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Totem Eliquid 50/50 Rainbow Candy Review

Anyone who knows me knows that I love a rainbow, so you can probably imagine how excited I was to try this juice and bring you my Totem Eliquid 50/50 Rainbow Candy review. If a rainbow happens to appear outside, I’m the first person in the street, camera in hand, ready to filter it and plaster it all over the ‘Gram. My entire body tattoo plan (and work in progress) is half black n’ white and half rainbow-coloured. I’m a Gemini. Half of one thing and half of another. The star sign suits me well …

*And no, it’s not because I have two faces. I will straight-up say whatever I gotta say to your face, don’t worry about that. Just don’t come at me. I dislike confrontation. I’d rather the whole world was filled with rainbows and good moods. There’s the Gemini again ??

Totem Eliquid 50/50 Rainbow Candy Review 1

It was TABLites who sent me these juices over — one of the two newer ranges they have on offer. I got a pretty decent haul, including the new 50/50 flavours from both the Totem Eliquid range and the Sugar Pie Vapes range. This particular rainbow-themed delight is from the Totem Eliquid range, and I’m going to give the game away entirely by telling you that this eliquid is every bit as wonderful as it sounds.

About Totem Eliquid

Totem Eliquid are made/owned (whatever it is) by TABLites, and they had a delightful sub-ohm range before bringing out these MTL (or what I would consider being) eliquids – 50% VG and 50% PG. The review for the high-VG (sub-ohm) Pink Lemonade can be found here if you’d like to take a peek, and there are a few other reviews in the pipeline too.

Totem Eliquid is made in the UK and the 50/50 eliquid comes in just two nicotine strengths — 6mg or 12mg. I had 6mg and that’s probably what I would have ordered if I bought the bottle for the first time. I have definitely come down in the eliquid strengths lately. Some of the 12mg ones I used to vape have really kicked my ass!

Totem Eliquid 50/50 Rainbow Candy Review 2

Totem Eliquid Rainbow Candy Review

I’ve only ever tried one or two “rainbow” flavoured eliquids before, and I tend to steer clear if I’m honest. The ones I have tried have been a bit … I don’t know? Over-flavoured? Like they have literally tried to fit all the flavours of a rainbow into one bottle. It’s too much. Two or three flavours is just fine with me, thanks. Any more than that and I think it just tastes like a big mess.

After trying Hazelnut Cookie by Sugar Pie Vapes, another of the ranges offered by TABLites, and concluding that it was actually much better than the high-VG version (in my opinion), I had really high hopes for Totem’s 50/50 Rainbow Candy. I haven’t been as in love with the Totem high-VG range as I have with the Sugar Pie Vapes high-VG range generally. That’s not because they’re bad flavours; I just really like cakes and desserts. I’d much rather have a bowl of cake and cream than fistfuls of candy. My cake shelf agrees. [muffin top/spare tyre/love handles/whatever you want to call it]


I can smell bubblegum straight out of the bottle. The kind of bubblegum that you used to get in the bottom of those weird ice cream cone things that my mum would forbid me from getting but I always did. What are they called? Screwballs or something? I had waaaaaaay too many bubble-gum-in-hair moments when I was a kid, and I had long blonde hair down to my butt, so getting it out was an absolutely BLEEPING nightmare.

Totem Eliquid 50/50 Rainbow Candy Review 3

I don’t really think I can smell anything other than a fruity bubblegum from the bottle, but I should probably see what the description says …

Flavour description:

“Every colour adds to the spectrum of delicious flavours in this candy treat! A little extra strawberry (because there are always more red ones than any other) and a touch of tangy fizz make this the perfect way to enjoy a handful of rainbow candies without all those calories!A sweet treat in every flavour of the rainbow! Our Rainbow Candy is a gift for the senses!”

Well … that’s helpful. Not. Even the flavour profile just says “candy shop”. I can’t tell you how annoyed I am right now. I don’t know what the different flavours of the rainbow are. I’m assuming orange would be orange, and red was obviously going to be strawberry. Green might be apple I suppose? Or lime? Yellow would more than likely be lemon. What about blue? Blueberry? Bubblegum? I just don’t know?!

Totem Eliquid 50/50 Rainbow Candy Review 4

Let’s play a game. Let’s try and guess what the flavours of the rainbow are. I’ll let you start.


Okay, so, I cheated. I looked at another website *cough,, cough* and I found a different description:

“Rainbow Candy is a sweet and vibrant blend. The fruit candy flavour is strong and sugary, with a dominant strawberry flavour mixed with hints of orange, lime and more. A tangy exhale creatures a sharp finish.”

Now THAT’S a description. And I got strawberry, orange and lemon right at least. I’m assuming by the name “fruit candy”, there is NO generic bubblegum in the flavour list. Quite bizarre since that was the only thing I could smell right out of the bottle.

For the record, if I were buying this and hadn’t been sent it for a review, I probably wouldn’t have bought it from TABLites. I prefer my website descriptions to be in-depth and thorough. With eliquids names that are a bit vague, such as “Rainbow Candy”, I would like to know what the individual components are before I buy them. I can’t stand banana. If the eliquid had the slightest whiff of banana in it, I’d steer well clear. There are lots of fruits I don’t like, so “fruity blend” in the description box is just not good enough for me. I want to know everything that’s in it. Oh, and I also want to know if it contains cooling agent.

Please, thank you, that is all.

Totem Eliquid 50/50 Rainbow Candy Review 6

So … what does it taste like?

If we’re talking about the tastes of the rainbow, Rainbow Candy by Totem Eliquid should really taste like Skittles. Do I think it tastes like Skittles? Mmmm, kinda, yeah. Have you ever accidentally thrown a massive handful of Skittles in your mouth and got jaw-ache whilst chewing them up all up? That’s kinda what this eliquid reminded me of. Not the sore jaw, obviously, but the messed-up blend of fruity, candy flavours. Good messed-up. I actually really like it.

You don’t get the slightest whiff of bubblegum when you’re vaping Rainbow Candy, so I’m still a little lost as to why that’s all I could smell from the bottle. What you can taste, however, is a really clever mix of different citrus fruits. On the exhale, I could definitely taste a bit of zingy oranginess, but it’s almost like you get a different fruity taste with every inhale. There are times when I think it tastes more like lime than orange, and then other times that I can definitely taste a more lemon-based twang. It’s quite extraordinary. I very much like it.

Totem Eliquid 50/50 Rainbow Candy Review 10

Throat Hit & Vapour

I found Rainbow Candy by Totem Eliquid to be almost too smooth at times, and I kept bumping up the watts on my device. I initially tried the liquid in Jac Vapour’s VIM (road-testing the new Turbo S-Coils), but I also used it in the Series-S17 tank + 1.0-ohm MTL S-Coil, on top of the Series-B DNA 75W box. I started at 8 watts, then I bumped it up to 9, then 10, 10.5, 11, 12. In the end, I found my sweet spot between 12.5 and 13 watts. The recommended watts for Jac Vapour’s MTL S-Coils is 12-18. 

If I’m being totally honest about this, I probably would have really enjoyed a 12mg version of this juice. I don’t personally feel like the 6mg juice has enough of a throat hit to satisfy a 20-a-day smoker looking to quit, so opt for the 12mg if you put yourself in this box.

Totem Eliquid 50/50 Rainbow Candy Review 9

Totem Eliquid 50/50 Rainbow Candy Review – Conclusion

A really flavoursome and fruity little blend, I actually really enjoyed Rainbow Candy by Totem Eliquid, although I do think the 12mg would be more filled with flavour. The flavour on the 6mg version wasn’t muted or anything like that, but I did find that it didn’t quite provide the throat hit I’m used to. I had no issues with cloud production, though. In fact, at 12-13 watts, I actually thought it produced quite a bit. 

Totem Eliquid 50/50 Rainbow Candy Review 7

Would I buy Totem Eliquid 50/50 Rainbow Candy again? I absolutely WOULD buy this eliquid again, but I think I’d be better suited to the 12mg version next time around.

Would I recommend Totem Eliquid 50/50 Rainbow Candy to you? Flavour-wise, I definitely think this one is one to try if you’re a fan of zesty little numbers! I very much enjoyed the taste, and it was *almost* enough to make me forget about the lack of throat hit. This also leads me to think that I’m going to appreciate the crap out of the high-VG, sub-ohm version I have here! (Review coming soon!) 

Buy It Now

You can save 10% on everything at using my exclusive discount code: BESTECIG. This includes both Totem Eliquids and Sugar Pie Vapes eliquids.

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