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Lord Cogingtons Coggy’s Mix Eliquid Review

Lord Cogingtons Coggy’s Mix Eliquid Review 1

[AD – GIFTED BY LORD COGINGTONS] Now, I must start my Lord Cogingtons Coggy Mix eliquid review by apologising to the wonderful Lord C. I’ve had some of these eliquids in my collection for a long time, and it’s taken me an age to work through the reviews. I actually rediscovered them whilst on the hunt for something else (that I still didn’t find).  ABOUT LORD COGINGTONS  I do talk about Lord C a lot more in my previous reviews — Sugar Donut and Blueberry Waffle. I also have a few more flavours to review for you —  Vanilla Custard ... Read More »

100 Large Fresh Pink of Bel Air Eliquid Review

100 Large Fresh Pink of Bel Air Eliquid Review 1

Hey, vapers! What’s going on? So … I’ve decided to take a slightly different approach to this 100 Large Fresh Pink of Bel Air eliquid review, sent to me by Vape Club. If you’ve read a few of my older posts, you’ll know that I’m not the biggest fan of eliquids with odd, novelty names. You know, like “Unicorn’s Fart” or some other crap. How the heck am I meant to know what I’m vaping when it has a weird and obscure name like that? It’s frustrating having to Google it every time, especially when the specifics of the flavour ... Read More »

Vampire Vape Pinkman Eliquid Review [NS20 Pods]

Vampire Vape Pinkman Eliquid Review 2

This is my first time tasting anything by Vampire Vape, and I’d never even heard of the eliquid brand before a nice little vape care package from Vape Club appeared at my door. Thanks, Vape Club! I’m still very much enjoying my Aspire Gusto Mini!  (And yes, I’d highly recommend it to both new and veteran vapers alike!)  ABOUT VAMPIRE VAPE  I had a little peek around the Vampire Vape website to find more information about them, and I learned that they were first established in 2012. Originally starting out with just 12 flavours, they’ve used what appears to be ... Read More »

Nasty Juice Slow Blow Eliquid Review [NS10 Pods]

Nasty Juice Slow Blow Eliquid Review 8

Hello, vapers, what’s happening with you lovely lot? What have you all been vaping with lately? I’ve been vaping with the Aspire Gusto Mini again, and I’d like to share my Nasty Juice Slow Blow eliquid review with you today.  ABOUT NASTY JUICE Nasty Juice is a brand that I’d not personally tried before this pod arrived on my doorstep, although I’d seen it around in quite a few places. It’s a Malaysian eliquid company and one that has won a whole bunch of awards. Vapouraround gave them Best Branding & Marketing, as well as Industry Leader for the 2018 ... Read More »

100 Large Zest Pest Eliquid Review

100 Large Zest Pest Eliquid Review 8

Good morning, vapers. What’s happening today? Gosh, it’s getting cold now, isn’t it? I’m keeping my fingers crossed we get some good snow this year. Is it too early to start talking about all that? Ah, to hell with it. I love autumn and winter. There. I said it. Not that the weather has anything to do with what I’d like to talk to you about right now, of course: the 100 Large Zest Pest eliquid review. I was lucky enough to be sent the entire brand new 100 Large range from VapeClub, and I’ve been working my way through ... Read More »

BEAR Flavors Sun Eliquid Review

BEAR Flavors Sun Eliquid Review 7

I feel like October is a really inappropriate time to bring you the BEAR Flavors Sun eliquid review, but I’ve been vaping with this eliquid (sent by Vape Club) a little bit lately and figured it was probably about the right time to tell you all about it.  I’ll be honest and say that my mind changed with this one quite a bit. I don’t think I read the bottle properly when I picked it up the first time, and I mistook this one for another one — Koala — that doesn’t have cooling agent in it. This one — ... Read More »

Six Licks Love Bite Eliquid Review

Six Licks Love Bite Eliquid Review 1

I’ve been reviewing again! (It’s about time, right?) I’ve been working on both video and written reviews, and just one brand that I’ve been ploughing through recently is Six Licks. Seeing as I’m in the midst of a video-editing frenzy, I thought I might treat you to a little preview with the Six Licks Love Bite eliquid review. Let me tell you something: this sub-ohm juice surprised me a lot! About Six Licks Six Licks are made in the UK by ‘Vape Supplier Limited,’ or so the bottle states. They only seem to be available in the larger 120 ml ... Read More »

Bryn’s Special Sauce Sour Blue Sorbet Eliquid Review

Bryn’s Special Sauce Sour Blue Sorbet Eliquid Review 3

[AD – Bryn’s Special Sauce Sour Blue Sorbet Gifted by Jac Vapour]  Firstly, I must start this review by laughing at the name. What’s the ingredient that makes Bryn’s Sauce so “Special”? Yep, I’m being childish. It’s not just me, though! Other people laughed at the name too. They told me so on Instagram. (If you’re not following me on Instagram, you’ll find me here. Come and say hello!) Now that we’ve got the name humour out the way, let’s get down to serious business. Jac Vapour very kindly sent me a wonderful little package. A few wonderful little packages, ... Read More »