vaping this strawberry-donut treat because I definitely did. If you like a really heavy throat hit, I’d go for the 12mg strength, but the 6mg is a tad stronger than I thought it was going to be. Maybe start out with that one first? 

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