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The Rochford Project Raspberry Milk Eliquid Review

[AD – Gifted by The Rochford Project] I think it’s about time I shared another eliquid review with you nice people, and today’s offering is an absolute treat — The Rochford Project Raspberry Milk. This is one of the “newer” flavours from the range (although it’s not actually that new now), originally kicking off with Strawberries & Cream and Lemon Lush, and I’m going to ruin the entire review by telling you right now it’s an amazing flavour. 

Sorry about the spoiler and all. 

The Rochford Project Raspberry Milk


The Rochford Project is a UK-based/made eliquid brand, created by a vaper in 2016, and originally started out with the name Demon Vaper.  Jay, the man behind The Rochford Project, wanted to come up with a range of juices that actually tasted like they were meant to — and had lots of flavour. After trying all of them myself, I definitely think he’s managed to do just that. I can’t speak highly enough of them. 

There are six flavours in total — 

  • Lemon Lush
  • The Black Vine
  • Strawberries & Cream 
  • Raspberry Milk
  • Slightly Twisted
  • Kooky

The Rochford Project Eliquid

The eliquids are all for sub-ohm vaping — high-VG. 70/30 VG/PG if you want to get specific about it. 

You can buy a 60ml bottle with 50ml of eliquid for £12.99.

Bump it up to £13.49 if you want to add the nicotine shot and make the juice 3mg strength. 


I had an ‘old’ bottle and a ‘new’ bottle of Raspberry Milk, and it’s an eliquid I’ve been vaping fairly regularly since the first time I tried it. In my experience, you get the best flavour if you leave it to steep for about four or five weeks, but it does still taste amazing if you vape it after an hour or so of mixing the nicotine shot in. It gets stronger the longer you leave it. 

Raspberry Milk The Rochford Project


“Thick and creamy milkshake, vanilla dairy milk mixed with ripe raspberries, blended together with thick whipped cream and topped off with a sweet raspberry syrup.”

Must refrain from singing. Must refrain from singing. 

Ah, to hell with it. 

“My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard, and they’re like, it’s better than yours …” 

If your milkshake vape juice isn’t Raspberry Milk by The Rochford Project, then my milkshake really is better than yours. 


As I was growing up, there was a kid who lived next door to me around the same age and we’d hang out from time to time. His mum always had the coolest stuff in her kitchen, and she’d always bake these lush cakes or make weird and wonderful milkshake creations in the summer. My mum’s kitchen was okay and all, but my next door neighbour’s kitchen was like, the best. Different boxes of cereal in the cupboard, every flavour of ice cream you could imagine, old Roses tins of mixed candy bars … NOM!

One of the tools she had in her arsenal were these bottles of syrupy-stuff that you’d mix with milk. There was a strawberry one, a chocolate one, a banana one, and a raspberry one. After a few moments of Googling, I’ve learned they still make that milk-mix stuff and it’s called Crusha. 

Well, long story short, that’s EXACTLY what Raspberry Milk smells like. I’m nine years old again and couldn’t be happier.

Raspberry Milk by The Rochford Project


No, wait, I could be happier … Raspberry Milk by The Rochford Project actually tastes like Raspberry Crusha too. 

I’ve had a few bottles of this stuff, and I’ve vaped it in a wide range of devices. Right now, as I tap this up, I’m using the Innokin Scion tank (the original, non-TPD one), on top of the Wismec Predator 228 box, with a 0.5-ohm Kanthal coil, at 70 watts. 

This eliquid, without a doubt, tastes exactly like Raspberry Crusha – on the inhale and exhale, although the exhale is sweeter and more ‘milky’. It’s not watered-down or boring in the berry department. I’ve actually got a mouthful of Raspberry Crusha right now and it’s not tangy, like Double Drip’s raspberry offering, but more of a smooth, creamy, milky one – definitely true to taste. If I’d have blind taste-tested this, the first thing I’d have said is creamy or milky raspberry. But it’s not heavy n’ creamy, it’s light n’ milky … Does that even make sense?? It’s refreshing, even though I don’t usually find milk-based eliquids overly so. 

The Rochford Project Raspberry Milk Review


All of The Rochford Project’s eliquids have been super smooth on the throat to vape, and if you’re looking for enough clouds to impress me with your vape tricks, Raspberry Milk and the rest of the TRP range will give you plenty to work with. I tend to vape these on the lower end of the watts spectrum, otherwise, things get a little too cloudy for me. 


I’m 100% impressed with this one, but I think I’ve said that about every single flavour The Rochford Project has released so far. I do mean it, though. This one actually tastes like raspberry-flavoured milk – and the flavour gets stronger and more intense the longer you leave it to steep.

Would I buy The Rochford Project Raspberry Milk eliquid again? 

Yep, without even a moment’s hesitation. It tastes great, vapes great, and everyone I’ve let try mine has agreed it’s a 10/10 eliquid flavour. 

Raspberry Milk The Rochford Project Review

Would I recommend The Rochford Project Raspberry Milk eliquid to you?

A vaping friend asked me the other day: “Which one do you prefer, Raspberry Milk or Strawberries & Cream?” and I really didn’t know what to say. Strawberries & Cream, just like Lemon Lush, has become a comfortable, favourite flavour for me, easy to grab and vape at any time of the day, night, year, whatever. 

Raspberry Milk really is a fantastic flavour, though. Like … one of the best.

I ended up answering “BOTH” … which probably wasn’t helpful! ?

So, yeah, I’d recommend it to you. Easy-peasy recommendation.

Have you tried Raspberry Milk? What did you think of it? If not, is it a flavour that you might add to your wish-list? I’d love to know. Leave your comments down below. 

Thanks for taking the time to read my review today! 

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