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Totem Eliquid Pink Lemonade Review

Totem Eliquid Pink Lemonade Review 1

A little while ago, I received a package. A beautiful, vapey little package. It contained two eliquid ranges — Sugar Pie Vapes and Totem Eliquid, from TABlites. Totem Eliquid had the brightest coloured boxes, all wonderful shades of yellow, green, pink, red, and blue. It was Sugar Pie Vapes that captured my attention first though. Those desserty, cakey delights captivated me right from the beginning, and it would appear that I overlooked Totem Eliquids a little bit. It’s about time I rectified that, and I’m doing it with the Totem Eliquid Pink Lemonade review!

Totem Eliquid Pink Lemonade Review 6

(I’m kinda hopin’ it brings summer along quicker, to be honest … )

Totem Eliquid

We know that Totem Eliquid is owned/made by TABlites (because I just told you), here’s some more information about the brand:

  • UK-made
  • 0 mg, 3 mg, 6 mg strength available
  • 70/30 VG/PG
  • £4.99 / 10 ml
  • 3 bottles for £12 OR 5 bottle taster box (5 x 10 ml) for £15
  • 50 ml Short-Fill bottle for £14.99 + 10 ml 18 mg 70%VG nic shot for £1.99 = £16.98 / 50 ml
  • Save 10% on all TABLites products with discount code: BESTECIG

And these are the flavours on offer:

  • Blueberry Apple Pie – Delicious fruity blueberry with a warming flaky pie crust flavour.
  • Kiwi Strawberry Bubblegum – A juicy strawberry bubblegum with a delicious kiwi twist!
  • Pink Lemonade – Zesty lemonade infused with red berries for lip-smacking refreshment.
  • Raspberry Ripple – Smooth and creamy vanilla ice cream with sweet, tart raspberries swirled in.
  • Tropical Milkshake – Take a trip to a tropical paradise with a creamy, fruity milkshake.

Totem Eliquid Pink Lemonade Review

Totem Eliquid Pink Lemonade Review 5

The one thing I really like about Totem Eliquids (and Sugar Pie Vapes too, for that matter) is that they don’t have ridiculous names. You know; like ‘Sweet Vixen’s Breath’ or some crap like that. It annoys me. I like it when my ejuice name is nice and clear. I know that means having the same name as every other ejuice manufacturer on the planet, but whatever. It’s annoying having to Google the flavour profile every time I pick up a bottle, just because the name isn’t clear.

Rant over.

The website says:

“The sweet and tangy flavour of classic lemonade is perfectly complemented by delicious berry flavours that will have you coming back for more again and again!”

Oh really, Totem Eliquids? Let’s see, shall we?

*Sassy hair flick.

Just like Sugar Pie Vapes, Totem Eliquids have the individual flavours used to create the eliquid listed on the bottle, and this one is made up of lemonade, raspberry, and other, in that order. I wonder what the “other” is. What does “other” taste like, anyway?


So, I have Pink Lemonade in my hand, I’m unscrewing the lid, and I’m smelling …

Totem Eliquid Pink Lemonade Review 4

Yep, it definitely smells like lemonade and raspberry, I reckon. A bit tangy, very fruity, and definitely as you would expect an eliquid called Pink Lemonade to smell. We are off to a GREAT start! I think the main component you can smell is the raspberry, but it’s not all about that. There’s a hint of something else in there, something a bit lemonadey.


I’ll come right out and say that I was actually a little disappointed by the way that Pink Lemonade by Totem Eliquid tasted. To start with, I don’t think it’s the best pink-lemonade-style eliquid I’ve tasted, and I also don’t think it’s the most packed with flavour either. In all honesty, I haven’t actually opted for a juice like this in a while, dessert eliquids taking up most of my vaping attention, but I do remember trying Pocket Fuel’s Pink Fizz and being a little obsessed with it. Sadly, I didn’t have the same love for this one.

(I’m sorry, Totem, but I promised to always be honest!)

Totem Eliquid Pink Lemonade Review 2

I actually think this one had quite a unique taste to it. I mean, I’ve tried a few pink lemonadey-style juices over the years and they’ve all tasted a bit same-old, same-old. If you’ve tasted one, you’ve tasted them all. This one is more unique, I think, but I don’t think the uniqueness works for me. Don’t get me wrong; having a unique flavour is a very good thing. I would imagine that there are quite a few people out there who will really love this juice, but I’m not one of them.

I would class the uniqueness as ‘weird’. It has a weird taste to it. I’m not sure what it is, but I definitely used a brand new coil in my tank and I washed the tank out properly too, so it’s not a contamination issue. It’s not the taste itself that I would class as weird either, but more the aftertaste. I didn’t like the aftertaste. A weird aftertaste.

Maybe I’m the weird one?

Maybe there’s no ‘maybe’ about it!

It reminded me of a time when I used the Viva Kita Fusion with a tobacco sub ohm liquid in the tank. I didn’t like the tobacco sub ohm liquid, so emptied the tank out, refilling it again with a pink lemonade-style eliquid (I can’t remember which one). It tasted like pink lemonade mixed with tobacco, obviously, but after a while, the tobacco faded away. Not entirely, but just enough so that it was 90% pink lemonade and 10% tobacco remnants. That’s what Totem Eliquid’s Pink Lemonade tasted like to me.

Weird, right? 

I’m very well aware of just how weird that is, but that’s my opinion. That weird pink lemonade-tobacco mix is kinda what Pink Lemonade by Totem Eliquid tasted like, and it wasn’t a flavour that sat well with me.

Totem Eliquid Pink Lemonade Review – Conclusion

Totem Eliquid Pink Lemonade Review 3

I’m sure that there are people out there who very much enjoy this eliquid, but I’m not one of them. To me, it smelled a lot better than it tasted, and I didn’t like the gruff, weird aftertaste it had. I even tried the liquid with a brand new coil in a different tank, just in case there had been some cross-contamination with another liquid. It tasted the same. It’s still not an eliquid I liked much.

Would I buy Totem Eliquid Pink Lemonade again? Pink Lemonade lasted for two tanks. Not even that, I poured the second one out. I didn’t like it enough to use the entire bottle. I’m not going to bash it and say that it tastes disgusting or is bad quality or anything like that, but I am going to say that it has a unique taste to it and not one that works for me. I wouldn’t buy it again.

I’m sorry, Totem.

Would I recommend Totem Eliquid Pink Lemonade to you? I tell everyone to try eliquid and make up their own mind about it. This is not a poor quality ejuice, and Totem Eliquid is not a crappy range either (because I actually really like the others — reviews to come). This flavour just wasn’t for me, but I don’t expect to enjoy vaping every liquid that comes to my door.

Remember though; taste is subjective. One [wo]man’s trash is another [wo]man’s treasure. Pink Lemonade by Totem Eliquid is not the same as every other pink lemonade-based juice on the market, and some will definitely think that’s a great thing. It wasn’t to my personal tastes, however.

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