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The Rochford Project Kooky Eliquid Review

[AD – Gifted by The Rochford Project] Well, hello! How are you today? I’m good, although I’m aware you didn’t ask. I would like to talk to you about one of my current eliquid obsessions, if that’s cool? The Rochford Project Kooky eliquid, to be exact. And when I tell you it’s a good’un … I really, really mean it. This one, it’s a goddamn great one. 

1 The Rochford Project Kooky Eliquid Review


If you haven’t already seen, I’ve talked a bit about The Rochford Project already in the written review for Lemon Lush, and there’s also one of those cringey Youtube videos of me reviewing Lemon Lush and Strawberries & Cream … just in case you’re interested. 

To keep things short n’ sweet, because I know you’re really here for the nitty-gritty, here’s what you need to know about The Rochford Project eliquids — 

  • Made in the UK – Rochford, Essex, to be exact
  • Artisan eliquid (better than most premium/luxury brands, in my opinion)
  • High-VG [sub-ohm] eliquid
  • £13.49 for 50ml, nic shot included to make it up to 60ml of 3mg eliquid
  • Make by a vaper (ex-smoker), for vapers
  • I highly recommend them!

6 The Rochford Project Eliquid Review

The full range of 75/25 VG/PG eliquids are — 

  • Kooky
  • Lemon Lush
  • Raspberry Milk
  • Slightly Twisted
  • Strawberries & Cream
  • The Black Vine

You can get the 50ml on its own, to add your own nic shots or whatever to, for £12.99. The nic shot bumps up the price to £13.49, and as far as I’m aware, it’s *not* a nicotine salts-based shot. I will double check that for you, though. 

*makes notes – mine wasn’t a nicotine salts shot*

I like the name “Kooky”. Firstly, it sounds like cookie and I’m all about that biscuity goodness. Secondly, it sounds kooky. I like things that are kooky. A few people have called me kooky. I’m digging it. 

2 The Rochford Project Kooky Eliquid Review


The first thing you’ll probably notice if you’re smart enough to give this eliquid flavour a try is that it smells fricking amazing. IT smells delicious before you’ve even unscrewed the bottle. Good enough to drink, although I definitely don’t recommend you do that. Kooky has a biscuity smell, but not like custard creams or similar, generic biscuits often used in flavours like this; it’s something different. It reminds me of something I’ve eaten once, but I can’t remember what it is. Hobnobs, perhaps? But more buttery. Butterier. Mouthwateringly butterier.

(I just now learned that butterier is an actual, real word and I plan to use it every day for the rest of my life.) 

3 Kooky by The Rochford Project


“Soft and gooey full butter oven baked cookie, with added marshmallows pieces infused to add to the sweetness.”

I added my 10ml nicotine shot into the 50ml bottle of Kooky and left to steep for about … half an hour, the first time. It tasted great and I couldn’t wait. I then left it to steep for about four weeks and tried it again. And then again after about two or three months. It just gets better each time I pick it up — more pronounced flavours, smoother and softer on the throat, thicker and richer vapour.

Nom nom.


I can taste the buttery goodness. I repeat, I can taste the buttery goodness. And it’s soooooooo good. (I’m vaping Kooky right now.) This is, hands down, the nicest biscuity vape juice I’ve ever tried … and I’ve tried a few. Biscuit and cake flavours are my favourite flavours, and I’m trying to think of other juices I can compare it to, but it doesn’t taste like other cookie or biscuit-based juices I’ve tried before. 

4 Kooky The Rochford Project

You can taste the buttery biscuit right from the inhale, sweet but not overly so, and actually very authentic. Have you ever had a flavour so good that it actually makes you want to chew, like you’re actually eating it? Kooky by The Rochford Project is one of those eliquids for me. You can almost taste the actual crumbliness of the butter cookie. 

The buttery bit gets stronger on the exhale – it gets extra butterier (teehee), and I also think the marshmallow component is more obvious on the exhale too. If I’d blind taste-tested Kooky, I’d probably have guessed some sort of marshmallowy-buttery crispy thing. You can actually taste those things. I can, anyway. And I could from the very first moment I tried it. The flavours just get more intense (in all the best ways) when you leave it to steep for a few weeks. 


I wouldn’t exactly say that Kooky is a throat-killer or anything like that, but it definitely gets smoother on the throat the longer you leave it to steep. I really like the way all The Rochford Project eliquids vape — smooth, not too much of a punch, but still very satisfying. For me, Jay [the man behind TRP] gets it just right. 

5 Kooky by The Rochford Project

At 35 watts on the Vapor Storm Subverter + Vapefly Pixie RDA + 0.5-ohm on the coil, I get plenty o’ clouds. 

At 45 watts, I start fogging up the room I’m working in, in a serious way. 

Any higher than that (for me), and I found the flavour started to get a bit too warm. Not unpleasantly so, but I like mine around the 35-45 watts for that device-tank combo. I also couldn’t see the screen on the laptop in front of me after about six minutes of vaping. 

I’ve used The Rochford Project Kooky in pretty much every device I own — Jac Vapour’s VIM, Aspire Cleito EXO + Jac Vapour Series-B DNA 75W box, XEO VOID + sub-ohm coil … to name a few. I’ve never had any complaints. This one’s a great all-rounder for me. 

7 Kooky by Rochford Project


I would describe Kooky as a deliciously warm and sweet eliquid that actually tastes like a buttery biscuit. The flavour is spot-on, it’s nice and smooth on the throat, and it doesn’t kill my coils half as dramatically as I expected it to. And when you think about it, the price really isn’t bad. This is artisan eliquid, not internationally made in bulk stuff, yet it still works out to just £2.24 per 10ml. 

Would I buy The Rochford Project Kooky eliquid again? 

Yes, absolutely. I wouldn’t hesitate for even a second. Mine’ll be getting restocked as soon as it runs out. 

Would I recommend The Rochford Project Kooky eliquid to you? 

If you like a buttery biscuit, you’re going to love this eliquid. That’s *exactly* what it tastes like. It’s definitely a warming eliquid. Not one that I could class as refreshing or particularly summery. And it’s definitely addictive. I’ve shared my bottle out with a few other visiting vapers and they’ve all wanted more of it. 

If you’ve tried this eliquid and agree that it’s super addictive too, leave your comments below!

*Eliquid DOES NOT contain cooling agent. For more eliquids WITHOUT cooling agent, click here.

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HONESTY POLICY: The Rochford Project eliquids were sent to me by The Rochford Project. I did not pay for these products. I was not paid for my HONEST review. All opinions are mine and in no way influenced by the brand/manufacturer. Please see disclaimer for more information.  

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