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Sugar Pie Vapes Maple Nut Brittle Eliquid Review

Sugar Pie Vapes Maple Nut Brittle Eliquid Review

I would love to say a bit thanks to TABLites for sending me these wonderful Sugar Pie Vapes eliquids because they really are wonderful. The first one I tried (out of five flavours) was Hazelnut Cookie and, although nice, didn’t pack quite the punch I had expected. I wasn’t disappointed but … Okay, I was a little disappointed. It was a really nice flavour, I just wished it had more of that hazelnut kick to it. I love hazelnuts and I can’t eat them. (Sob sob, sniff sniff.)

It’s time for another flavour now though, and this time, I’m paying attention to Maple Nut Brittle. And, may I just say ….

 Sugar Pie Vapes Maple Nut Brittle Eliquid Review

Who Are Sugar Pie Vapes?

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Sugar Pie Vapes, who I’m pretty sure are owned by TABLites (who also make Totem Eliquids – reviews are also incoming), are a Manchester-based company. The entire range is meant to replicate the kind of flavours you would enjoy in a New York style bakery, and they’re TPD compliant. Oh, and they might contain traces of nuts. (Duh.)

You can buy these in 3 mg or 6 mg, but only in 70:30 VG:PG. They’re sub ohm liquids, so don’t be putting these in your mouth-to-lung devices. It sounds obvious, but I know a few people who have done this. Me being just one of them. (Not recently, thankfully.)

If you want to buy these, head on over to TABLites. If you use my exclusive discount code: BESTECIG you’ll even save 10% on everything on the site. Tasty treats and a nice little discount too. I’m loving life today.

Moving on …

Sugar Pie Vapes Maple Nut Brittle Eliquid Review

I’ve never had maple nut brittle before, but I know what nut brittle tastes like, and I also know what maple syrup tastes like. I lived in Canada for two years so I virtually drank gallons of the stuff. I will never forget my first pancake and maple syrup breakfast … With bacon. I wasn’t sure on the bacon, but I still have a little-unopened glass bottle of maple syrup here that I saved from my Canada days. I’m saving it for a special occasion.

Sugar Pie Vapes Maple Nut Brittle Eliquid Review

Anyway, sorry about the nostalgia there. But, have you been to Canada though? It’s so beautiful. And the food is amazing. If you don’t know what poutine is, Google it right now. Dribble, dribble …


The smell is a bit … odd. I’m not sure that I could smell maple syrup at all in it, and it was only when I looked at the little list of flavour ingredients on the side that I realised what I COULD smell. It was strawberry. Yes, that’s right, it’s got a bit of strawberry in it. I don’t know why. Why is this? Does maple syrup have strawberry in it?

The exact flavours listed, are strawberry (at the top), peanut, maple, suraclose, and ‘others’. Why is strawberry at the top? Isn’t the top one meant to be the one with the highest quantity? Why is strawberry right up there? That doesn’t make sense to me, but battle on I shall.

Sugar Pie Vapes Maple Nut Brittle Eliquid Review


I used Sugar Pie Vape Maple Nut Brittle in my brand new Innokin Scion tank (that was very kindly sent to me by the wonderful peeps over at ecigclick), on top of my Wismec Predator 228. I’m pretty sure the Predator is going to be the new favourite I talk about for months now. Sorry in advance. In fact, I’m not sorry at all. I love it.

The 0.5 ohm coil fired up at 80 watts beautifully. And yes, I finally got over my scary 60 watt barrier. I couldn’t seem to go above it on any of the tanks I owned, until the Innokin Scion turned up. Now I’m vaping at around 70 watts to 100 watts and I feel like such a grown up vaper now.

Check me out! I’m a big kid!

Sugar Pie Vapes Maple Nut Brittle Eliquid Review

It doesn’t matter whether you’re up high or down low, this liquid vapes really smoothly. In fact, they all do. And I really like the taste of this one too. I think it’s much more true-to-taste than the Hazelnut Cookie one, and … *Spoiler Alert* I think the same can be said for the rest of the range.

You can most definitely taste the maple syrup with this one, and it’s a bit nutty for sure too. Although you can smell the strawberry, I don’t think you can taste it. Perhaps it’s just added for the sweet-factor?

Vapour Production

The one thing that I most definitely love about Sugar Pie Vapes is that they always provide plenty of vapour. They all provide oodles of the stuff, especially at the 70 to 100 watts I’ve been vaping at lately. They’re only 70/30’s, but I think they produce much more vapour than some of the 80/20’s I’ve got.

Another thumbs up from me!

Sugar Pie Vapes Maple Nut Brittle Eliquid Review – Conclusion

I wish I hadn’t started with Hazelnut Cookie. I wish I’d started with this one – Maple Nut Brittle – because it really is a delicious eliquid. It’s quite thick, syrupy and sweet, and it should be too sickly-sweet, but I actually don’t think it is. I think the nuts help to bring some savoury to the mix, where the maple syrup taste on its own would otherwise be a bit too much. (Or a lot.)

I really like the way the individual flavours have been used to create this juice, and it’s one that I think I’ll remember for a long time … for all the right reasons. And not just because it reminds me of my two years in Canada either.

Sugar Pie Vapes Maple Nut Brittle Review

Would I buy Sugar Pie Vapes Maple Nut Brittle again? Yes. I was sent 2 x 10 ml bottles of the stuff to review, and I’ve obliterated them both. This flavour is deliciously delightful. It’s the perfect thing for that mid-afternoon sweet craving!

(Disclaimer: No, I am NOT marketing vaping as a way to lose weight. It’s a joke.)

Would I recommend Sugar Pie Vapes Maple Nut Brittle to you? A hundred times over, yes. Honestly, give it a shot. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed with it.

P.S. Big thanks to TABLites for sending me these absolute treats. Now, if you could just organise for a few of these to arrive at my house every month for the rest of my life, that would be great … 😉

(Disclaimer: No, I am NOT fishing for ‘free s**t’. But, TABLites, I’m not kidding. Please, thanks, bye!)

Sugar Pie Vapes Maple Nut Brittle Eliquid Review

You can save 10% on ALL items at TABLites using my exclusive discount code > BESTECIG, including Sugar Pie Vapes juices! 

You can find Sugar Pie Vapes here:


*Prices & information correct at time of writing.

HONESTY POLICY: These Sugar Pie Vapes eliquids were sent to me by TABLites. I did not pay for these products. I was not paid for my review, and I will not be paid for my review. All opinions are mine and in no way influenced by the brand / manufacturer.

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