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The Rochford Project Slightly Twisted Eliquid Review

[AD – Gifted by The Rochford Project] I’m going to start this review by saying I got The Rochford Project Slightly Twisted totally … well, twisted. I’m not really sure why, but I just assumed the flavour would be some sort of apple turnover-style treat, I think because of Purity’s “Twisted Turnover” (which I just so happened to mention the other day). 

The flavour has bugger all to do with apples or pastry. In fact, the eliquid couldn’t be further from that. It’s actually a citrus fruit-berry blend, so you can imagine my utter surprise when it smelled like that and I was expecting some apple turnover thing. 

The Rochford Project Slightly Twisted 1

I shake my head at myself, honestly. 


The Rochford Project is an Essex-based artisan eliquid creator, with six flavours to choose from, and I have well and truly fallen in love with the entire lot. Every single one of them has been utterly delightful, and I’ve never once been disappointed or had a bad thing to say about any of ‘em. I’ve never said I wanted more of this or a touch less of that. 

Instead, I’ve said things like: 

“You can tell a vaper made this … it’s hella good!” 

“Corr, this one’s nice.”

“Smell this, babe. Doesn’t it smell like you want to drink it? Just say yes.”

The Rochford Project Slightly Twisted

There are now six flavours in total — 

For the grand ol’ price of £13.49, you’ll get a box containing all you need to get the party started, so to speak. The 60ml bottle only has 50ml of 70/30 VG/PG [sub-ohm] eliquid in it, ready for you to throw in a 10ml nicotine shot and mix it up. Then, you’ll have 60ml of 3mg nicotine strength eliquid. Just what I want for my sub-ohm devices! 

If you’ve already got your own nicotine stuff at home, you can buy a 50ml (in a 60ml bottle) for £12.99, sans shot. 

The Rochford Project Eliquid


So, awkward name confusion aside, Slightly Twisted is one of the newer flavours added to the range – a nice, refreshing, summery treat. 

I do just want to take a moment and be a proper negative Nancy if that’s okay. (Sorry, TRP!) So, here goes … 

I miss the old box-kits of The Rochford Project eliquids. [You can see them in the video here.] There, I said it. You’d get black gloves in the old boxes, and the glass bottles were cute. Now, don’t get me wrong, I know those glass bottles and all that extra ‘stuff’ in the box probably cost a lot of money and weren’t cost effective,  but I loved them. I miss ‘em a bit. I’ve kept my glass bottles so I can put the new plastic bottle stuff in them.

The Rochford Project Slightly Twisted Eliquid


“Mixed sweet citrus fruits and juicy berries, all blended together with a sour candy twist.” 

So … no apples or pastry in sight then, no?

(I’m still shaking my head at myself.) 


You can smell Slightly Twisted before you’ve even unscrewed the lid of the bottle. It’s fruity, it’s zesty, and it’s strong. I’ve learned not to judge a juice on smell-value, as the approach has let me down on more than one occasion before, but this one smelled like it was going to be a really good one. You can smell lime, for sure, but it’s not lime on its own. It’s mixed with something sweeter and lighter, and I’m assuming that comes from the juicy berries. 

Slightly Twisted The Rochford Project

After mixing together, I vaped Slightly Twisted by The Rochford Project straight away, about three weeks after steeping, and then regularly, every few weeks after that. Each time I let it steep and then picked it back up again, the flavour was more intense than it had been before, but I think it reaches “peak” at about four or five weeks. 

You don’t *need* to leave the eliquid for weeks before vaping it, but it helps the flavour to mature … and the difference really is remarkable. 


In my video review, I asked this question: 

“This smells so good. I’m really hoping it tastes just as am-az-ing.”

(And yes, I said it just like that.) 

Well, it does. And it still reminds me of that Double Drip Co lime-based flavour that was okay, but too muted and watered down for me. [Twisted Ice Cream.] Slightly Twisted by The Rochford Project is how it should have been — packed with flavour. Lovely, lovely flavour. 

Slightly Twisted The Rochford Project 2

The first thing I can taste from Slightly Twisted is lime. The citrus fruits are there, but lime is definitely the main flavour. More sweet than gurn-inducingly tangy, but not that lame-ass sweet lime most lime-based juices taste like. (Yes, I’m talking about you, 100 Large, with your blah Zest Pest.) 

The sweetness of the berries comes through more on the exhale, but it doesn’t overpower the lime at all. the components all come together nicely in a flavour that would actually be lush as a drink. If one exists that tastes just like this, please let me know about it. I’d like to chug it down all summer long. Please and thank you.

To answer my previous question: yes, Slightly Twisted *does* taste as good as it smells. 

Oh, and in case you’re bothered about it, Slightly Twisted *does not* contain cooling agent. For more eliquid reviews without cooling agent, click here

Slightly Twisted The Rochford Project 3


The Rochford Project juices are big cloud-chucking juices, in my experience, and I find myself turning the watts down just a tad when I’m vaping them. When I switched from a Decadent Vapours eliquid to Slightly Twisted, I turned down from 50 watts to 35 watts [Vapor Storm Subverter + Vapefly Pixie RDA + 0.5-ohm coil]. Mister best-ecig gets really annoyed at me when I fog the room up too quickly and he can’t see the TV. 

“Are you doing that on purpose now?”

“Absolutely not! ?”


Every time I pick up a bottle of The Rochford Project’s eliquid, regardless of flavour, it’s my new favourite flavour. I’m pretty sure I’ve said the exact same thing about all of them.

I love Raspberry Milk. 

No, wait, Lemon Lush is my favourite. 

Oh, but have you tried Slightly Twisted yet? That’s my newest obsession. 

Lolz … don’t forget about Kooky there, girl. Nom, nom. 

Ass-kiss central, huh? But it’s true. A bit cheesy and totally salesy, but true. (No, I’m not earning commission.) They’re ALL fantastic flavours, they all taste like they should, and they’re all utterly addictive. And there’s something for everyone. 

The Rochford Project Slightly Twisted Eliquid Review 2

Would I buy The Rochford Project Slightly Twisted eliquid again? 

I should have a default line that goes here for The Rochford Project eliquids. Something like: “Yes, I plan to buy more as soon as my bottle runs out.” Because, ya know, I do plan on buying more as soon as my bottle runs out. 

Would I recommend The Rochford Project Slightly Twisted eliquid to you?

This is a great, summery eliquid. Personally, I think it’s more refreshing than the rest of the range, and it’s always one of those flavours I think of when the sun comes out. I don’t know about you but cakey/biscuity juices just don’t go well with hot, sticky, summer days. I need something light, cooling and refreshing — just like Slightly Twisted! If you’re looking for something similar, I’d definitely give this one a shot. 

Have you tried Slightly Twisted for yourself? What did you think of it? Is it a flavour that you might just add to your wish-list? I’d love to know. Leave your comments down below. 

Thanks for taking the time to read my review today! 

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