Tuesday , 19 February 2019

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Element Honey Roasted Tobacco Eliquid Review [NS20 Pods]

Today, I picked up my Aspire Gusto Mini for the first time in a little while. I’ve had so many different devices to review lately, some of my old favourites have been a bit unloved, and the Gusto Mini is definitely one of them. I’ve already reviewed the device VERY extensively. You’ll find not just one, but two videos on YouTube (first impressions + a proper review), as well as a full, written review on here. I haven’t really reviewed the flavours/pods I’ve tried in the device, though, and some of them are actually pretty damn awesome. Like, the pod ... Read More »

Gloop Hazelnut Cookie Eliquid Review

Gloop Hazelnut Cookie Eliquid Review 1

When ECigaretteDirect got in touch with me to ask if I wanted to try out a couple of their new eliquid ranges, I jumped at the chance, mostly because the flavours all looked and sounded like cakes and desserts. You know how much I love cakes and desserts. I only recently reviewed a slightly lacklustre nutty juice, and I was interested to find out whether or not this Gloop Hazelnut Cookie eliquid review would be a positive one … Spoiler alert: it’s absolutely a positive one. View this post on Instagram ✧💙✦💙✧ To the LOVELY people at ECigaretteDirect, thank you ... Read More »

Sugar Pie Vapes 50/50 Hazelnut Cookie Eliquid Review

Sugar Pie Vapes 50/50 Hazelnut Cookie Eliquid Review 1

Good morning, you lovely lot! How are you? I’m fabulous, thanks. (I’m assuming you asked.) I received some new goodies from the gang over at TABLites and I cannot wait to tell you all about them! The title kinda gives the game away a little … Sugar Pie Vapes 50/50 Hazelnut Cookie eliquid review. Yes, they have released new eliquids. New flavours/strengths/VG-PG ratios, too. This is very exciting stuff. Sugar Pie Vapes – New Flavours & 50/50 Range I go into LOADS of detail about Sugar Pie Vapes and TABLites in my previous reviews, so I won’t repeat myself and ... Read More »

Sugar Pie Vapes Maple Nut Brittle Eliquid Review

Sugar Pie Vapes Maple Nut Brittle Eliquid Review

I would love to say a bit thanks to TABLites for sending me these wonderful Sugar Pie Vapes eliquids because they really are wonderful. The first one I tried (out of five flavours) was Hazelnut Cookie and, although nice, didn’t pack quite the punch I had expected. I wasn’t disappointed but … Okay, I was a little disappointed. It was a really nice flavour, I just wished it had more of that hazelnut kick to it. I love hazelnuts and I can’t eat them. (Sob sob, sniff sniff.) It’s time for another flavour now though, and this time, I’m paying ... Read More »

Sugar Pie Vapes Hazelnut Cookie Eliquid Review

Sugar Pie Vapes Hazelnut Cookie Eliquid Review

I recently got a brand new vape haul, a very big and colourful one that I was super excited to tear right into. The haul was from TABLites (thanks so much, guys!), and the liquids I received were called Sugar Pie Vapes and Totem Eliquids. Being a cake fiend, I couldn’t wait to get started with the Sugar Pie Vapes juices, despite initially deciding to do a surprise unboxing video. I could smell all this goodness coming from within the box, you can’t blame a gal for wanting to get stuck in. Can you? (The video is coming though, I ... Read More »