Thursday , 5 December 2019

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BLU Cigs Review

If you’ve been following me for a while, you’ll know that Skycig or BLU Cigs was one of the first e-cigarettes I ever used, and were also the first e-cigarettes I’d successfully given up smoking with. The first time I quit, I used Skycigs (now known as BLU Cigs) for around six months and then managed to kick the habit completely – real cigarettes and electronic cigarettes, for two whole years before I started smoking again like an idiot. After recently trying them again under the new name, it was definitely time for a BLU Cigs review. Let’s take a ... Read More »

Today I Tried… blu Cigs Menthol ELiquid

I was in my local Co-op today and I noticed that they had some menthol blu Cigs menthol eliquid next to the till. It was only £3.99 so I grabbed one. You can never have too many bottles of eliquid and at under £4, it was pretty cheap for the 10ml bottle. On the website, a 10ml bottle is £4.99 so technically I was saving a bit of money. 18mg strength, I’d class this a medium strength eliquid. It was very menthol-tasting too. It was almost too much for me – too harsh on the throat and airways. Considering it’s only ... Read More »