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T-Juice TY-4 Eliquid Review

[AD – Gifted as part of subscription box by Clouder] Hello, hello! How are you all doing today? I’d like to talk about one of the eliquids that came in my recent vape box subscription from Clouder if that’s okay with you? It’s a tobacco flavour, just in case that’s not your thing, but it’s definitely one I liked. Let me tell you a little more in my T-Juice TY-4 eliquid review …

T-Juice TY-4 Eliquid Review 7

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About T-Juice

If you want more information on the vape box subscription that this eliquid came in, you’ll find this blog post helpful > Clouder Club Vape Box Subscription.

I got a bunch of different T-Juice eliquid flavours in my Clouder Club box alongside TY-4, including – 

  • High Voltage
  • Bohemian Custardy
  • Jack the Ripple
  • Clara-T
  • Green Steam
  • Colonel Custard
  • Strawberri
  • Vamp Vape 

T-Juice TY-4 Eliquid Review 10

There are 23 flavours in total on the T-Juice website. Red Astaire is one that seems to get rave reviews from all over, and Gold n Brown sounds like a tobacco flavour I might quite like. 

There are only 10 different flavours (I just checked) on Clouder’s Vape Shop – £5.99 for 10ml, free delivery in the UK, and 0, 3, 6 and 12mg strengths on offer.

£5.99 for 10ml is on the higher end of what I’d pay for 10ml, and I’d probably only pay that if I already knew what the juice tasted like.

I received 9 x 10ml bottles in my £14.99 box, which would have set me back £53.91. I know you can’t guarantee which flavours or brands you’ll get in your box each month, but if you’re in the market to try a bunch of new flavours without spending a small fortune I’d definitely recommend checking out Clouder Club.

(I’m not even just saying that because they sent me a box!)

T-Juice TY-4 Eliquid Review 9

As an additional note, you *can* buy T-Juice in 10ml bottles cheaper elsewhere. Most of the other places I saw didn’t come with free delivery, though, or required a minimum spend of £20-£30. You could buy just one or two bottles from Clouder’s Vape Shop and still get free delivery. Just saying.

T-Juice TY-4 Eliquid Review 

This was the first of the eliquids I reached for from the Clouder Club box, eager to try a new tobacco flavour. Even after all this time, it’s usually a tobacco flavour I try first, and 50/50 MTL tobaccos are my particular “area”. Not that I have an “area”, but I’ve definitely tried more tobacco flavours than anything else. I MTL vape more tobacco flavours in general than anything else.

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T-Juice TY-4 Eliquid Review 5

I poured some of the juice into the tank of my Vapour 2 (or V2 Cigs) Pro Series 3X + 1.2-ohm coil [MTL], and off I puffed. 


I’ll kick things off by saying I really liked TY-4 by T-Juice. I obliterated the 10ml bottle in about a day and a half, which is pretty quick for my MTL vape habit, but I’m part-blaming that on the fact that it was only 3mg strength and I would usually have bought 6mg. Perhaps even higher than that? 

T-Juice TY-4 Eliquid Review 8


The tobacco flavour is lovely — light and easy to vape, but with just the right amount of gruffness to it. It’s also quite sweet and nutty, but those elements don’t overpower the tobacco. I’ve found that a few sweet/nutty tobacco flavours can be taken over by the sweet/nut, almost to a point where you wouldn’t recognise it as a tobacco-based eliquid. That’s not the case with this one — you can tell that it’s tobacco plus something, not something plus tobacco. Does that make sense?

Flavour Description: 

Clouder says:

“TY-4 by T-Juice has a pleasant taste of tobacco, Demerara sugar, and nuts.”

I feel like the description is pretty spot on. It does have a pleasant taste of tobacco and nuts, and something sweet too — sugar, but I wouldn’t have guessed Demerara sugar specifically. You get most of the sweetness as you inhale, with the bulk of the tobacco peeking through on the exhale and aftertaste. It’s definitely a great combo, with the right blend of each of the ingredients. There’s not one part of it that takes over the rest; they all come together really well to give you a slightly sweet (not sickly at all), slightly nutty tobacco flavour that I personally enjoy vaping all day, every day. 

T-Juice TY-4 Eliquid Review 1

Throat Hit & Vapour 

My Clouder Club box was filled with 3mg eliquids, so I found most of them a bit soft for my liking. I prefer 6mg and over usually. Somewhere between 6mg and 12mg, depending on the juice. If I were to buy TY-4 again, I’d probably get it in 6mg. This one was okay — satisfying — but not quite hitting the spot. Then again, it wouldn’t; it’s not my usual strength. 

T-Juice TY-4 Eliquid Review 3

Despite not being quite as gruff as I’d like, I still found TY-4 to be fairly satisfying. Even the 3mg had a decent throat hit to it, which would suggest to me that I would need to go down a strength. So, if I were going to order 12mg, order 6mg instead. I have a feeling the 12mg would be very gruff. 

From a vapour perspective, TY-4 was what I would call discreet. It doesn’t produce a lot of vapour, or at least, it didn’t in the devices I used it in. As well as the Vapour2 Pro Series 3X, I also vaped TY-4 in my new Vaptio Tyro kit. I noticed the same thing with both devices — I didn’t get clouds of vapour. Just a bit. Enough, but not as much as other MTL tobaccos I’ve used recently. 

T-Juice TY-4 Eliquid Review 4

T-Juice TY-4 Eliquid Review – Conclusion 

I very much enjoyed vaping with my 10ml bottle of TY-4, and it’s a flavour I will most definitely miss now that my bottle has run out. It’s the kind of eliquid I could pick up and vape anytime, not too gruff to vape first thing in the morning, yet still gruff enough to be satisfying later on, after dinner. 

Would I buy T-Juice TY-4 again? Yep! I’d probably get it in a higher strength next time, though. Probably 6mg. I’ll come back and update this review once I do! 

Would I recommend T-Juice TY-4 to you? Yes. This is a really easy-to-vape tobacco flavour, with a hint of sweet n’ nut — exactly the kind of flavour I’d have been looking for back when I first quit smoking and started vaping. I would remember this and recommend it to someone looking for a good tobacco flavour to come off the stinkies with. 

For more information on T-Juice, check out the T-Juice website. 

To check out Clouder Club, check out the banner below. 

If you’d like a direct link to T-Juice TY-4, you’ll find it right here.

Clouder Club Vape Box Subscription 9

If you have any questions, feel free to let me know! 

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