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Sugar Pie Vapes Coffee Caramel Eliquid Review

Hello, vapers! How are you all today? I figured it was the time to bring you another liquid review, and I want to pay some love to Sugar Pie Vapes again. If you haven’t already seen, I’ve been reviewing their new range of liquids, all based on the kind of flavours that you’d find in a New York-style bakery. I know, yum, right?

Sugar Pie Vapes Coffee Caramel Eliquid Review 5


  • 3 mg or 6mg strengths 
  • 70:30 VG:PG
  • Made in the UK 
  • TPD compliant 
  • £4.99 / 10 ml 
  • 3 bottles for £12 OR 5 bottle taster box (5 x 10 ml) for £15

Psssssst! You can get all 5 flavours in 10 ml bottles (Taster sampler) for £15.49 *including shipping* with this link & my exclusive discount code: BESTECIG

Screen Shot 2017-09-03 at 16.24.42

There was Hazelnut Cookie, which wasn’t my favourite if we’re being honest about this.

Then there was Maple Nut Brittle, which was every bit as delightful as you’d expect it to be.

Now, we come to Coffee Caramel.

(Still to come, Lemon Cookie Dough and Sweet Apple Pie.)

Sugar Pie Vapes Coffee Caramel Eliquid Review

I have a habit of putting off trying and reviewing flavours that I’m not overly keen on, making it out to be this big ‘thing’. Then, when I actually try the liquid, it’s never as bad as I think it’s going to be. Okay, well, sometimes it is, but usually, it’s not.

I’m not the biggest fan of coffee-flavoured anything. I don’t like those surprise coffee things that pop up in a bag of Revels, and I don’t like coffee flavoured biscuits. I don’t like coffee that tastes like anything else either. You won’t find me ordering a pumpkin-spiced-herbal-caramel-infusion-whatever-you-latte at Starbucks. I’ll be the one at Costa, begging for them to throw two regular flat whites (they only sell the damn thing in one REGULAR size) into the biggest cup they can find, and to throw an extra shot of coffee in for good measure.

I want my coffee to taste like coffee, and I want it in abundance. That is all.

You can imagine my trepidation when, not only am I faced with a coffee flavoured liquid, but a caramel coffee flavoured liquid at that. Oh no. It’s all gonna go wrong …

Sugar Pie Vapes Coffee Caramel Eliquid Review 7

Except it didn’t go wrong. It’s actually quite nice. See, there I go again making it out to be this big ‘thing’ and it’s never as bad as I imagined.


You can definitely smell the caramel in it, and the coffee too. When I opened the bottle, the smell was lovely and it wasn’t overly sweet. I’ve tried many coffee flavoured vapes in my time, and very few of them have actually been that nice. I tend to find them overpoweringly coffee-like, so the fact that I could smell the caramel from the bottle was actually quite promising.

I liked the smell and I’d quite like a candle or something that smells exactly like this smell. Please and thank you.

Sugar Pie Vapes Coffee Caramel Eliquid Review 2


The taste itself isn’t that similar to the smell if I’m being honest about this. I was asked on Twitter whether or not this was a creamy vape, and I’m going to say no. I don’t think it is creamy. It has quite a sharp coffee taste, and the caramel adds some sweetness, but it’s not creamy. Think black coffee with caramel flavourings and you have the right idea. I would have preferred a bit of ‘latte’ in there, but I still like it.

Sugar Pie Vapes Coffee Caramel Eliquid Review 9

Individual flavours used to make Sugar Pie Vapes Coffee Caramel are cream, vanilla, caramel, and other. I’d love to know what ‘other’ is. I’d also love to know why cream is so high on the list. I’m not sure I can taste the cream. If I were to have listed the flavours in order of how I could taste them, I would have gone with coffee (50%), caramel (30%), and remaining 20% in cream and whatever ‘other’ is.

Also, can I just bring to your attention that coffee isn’t actually listed … I’m assuming that’s the ‘other’ they speak of? For such a strong coffee taste, I’m actually very surprised it wasn’t specifically listed.

I like it. I also agree with the name. Coffee Caramel is about right, in that order. If it had been called ‘Coffee Caramel Latte’ we woulda had issues. There’s definitely no latte in there.

Vapour Production 

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – Sugar Pie Vapes liquids are great for the cloud-chasers out there. Despite being only 70:30 VG:PG liquids, they produced much more vapour than some of the recent 80:20 delights I’ve vaped with. If you like a lotta cloud, you’re going to love these Sugar Pie Vapes e-liquids. I like a lot of vapour when I’m sub ohm vaping. What’s the point otherwise? That’s just my opinion.

Sugar Pie Vapes Coffee Caramel Eliquid Review – Conclusion 

Sugar Pie Vapes Coffee Caramel Eliquid Review 1

I don’t even like coffee flavoured stuff that much and I really liked this Sugar Pie Vapes Coffee Caramel e-liquid. I think that’s saying something. It’s not a wimpy, weak coffee taste, like some of the latte-style flavours I’ve tried. It doesn’t have that rank old McDonalds coffee taste about it either. You know what I’m talking about – before McDonald’s had decent coffee machines and the stuff they served up could have been used to pave roads. I worked there for a year and a half as my first ever job and I still couldn’t get used to the taste or the smell of it. Yuck. It makes me heave just thinking about it.

This coffee vape is not the faint-hearted. If you don’t like a strong coffee kick, there’s a good chance this one might be too strong for you. As I said before, it’s a black coffee with caramel than caramel latte.

Sugar Pie Vapes Coffee Caramel Eliquid Review 6

Would I buy Sugar Pie Vapes Coffee Caramel again? Yes. TABLites sent me two bottles of each of these flavours and I’m mighty glad they did. (I have shared some of them, I’m not totally greedy. My nice Twitter friend, Jay, is letting me know what he thinks of a couple of the flavours as we speak.)

Would I recommend Sugar Pie Vapes Coffee Caramel to you? Yes, but only if you like a good coffee kick. It’s definitely not one that I would consider to be creamy.

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You can find Sugar Pie Vapes here:

This review was put together BEFORE my Aspire PockeX started leaking. Feel free to check out the Aspire PockeX Review, and also Help! My Aspire PockeX is Leaking!

*Prices & information correct at time of writing.

HONESTY POLICY: These Sugar Pie Vapes eliquids were sent to me by TABLites. I did not pay for these products. I was not paid for my review, and I will not be paid for my review. All opinions are mine and in no way influenced by the brand / manufacturer.


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