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T-Juice Jack the Ripple Eliquid Review

[AD – Gifted by Clouder] What’s going on, vapers? What flavour do you have in your tank today? I’ve got a tankful of T-Juice Jack the Ripple eliquid, which came in my Clouder vape mail subscription box, and since I’m almost at the end of my 10ml bottle, it’s about time I told you what I thought about it. 

T-Juice Jack the Ripple

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T-Juice is a UK-based eliquid company, and they’ve been around since 2012. Most people have heard of them because of the infamous ‘Red Astaire’ eliquid, but it was Bohemian Custardy that first brought the brand to my attention. That review is coming soon, but I have recently reviewed another T-Juice flavour – TY-4 – and very much enjoyed it. I think T-Juice is going to become a brand I like a lot. 

(Also, massive amounts of love to Clouder. I probably wouldn’t have ordered these eliquids myself.)


I’m going to start by saying I bloody love serial killers, so I was enthralled by the name of this eliquid. I’ve read a lot of books on Jack the Ripper, once dated a guy because he knew a guy that wrote a pretty big-deal book about Jack the Ripper (LOLZ!), watch every TV show that features Jack the Ripper, and will find any excuse to go to the London Dungeons … because, ya know, Jack the Ripper. I’m a true crime junkie. The more murdery, the better. And now, thanks to animaginaryecho on Twitter, I’m a true crime, murdery podcast junkie too. 

Stop getting me addicted to stuff, kids. Having lots of hobbies means that I rarely have time to do real work! 

T-Juice Jack the Ripple 2

Anyway, Jack the Ripple – the eliquid – has a BIG name, so it has a lot to live up to. I got my hands on a 50/50 VG/PG bottle of it, 3mg, in my subscription box. I usually vape 6mg-12mg in mouth-to-lung eliquid, so I predicted it would be a little on the lighter side for me.

Jack the Ripple went in two of my MTL devices — the Vaptio Tyro and XEO VOID. I had no problems to report with either. 


So … I actually thought Jack the Ripple was a tobacco-based eliquid when I first took a sniff from the bottle. It’s got that gruff tobacco-ness about it, so I just thought it might be a unique fruity version or something like that. I was quite surprised to learn that it’s not that at all, but I’ve long since learned that smelling the stuff from inside that bottle does not give you a true idea of what it’s going to taste like. Some of the stuff I’ve tried has literally not smelled anything like the taste – and vice versa! 

T-Juice Jack the Ripple Eliquid Review 2


“Ice cream lovers rejoice! This sweet and creamy raspberry ripple ice cream inspired vape will bring back memories of childhood puds while giving you a grown up throat hit. A firm favourite amongst Europe’s vaping community, Jack is the definition of an ice cream for adults!”

Source: Jack the Ripple | T-Juice

See – not tobacco’y in the slightest. My bad. Don’t listen to me, I talk a lot of crap. 


The flavour on Jack the Ripple is really hearty and dark. It’s definitely not one I’d recommend for a refreshing and light summer vape; more of a heavy, winter-warming eliquid, in my opinion. To be honest, I’d probably disagree with the whole “ice cream” description completely. It’s more of a hot sponge pudding with raspberry jam and a dollop of ice cream on the side. That’s actually one of my favourite desserts so there’s no way you can argue with me on that. This gal knows her desserts. 

Jack the Ripple T-Juice

Despite it not really being that ice-creamy, Jack the Ripple is still nice. Very heavy and hearty, but still, very nice.  The inhale is where the fruity raspberry comes in with a bang, but it calms down on the exhale, bringing in that “ice cream” that’s actually sponge-cakey.

Unfortunately, I found that to be the case for only a tankful or so at a time. About two-thirds of the way through the second tankful (brand new coil, clean tank), the hot sponge flavour started to verge on burnt. I changed the eliquid out for another and then came back to Jack the Ripple the next day, and things went back to normal again — decent raspberry-sponginess. 

Additional note: I’ve read a few other reviews for Jack the Ripple sub-ohm (shortfill, etc.) eliquid and they say the juice goes the other way around — tasting burnt straight after mixing the nicotine shot in, but then settling down to a nice raspberry flavour a few weeks later. 

Helpful blog post: Eliquid: What Does Short Fill Mean?


I did like this one, but I don’t think Jack the Ripple is entirely true to taste. I was expecting something raspberry, tangy, cool and refreshing, but it goes the other way — heavy, warming, and actually rather gruff. But it definitely tastes better than it smells! 

Jack the Ripple T-Juice 2

Would I buy T-Juice Jack the Ripple eliquid again? 

Although I liked Jack the Ripple, I didn’t love it. And the taste isn’t quite what they say it is. Sorry, but it’s not. I am interested to see if I’d prefer the flavour more as a sub-ohm eliquid rather than an MTL one, however. I don’t really know why, but I just imagine it’s a better fit (for me). 

Would I recommend T-Juice Jack the Ripple eliquid to you? 

I do think you’ll be disappointed if you’re expecting a light and refreshing vape juice here, but Jack the Ripple does have a pretty good flavour to it. It does taste like raspberry ripple, just not the ice cream version it’s marketed as. Not too sweet, and not too much of a coil-killer, I think you might like this one if you enjoy raspberry donut juices and/or similar. 

Jack the Ripple by T-Juice

For more information on T-Juice, check out the T-Juice website. 

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If you’d like a direct link to T-Juice Jack the Ripple on Clouder, you’ll find it right here.

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