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Decadent Vapours It’s a Trifle Eliquid Review

Decadent Vapours Its a Trifle Eliquid Review 9

Good evening, vapers. (Or afternoon/morning, depending on when you’re reading this.) I hope you’ve had a fabulous day. I would like to share my Decadent Vapours It’s a Trifle eliquid review with you today if that’s okay? I’ve taken my time with this range of juices, and you’ll learn why as you read through this review, and the ones that are coming, too. About Decadent Vapours Who are Decadent Vapours? Well … when I went looking for more information, I was pleasantly surprised by what I found. I genuinely considered copying the entire list of stuff from their website, but ... Read More »

Lord Cogingtons Blueberry Waffle Eliquid Review

Lord Cogingtons Blueberry Waffle Eliquid Review 1

I was recently asked by the wonderful Lord Cogingtons to review his brand new line of eliquids and, of course, I said yes. Six flavours, all available in the coolest and cutest miniature (10ml) short-fills, a few of them sounded like they’d be right up my street. I’ve been making my way through them, slowly but surely, and here’s the second one — Lord Cogingtons Blueberry Waffle eliquid review. Just in case you missed it, here’s the first review from the range: Lord Cogingtons Sugar Donut Eliquid Review. About Lord Cogingtons The juice is made by a vaper, and I’m ... Read More »

KOI Castella Eliquid Review

Who likes a cake-flavoured ejuice? Me. I like a cake-flavoured ejuice. In fact, I like anything cakey; eating it, vaping it, smelling like it. If someone made a perfume that tasted like cake, I’d probably wear it. So, you can imagine how happy I was when I received a bunch of new eliquids through my door that followed the baking theme. (Very.) All the thanks in the world to ecigarettedirect for my care package of desserty goodness. (There are affiliate links in this review, meaning, at no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission if you click & ... Read More »

Lord Cogingtons Sugar Donut Eliquid Review

Lord Cogingtons Sugar Donut Eliquid Review 1

Hello, vapers, how are you? What have you all been doing with yourselves? Do you want to know what I’ve been doing? Binge-watching ‘The Staircase’ on Netflix. I seem to have developed an unnatural obsession with crime and murder documentaries, and now, because I’ve seen so many of them, I’m a criminal expert, obviously. Binge-watching super addictive TV shows isn’t the only thing I’ve been doing with my time, though; I’ve also been reviewing. Working on this Lord Cogingtons Sugar Donut eliquid review to be exact.  About Lord Cogingtons A small business started by a vaper and vaper reviewer, Lord ... Read More »

100 Large Donut Worry Eliquid Review

100 Large Donut Worry Eliquid Review 1

Hello, hello, hello! I’ve been doing some of the old reviewing business again. This time, I’d like to present to you the 100 Large Donut Worry eliquid review — a flavour that has fast become an absolute favourite of mine.  Big love and thanks to Vape Club for sending me the entire 100 Large range to review. It’s been an absolute pleasure so far! (Apart from that one time I almost got covered, head to toe, in Fresh Pink of Bel Air.) About 100 Large  100 Large is made by a company called All Vape, who I believe is a ... Read More »

Black Note Quartet Eliquid Review

Black Note Quartet Eliquid Review 1

[AD – GIFTED by Vapour UK] Hello! How y’all doing? I’ve been making my way through my little Black Note eliquid haul, sent by Vapour UK, and it’s about time that I published this Black Note Quartet eliquid review.  I’ve paid a lot of attention to NET eliquids recently — Naturally Extracted Tobacco — and the one thing that seems to stay true for them all, whether I personally like the flavour or not, is that they are all really good quality juices. I haven’t yet found a NET eliquid that I would describe as poor quality or cheap. The ... Read More »

FlavourArt Monsoon Eliquid Review

FlavourArt Monsoon Eliquid Review 5

I’ll admit that I’ve been sitting on these juices for a while. Chaos surrounds me. My plans never go quite right. Not only that but when I first opened the juices in my surprise FlavourArt package, I didn’t really understand them. I do love when I don’t know what’s coming in a vape haul, but sometimes that plan backfires on me.  As you’ll come to read in this FlavourArt Monsoon eliquid review, this was one of those times.  These eliquids were gifted by FlavourArt London.  About FlavourArt London I’d never heard of the FlavourArt in any capacity before they contacted ... Read More »

BEAR Flavors Panda Eliquid Review

BEAR Flavors Panda Eliquid Review 1

[AD – Gifted by Vape Club] Hello, hello, hello! How are you doing today, vapers? I’ve been having a good few reviewing days, trying and testing lots of new eliquids and devices, and I think it’s about time that I told you all about the latest eliquid that I’m a little bit obsessed with. It’s time for the BEAR FLAVORS Panda eliquid review. ABOUT BEAR FLAVORS Vape Club sent me my lovely box of BEAR Flavors vape goodies, along with an actual stuffed Bear from VapeFindr. In fact, VapeFindr is the brainbox behind BEAR Flavors, attempting to create a range that ... Read More »

YouGotEjuice Vanilla Custard Eliquid Review

YouGotEjuice Vanilla Custard Eliquid Review

Hello, hello, hello! What’s happening in the world today, vape fam? Today’s new review is brought to you by a big box of vape stuff tucked away under my desk that I totally forgot I had. Bad reviewer. On Instagram, I mentioned that I had some new flavours coming and I’ve just polished off this bottle. It’s time for the YouGotEjuice Vanilla Custard eliquid review. (There are affiliate links in this review. Please see the Honesty Policy at the bottom of this post for more details.) About YouGotEjuice YouGotEjuice is an American company, but they do FINALLY have a UK ... Read More »

Drake’s Eliquid Burley Review

Drake’s Eliquid Burley Review 2

Hi, vapers! How are you all doing today? Today I would like to talk to you about an eliquid that I’ve been vaping for the past few weeks, on and off. It’s an MTL (mouth-to-lung) eliquid; one of the liquids I actually talked about in What is NET – Naturally Extracted Tobacco? I’m a huge fan of good tobacco eliquids (and a bit of a harsh critic), so I’m quite excited to tell you all about this one — Drake’s Eliquid Burley review. 💜 Big thanks to Drake’s Eliquid for sending me my vape care package!  About Drake’s Eliquid  Found in ... Read More »