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The Rochford Project Lemon Lush Eliquid Review

It has all of a sudden occurred to me that, although I’ve done a few videos for The Rochford Project’s range (formerly known as The Demon Vaper), none of the written reviews have made their way to my little website yet. How the bleep did that happen? Fire me immediately! It’s probably about time (or WELL overdue) that I sorted things out, and I’ve decided that the first one I should share with you is The Rochford Project Lemon Lush eliquid review.


Because it’s bloody lovely, that’s why. Grab yourself a cuppa and get comfy, because I think you’re going to love this one! Lemon-lemony-loveliness ?

The Rochford Project Lemon Lush Eliquid Review 2

The Rochford Project

I’ll start with the ending and just tell you that this one has been my absolute favourites from the start. Back when The Rochford Project was still known as ‘The Demon Vaper,’ I was sent two of the range to try for myself — Strawberries & Cream and Lemon Lush. I loved them both, obsessively so, but Lemon Lush was the one that really stood out for me.

‘The Demon Vaper’ has become ‘The Rochford Project’ since then, and the range has grown. There were a few changes, mostly because of the damn TPD, and the flavours have just gotten better (in my opinion). The line of juices was given little ‘tweaks’ after The Rochford Project listened to the opinions of vapers, reviewers, customers, and, as a result, a beautiful little range was created. (It sounds like this little range might just be expanding too … I guess we’ll need to watch this space!)

The Rochford Project Lemon Lush Eliquid Review 3

It now includes:

  • Lemon Lush
  • Strawberries & Cream
  • Raspberry Milk
  • Slightly Twisted

In addition (and I’m TOTALLY boasting), I recently got my hands on a sample bottle of what might be a new flavour/limited edition flavour for the brand. Profiteroles. Oh. My. God. You’re going to LOVE it. I certainly do.

So, we’ve established the history of the name and flavours, here’s a little more information about The Rochford Project:

  • 70/30 VG/PG
  • Made in Rochford, England (explains the name)
  • Artisan e-liquid manufacturer – made by a vaper FOR vapers
  • 50 ml + 1 x nic shot kit (makes 3 mg strength) = £16.50
  • Winner of ‘Best Dessert 2017’ at the Vapouround awards

The Rochford Project Lemon Lush Eliquid Review 

For the grand ol’ price of £16.50, you will get everything you need to make up 50 ml of 3 mg strength eliquid, in whatever flavour you buy the kit in. The kits are awesome too. It seems that he’s thought of everything. There are gloves, black ones, matching the rest of the kit, one of the things I think I was most impressed with. I’ve not received any other eliquid mixing kit that also contains gloves. Have you?

The Rochford Project Lemon Lush Eliquid Review 4

You also get the big 50 ml bottle, that doesn’t quite contain 50 ml. You’re adding 10 ml of nicotine, remember? This is also included in the box/kit. I think mine was branded ‘DarkStar’, but I will check this out and let you know.

You then get another bottle; a smaller bottle, for easier transportation. I like to call it “handbag-sized”. You get a similar smaller bottle in the kits from bestcigliquid too, so the ‘spare’/transport bottle concept isn’t a new one. The bestcigliquid ‘spare’ bottles weren’t labelled though. I had three different eliquids, and if they hadn’t been three entirely different colours, I would have found it difficult for to work out which bottle contained which flavour. (Without opening them and smelling them, etc.) You don’t have that worry with the smaller ‘spare’ bottles in The Rochford Project’s kits. They’re labelled too.

I really like the attention to detail with these kits. You can tell they’ve been put together by a vaper. I piece it all together for you in the YouTube video, so just in case you’d rather watch (I don’t mind if you mute me), you’ll find that here:


Imagine opening the cardboard and plastic packaging for a lemon meringue tart — that’s just what I thought this eliquid smelled like, in the bottle. You can’t just smell the lemon though; there’s a fabulous pastry/cakey hit in there. I actually think this is the best-smelling eliquid I’ve ever come across. Sod the candles, I’d wear this as a perfume.

The Rochford Project Lemon Lush Eliquid Review 5

Sweet, but just a little bit tangy too, it smells like a drool-worthy cake of utter lemon loveliness, and I couldn’t wait to get stuck into it.


Let’s take a quick look at what the website says this stuff should taste like:

“The new & improved authentic lemon-infused vanilla sponge cake, light and fluffy with a deep filled lemon cream filling. On top of this is the sweet lemon drizzle icing making this sweet treat absolutely delicious. Winning ‘Best Dessert 2017’ at the Vapouround awards you can be assured that you will be in for an amazing flavoursome treat.”

Does it taste like that? In a word … Yes. Absolutely! It’s not a flavour that is almost taken over by the lemon, or one that’s too sweet to make anything out at all. It isn’t even too pastry-filled to make out what kind of fruit you’re vaping. It’s perfect. Just perfect. That’s my opinion, anyway.

The Inhale

You’re met with an absolutely lush lemon-cake taste on the first inhale. It’s a mix of the two flavours for sure, not one or the other. It actually reminds me of a Mr Kipling cake a bit – the lemon slice ones. As a result, I’m obsessed with it. You know how much I love a good Kipling.

The Exhale

Things change around a little when you get to the exhale. You still get the same lush Kipling-like taste, but then you’re hit with that additional drizzle of lemon too. Lush by name, lush by nature. A clever mix of two different lemon hits, plus that cakey yumminess. I mean, what’s not to like?

The Rochford Project Lemon Lush Eliquid Review 9

I loved Lemon Lush the first time I tried it (before the name change and flavour-tweaks). Lemon Lush my first favourite, before Raspberry Milk came along, which is now my new [joint-]favourite. Lemon Lush has become one of those “old faithful” eliquids for me. I always grab it when I can’t make up my mind what ejuice I’m in the mood for that day. The mini bottle is always spare in my handbag in case of ‘emergencies’.

The Rochford Project Lemon Lush Eliquid Review 6

I also like to use Lemon Lush as the liquid in the tank when new vapers try my device. So, when someone has been MTL vaping (for example) and are looking to sub ohm vape for the first time, Lemon Lush is the flavour I would introduce them to first. I know that everyone will have different tastes, but I haven’t come across a single person who hasn’t liked this eliquid. It’s well-rounded, filled with flavour, and smooth too. Consequently, I think this juice would be perfect for newbie vapers and “connoisseurs” alike.

The Rochford Project Lemon Lush Eliquid Review – Conclusion

Lemon Lush is the flavour from this range that I’ve vaped the most. They’ve all got wonderfully delightful flavours, really true-to-taste too, but Lemon Lush just wins it for me. Every time I come back to it, it tastes better than I remember. The longer it steeps, the better it tastes too, and the more flavour it has. It’s my favourite lemon-based eliquid of all time. I prefer dessert-based lemon eliquids over citrusy ones, so this one is right up my street.

The Rochford Project Lemon Lush Eliquid Review 7

So, yeah. I can’t rave about this one enough. I wouldn’t change anything about it. Not one single thing. I think the newer ‘The Rochford Project’ version is more flavour-filled than the older, ‘The Demon Vaper’ version, but they are both fricking amazing juices. And the longer they sit there, steeping, the better they taste. The flavour will just keep on getting better as it steeps.

Would I buy The Rochford Project Lemon Lush again? Probably. Ha! Who am I kidding? Damn right I would! There are a lot of lemony liquids out there, but this one really stands out.

Would I recommend The Rochford Project Lemon Lush to you? Absolutely. If I had to pick just one eliquid that I had to vape for the rest of my life, this one would be it. Big words, right? I mean them! This lemon juice is the one that I love most of all!

The Rochford Project Lemon Lush Eliquid Review 8


? Buy here: The Rochford Project Lemon Lush

Check out the other flavours: The Rochford Project

Don’t forget to check out The Rochford Project here too:

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