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Lord Cogingtons Coggy’s Mix Eliquid Review

Lord Cogingtons Coggy’s Mix Eliquid Review 1

[AD – GIFTED BY LORD COGINGTONS] Now, I must start my Lord Cogingtons Coggy Mix eliquid review by apologising to the wonderful Lord C. I’ve had some of these eliquids in my collection for a long time, and it’s taken me an age to work through the reviews. I actually rediscovered them whilst on the hunt for something else (that I still didn’t find).  ABOUT LORD COGINGTONS  I do talk about Lord C a lot more in my previous reviews — Sugar Donut and Blueberry Waffle. I also have a few more flavours to review for you —  Vanilla Custard ... Read More »

100 Large Zest Pest Eliquid Review

100 Large Zest Pest Eliquid Review 8

Good morning, vapers. What’s happening today? Gosh, it’s getting cold now, isn’t it? I’m keeping my fingers crossed we get some good snow this year. Is it too early to start talking about all that? Ah, to hell with it. I love autumn and winter. There. I said it. Not that the weather has anything to do with what I’d like to talk to you about right now, of course: the 100 Large Zest Pest eliquid review. I was lucky enough to be sent the entire brand new 100 Large range from VapeClub, and I’ve been working my way through ... Read More »

BEAR Flavors Koala Eliquid Review

BEAR Flavors Koala Eliquid Review 1

[AD – Gifted by Vape Club] Good morning, vape world! What’s happening? What’s new? Got any gossip? I don’t have gossip, but I do have the BEAR Flavors Koala eliquid review that I’d quite like to share with you — another of the range that DOESN’T contain cooling agent.  (Woohoo!)  Just in case you’re looking for more eliquid that doesn’t contain cooling agent, I’ve put them all nice and neatly together here. BEAR FLAVORS I talk about BEAR Flavors in a little more detail, specifically as far as the creators of the brand are concerned — VapeFindr — in my previous ... Read More »