Thursday , 23 May 2019

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Halo Vapour Co Cream Custard Eliquid Review

Halo Vapour Co Cream Custard Eliquid Review 2

So, I’m currently vaping on a rather delightful eliquid flavour – a custard-based flavour, but a nicer one than every other I’ve had before. If you’ve never checked out my YouTube channel, you’ll have missed me describing previous custard flavours as “tasting like feet” and also “smelling a bit like vomit”. It’s not that I don’t like custard. Quite the opposite, in fact. I’d happily eat the stuff all day, every day, especially now that winter is here. I just think that custard-based eliquids are quite difficult to get right.  You can’t tell me you haven’t tried one that’s been ... Read More »

Bestcigliquid Easy Mix Biscuit Monster Eliquid Review

bestcigliquid Easy Mix Biscuit Monster Review 2

Hello, vapers! How’s your day going? Thanks for stopping by, I’m assuming you’re here to read all about DIY liquid today. Because that’s what this is — the Bestcigliquid Easy Mix Biscuit Monster eliquid review — it’s an easy-mix kit that allows you to make larger bottles of eliquid than just the piddly 10 ml bottles the TPD allows. You get your big bottle of flavour, your little bottle of nicotine, often called ‘nic shots’, and it’s simply a process of mixing the two together. Bestcigliquid like to make life easy for you too. When you head on over to ... Read More »